/ What is the difference between a steamer and a multivarker:

What is the difference between a steamer and a multivarker: we understand

Before you start to determine what makes a steamer different from a multivark, one should note their common tasks:

- facilitate work in the kitchen;

- save a lot of time;

- retain useful elements in the cooked food to the maximum.

What is the difference between a steamer and a multi-
The main difference between a multivark and a steameris that they cook dishes according to different technologies. One can consider what each of these aggregates represents. Steamer - this is one of the items of electrical household appliances, which makes it possible to make cooking for a couple. It includes a set of the following elements: base, pallet, basket. As the basis in this device is the base. It contains an electric heater, as well as a water tank. The basket is usually a few, they are made in the form of plastic containers with a perforated bottom. They are installed on top of each other, and the top is tightly closed with a lid. Condensation is collected in the pan. For different models, the number of pallets is different: either one common, or one for each basket.

Multivark and Steamer Difference
To understand what a steamer differs from a multivark, it is worthwhile to consider what the second of the units consists of. It includes:

- body with a tenor;

- the capacity in which food is cooked;

- Built-in microprocessor;

- steam valve;

- a container in which food is cooked for steaming;

- a cover that closes tightly.

The difference between a multivar and a steamer
The principle of operation of each of the devices is anotheran important point in deciding the issue is how the steamer differs from the multivark. In the first device, the thermal treatment of the products is carried out by means of steam. In it, you can either prepare fresh food, or preheat ready meals. Some models can be equipped with blenders. Multivarka allows you to cook food on the grill, fry, cook, stew or bake. A number of models have built-in mode for cooking pilaf, baking, and much more. In any multivark there is an opportunity for cooking steam dishes.

If we talk about how a steamer differs frommultivark, it is worth mentioning the presence in it of several containers having different purposes. That is, the user has the opportunity to cook several dishes at the same time. The complete set of the multivark includes only one bowl, the volume of which is usually 2.5-4.5 liters, while it can be cooked only one dish at a time. The cooking process in both units is very slow, but the steamers in this sense work a little faster. At nominal power, both of these devices are about the same, but for a multivarker a little more power is required, since cooking in it takes longer.

Multivark and double boiler: difference

Advantages of the first unit are as follows: presence of program management, multifunctionality. The steamer, in turn, is also not devoid of certain "positive qualities". It allows you to perform a number of tasks simultaneously. The complete set with different bowls allows preparing dishes according to different recipes. Among the minuses of the multivarka usually allocate the duration of cooking and the inability to cook several dishes at the same time. Steamer does not provide such a wide range of options in terms of assortment of dishes.