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Phone Fly 245: specifications and reviews

In the model range of the British company there are twoapparatus with identical indices - Fly 245. However, their similarity ends here. Phones differ primarily in form factor, design, hardware "stuffing". Relate to the budget segment. One of the models (FF) is a simple button, the second (IQ) is an entry-level smartphone.

In the framework of this article will be considered in detailtwo devices Fly 245: the characteristics of the processor, camera, screen, description of external design and other features. Do not remain without attention and feedback from the owners.

fly 245

Introducing Fly FF245

In September 2016, buyers were able to closeget acquainted with the new Fly model. It is a simple mobile phone with a keypad. Outwardly, no remarkable elements were used. The shape of the case is quite typical for this kind of apparatus. The designers decided to adhere to a clear geometry, allowing the roundness only in the corners.

Phone Fly FF 245 - a conventional candy bar.Its front panel is divided into two blocks: at the top - the screen, at the bottom - the keyboard. To make the case, plastic was chosen. There are two speakers: the first (spoken) is displayed above the screen, the second (stereo) - on the back cover near the camera lens.

The keypad is pretty pretty.The control panel consists of standard five buttons. The joystick is a large, square shape. It is calculated on five positions: the central key, downwards, upwards, to the right, to the left. Numerical buttons Fly 245, reviews about which will sound a little later, rectangular. Their dimensions cause mixed opinion. Most believe that the keys could have been made slightly larger.

On the back cover there is a LED flash, camera, speaker and the name of the manufacturer. At the bottom there is a microphone, connectors for connecting the USB cable and audio equipment.

fly iq 245

Brief characteristics

Continuing the review of Fly FF 245, the characteristics of the main elements will also be considered.

  • Device type is a classic mobile phone.
  • The case is a candy bar.
  • Weight - 137 g.
  • SIM-cards: the number is two, the type is standard, the way of working is alternating (one radio module).
  • Display: size - 2,4 ", type - color, matrix - TFT, resolution - 240x320 px.
  • Battery: technology - lithium-ion, capacity - 3700 mAh.
  • Camera: resolution - 0.3 megapixel, video mode.
  • Processor: the number of cores is one, the frequency is 260 MHz.
  • Memory: RAM - 32 MB, ROM - 32 MB.
  • Memory card: type - microSD, volume - 32 GB.
  • Communication: USB, WAP, Bluetooth, GPRS.
  • Dimensions: 13x5.4x1.6 cm.

Reviews of real people

Fly FF 245 reviews get not only laudatory.This mobile phone is quite simple. As a rule, most buyers buy it as a second phone for making calls. The camera is very weak. With its help it is difficult to take a picture, not that it is qualitative, but more or less legible. Unfortunately, do not cause admiration and the characteristics of the display.

But what truly deserved respect, so this isbattery Fly 245. At low rates of hardware equipment, the phone is able to work in the standby mode 740 h. Through the headphones, owners of this model can recharge the music for 90 hours without recharging. As for connoisseurs of constant conversations, they can not break away from their favorite occupation during 14 h. Strengths can also be attributed to work with all common communication standards and support for two SIM-cards.

fly iq 245 plus

Fly smartphone

Touch phone Fly 245 appeared on sale in2012 year. At the time of issue, its value varied within 5000 rubles. It is a monoblock with a touchscreen. In the design of the case, the company's features are seen. The phone is completely devoid of sharp corners and faces. Smooth lines prevail. External design can be called elegant. It is complemented by compact dimensions. With a weight of 120 g, the phone's height is 11.4 cm. The 6.1 cm wide allows you to easily manage your smartphone with one hand, without fear of accidentally dropping it. As for the thickness, by modern standards it is very large - almost 1.3 cm.

Fly IQ 245, like a typical touch phone,has a large screen that takes up almost the entire front side. Under it there is a control panel. Developers brought to it 4 keys: standard - "Back", "Home", "Menu", and additional - "Search". Above the screen there is an LED indicator of events, the proximity sensor, of course, is the opening of the conversational speaker.

The back panel is also unlikely to attract attentionbuyers. Here, except for the camera lens and the hole of the intricate dynamics, there is nothing. The mechanical keys are located on the ends of the case. For example, the "rocker" volume is output to the right side edge. There are no buttons and connectors on the left side. The manufacturer made the upper end functional by placing the on / off button on it, the ports for connecting the USB cable and headphones. As you can see even with a cursory examination, the touchscreen smartphone Fly 245 is a typical "budget" with standard elements.

fly iq 245 specs

A few words about the screen

Given that the smartphone model has gone five yearsback, it can not boast of high display characteristics. The technology by which it is produced is TFT. The diagonal by today's standards is small, it's only 3.5 ".The information is reproduced on the screen indistinctly, some blurring is immediately evident.This is explained by a low resolution of 480x320 pixels.It can even be noticed in places how the picture is pixelated.The reason for this is a small density indicator - 165 rr. The same screen is equipped with a modification of the phone - Fly IQ 245 Plus.What are their differences will talk later.

An entry-level smartphone can not boast ofwide viewing angles. Even with an inclination of 45 °, changes in the level of brightness and contrast become noticeable. This, in turn, leads to a significantly dimming color rendering. The developers have provided the multitouch function. With its help, the screen is able to determine simultaneously two touches. The sensor has earned a lot of praise from the owners. It works perfectly. Sensitivity is high, reacts quickly to touch.

The TFT-type matrix did not work well forwork in the bright sun. On the street, users often feel uncomfortable, as the information displayed on the screen is almost impossible to read. The problem can be corrected only by setting the brightness to the maximum level.

fly ff 245 specs


When reviewing the Fly IQ 245 specificationsprocessor indicate the belonging of the gadget to the budget segment. The model was released five years ago, and the developers have installed on it a rather weak chipset Taiwanese company MediaTek. It's about the model MT6573. The implementation of the processes takes place according to the architectural type ARM v6. The processor is based on only one core, which operates at 800 MHz. If we talk about the modification of the Fly IQ 245 Plus, then you can see that the manufacturer slightly increased performance. This phone has a chipset, the compute module of which is capable of accelerating to 1024 MHz. This is the only difference between these phones of the British company. Unfortunately, to say that the model with the prefix Plus works much faster, it is impossible. For objective evaluation, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of memory. The size of the "RAM" was 256 MB. The user was only available about 70 MB. By today's standards, such parameters are considered more than critically small. Few people will believe that the device with such volumes can quite well cope with the tasks.

The same volume (256 MB) is offered to the userfor storing personal information. But in fact, owners will be able to dispose of only 80 MB. The situation is saved by the support of the memory card, but it is not included in the package. Those customers who want to expand the capabilities of their gadget can additionally purchase a flash drive up to 32 GB.

fly 245 instructions

Camera Features

Phone Fly IQ 245 works with a 3.2 megapixel camera.Autofocus is missing. The manufacturer has not built a flash. Photos of poor quality. The camera shows a low level of dynamics, detail and high - saturation. If you take a picture at a distance of 1 meter from the object, it will come out normal. It is possible to record video.

In order to enter the chamber, it is necessary touse the appropriate label. The interface is pretty simple. On the right is the gallery, where you can switch between photos and video, there is the possibility to turn on the shutter. On the left are additional options and how many frames remain.


Both modifications - both younger (IQ 245), andthe older (Fly 245 Plus) - equipped with a battery, manufactured in compliance with lithium-ion technology. The battery capacity is 1300 mAh. The manufacturer gives some data on the battery. For example, with a constant conversation, the device will be able to function for about 4 hours. In standby mode, it will stand for 150 hours.

Operating system: interface features

When the user turns on his Fly 245 phone,the instruction for making settings is useful to him in the first place. Immediately after activating the device, it goes to the desktop. There are no quick time or date settings. All that the user needs to do is to be searched for independently.

The smartphone runs on the operating system"Android" version 2. Launcher from the manufacturer is not installed, so the interface is provided, so to speak, in its pure form. Most likely, the decision to do so was made based on the fact that the RAM is too small. If the user is needed, he will install additional software on his own.

There are five work desks in the phone.At all, you can put applications, widgets, folders and various kinds of links. The notification menu is full of notifications. But there you can also configure buttons that are responsible for quick access to any file from applications or settings. On this screen you can place any keys: those that allow you to work with a screen, sound or wireless network. If you hold the power button for a long time, a special window will appear. It will offer several menus: choice of silent mode, "aircraft" and the function of turning off the device.

The phone works with one radio module, sowhen talking on one SIM card, the second one will be automatically disabled. If you visit a special section that deals with setting the appropriate parameters, then you can select the default number for the phone. The smartphone does not work with the 3G network, so do not rely on high-speed Internet. If you need to download something, it's best to use a wireless connection.

fly ff 245 reviews

Installed software

Nothing special set of installed programs at the plant does not differ from the configuration of previous models. In the phone you can find utilities from both Google and Fly.

The built-in player is standard, whichworks with the most common media formats. For a large number of users, the option is enough, if you need something more large, you can always download the software yourself. Also, the player works with only one video format, and is able to reproduce medium quality files.

The existing radio program works only paired with headphones. The latter in this case act as a normal antenna, which catches signals.

For those who prefer to use file managers, a special guide is installed here according to the standard. It can easily find the necessary files.

As a base, a program for reading books was also installed. It's about the famous FBReader.

In addition to everything described above, there are also twoprograms that allow you to view the air TV directly from your phone. What is necessary in order to watch live streams? Nothing else but a stable and powerful wireless connection.

As in many phones, here is installed "Youtube". There is also a standard browser that works quite quickly and easily loads many pages.


Consumers note in the phone Fly 245 followingadvantages: comfortable handling, intuitive interface, loud enough speaker. In addition, some people notice that the screen has got a good level of brightness, the sensor is capacitive, it's easy to work with, the Android is easy, and many necessary applications have been installed. Registration, the presence of two slots for SIM cards, the ability to install a memory card - all this can also be attributed to the positive sides. The price and functionality, completely suitable to the cost, attract many consumers.

But, like any other device described notis deprived of its shortcomings. Most of the buyers to those referred the camera. If you actively use the phone during the day, then it will have to be charged on the same day. The internal and operative memory, unfortunately, is not the strong side of this device. The back cover, the quality of the screen matrix and the fact that the phone itself is often confused - additional disadvantages, which are also worth paying attention to.

Consumers immediately declare that the mainThe purpose of the phone is to make calls, send messages. That is, to facilitate the contact of the host with the outside world as much as possible. That's why many users quickly forgive a small smartphone functionality and a small number of options. Almost everyone says that the phone is made well. Although not the best materials are used, nothing creaks anywhere and does not fall off. The speaker is loud and sonorous, so the probability that the call is "lost" and will not be heard is practically zero.

Unfortunately, to deal with the phone,have to download the instructions from the Internet. In the kit comes only a small maintenance book, which only explains the general points. Implementation of the menu settings is not very difficult for anyone, since they are as clear and easy as possible.

Users notice that it's hard to removethe back cover of the phone. At first glance, it seems a little sickly, but it's not so easy to open it. Do not be afraid that it will break under pressure - this should not happen. To ensure that the battery does not discharge quickly, you should disable all the synchronization that is available in the phone and can be active. That it consumes a lot of battery life.

Some users complain that it is difficultRead books and browse websites on the Internet through a native browser. Too small a font that is almost unreadable for certain people. That's why the application for reading books is not used by all owners.

If you summarize reviews of consumers, thenIt is necessary to say the following: most of them advise the phone. It will be an excellent device that makes calls and sends messages, allows you to go online to watch the news. For something more, one should not count.


In its price category, the Fly 245can be called one of the best. It has its drawbacks, but they easily overlap with the advantages. The phone can be recommended to anyone who does not want to spend too much money on the device, but wants to work with two SIM cards.

Consumers note the main shortcomings: a bad camera, difficulties in mastering ergonomics and problems with the signal.

Of the advantages worth noting the display, performance, support for two SIM cards, low cost, loud speaker.