/ / Smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5": reviews, technical specifications, setup, firmware

Smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5": reviews, technical specifications, setup, firmware

ASUS is among the most recognizablein Russia and in the world of brands-manufacturers of mobile electronics. The firm delivers on the market qualitative, stylish and multipurpose devices. To this can be attributed smartphone Asus Zenfone 5. What is remarkable about this device? What do its owners say upon gaining experience of using it?

Smartphone Asus Zenfon 5 reviews


The first aspect, in which we can explore "Asus Zenfon 5" - characteristics. Among the key:

  • the Intel Atom Z2560 dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.6 GHz, is equipped with the accelerator PowerVR SGX544MP2;
  • Android operating system in version 4.3 Jelly Bean, there is a shell ZenUI;
  • display 5 inches, resolution - 1280 by 720 pixels (type HD), manufactured using IPS technology, equipped with glass Gorilla Glass 3, displays 16 million colors;
  • RAM - 2 GB;
  • built-in flash memory for 16 GB, it is possible to install additional microSD modules;
  • Communication: USB 2.0 cable, Bluetooth in version 4, Wi-Fi;
  • the capacity of the battery is 2110 mAh.

Asus Zenfon 5 reviews

At the disposal of the user, judging by the characteristics, a sufficiently productive and technological smartphone is provided. But do the fans of mobile gadgets share this view?

Product specifications: user reviews

According to some users, the frequencies at 1.6 GHzis not enough to carry out modern tasks. However, in this case, the decisive role is played by another - the Atom Z2560 chip technology. The specificity of this chip lies in the ability at a relatively low frequency to quickly process 3D graphics. Thus, the processor in this case is a factor of high performance smartphone.

Regarding other characteristics, usersin general, they are quite positive. And this is not surprising, because the device is equipped with HD-display, manufactured by modern technology, quite competitive indicators for RAM and flash memory, and also supports the basic communication standards.

The general opinion of users about the characteristics of the device we have studied. Consider now the specific design of the device.


The phone "Asus Zenfon 5" has a plastic case.It can be noted that there is also a small metal part - in the lower part. Among other notable design solutions implemented in the device, you can note the placement of an audio slots of 3.5 mm at the top of the case. The connectors for SIM cards are located under the back cover of the device. Despite the rather large thickness of the device, its design visually makes the smartphone very compact.

What does "Asus Zenfon 5" look like? The photo of the device is shown below.

Asus Zenfon 5 photos

The design of the device body is not explicitsharp corners, the device looks pretty strict and solid. In general, the concept is at the level of leading decisions from the brand. It looks interesting plastic insert, located under the touch buttons: when it falls on the light, it beautifully poured.

Key buttons - "Return", "Home", as well as the one,which causes recent applications, are located at a sufficiently large distance. This is convenient, since the probability to miss the desired option and use the other is minimal. It should be noted, many users are accustomed to a smaller distance between the corresponding touch controls.

The back panel, as well as the end elements of the device's body are made of rubberized plastic, which is characterized by resistance to contamination.

On the left side of the device is a keyadjust the sound level, as well as the button to turn on the device. It can be noted that the material of their manufacture is similar to the one used in the production of the marked plastic insert, which is just below the touch buttons. That is, the keys in question can also be beautifully poured into the light.

Phone number: Asus Zenfon 5

Many users and specialists in the fieldmobile electronics note the quality of the smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5". The testimonies indicate that there are no noticeable backlashes and gaps in the housing components, all parts are secured very reliably.


The phone "Asus Zenfon 5" is equipped with a 5-incha display that has a resolution of 720 by 1280 pixels, which corresponds to the HD standard. The phone's screen is made using modern IPS technology. The indicator density of the display points is 294 ppi. Thus, the graininess of the screen is almost imperceptible.

The brightness of the display is estimated by specialists andusers as quite sufficient. Viewing angles are large. The display is comfortable to use even in the presence of glare. There is an oleophobic coating, thanks to which the surface of the screen is easy to clean. With the same comfort you can view photos, videos, play games and various applications on the display of the Asus Zenfon 5 smartphone.

Maximum display brightnessdevices - 315 cd / sq. m. However, the actual comfort of using the device depends on the level of brightness of the image. The display contrast ratio of the screen is 755: 1, it can be considered quite typical for the corresponding hardware component, which is manufactured using IPS technology.

The smartphone screen, like the one installed on many other modern devices, has a "multitouch" function and processes 5 simultaneous touches.

Firmware Asus Zenfon 5

Users celebrate high definitionimage on the screen, which has a smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5". Reviews of fans of mobile gadgets include a very positive assessment of the quality of the display when viewing text in small print. It can be noted that for fans of reading in the smartphone is a special mode. When it is activated, the white color becomes slightly yellowish, and the color scheme of the other elements of the interface is softer. As a result, the load on the eyes of a person who reads an electronic book using the phone "Asus Zenfon 5" is significantly reduced. The feedback of the owners of the device includes a very positive assessment of this option.

It is noteworthy that you can use the phone,putting on gloves. Setting up the smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5" in the part of activating the corresponding option is very simple. You just need to enter the menu item in the interface, in which the screen settings are set. However, the sensitivity of the sensor in case of using the device in gloves is significantly lower. But it is enough to answer an incoming call or read an SMS.


In the modifications of the phone designed fordeliveries to the Russian market, the Atom Z2560 processor is installed, operating at 1.6 GHz. It may seem that this characteristic of the chip looks modest against the background of many competitive decisions. However, the practical results of tests carried out by specialists and users show that the device is very productive. Popular games and applications run quite correctly, without much braking.

"Heavy" games

Many users have been able to usethe smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5" (reviews of the corresponding capabilities are also present in the expert environment) for launching games and applications that are traditionally classified as "heavy" and requiring a powerful "hardware" in the devices. Not every budget device is characterized by such performance.


The next noteworthy aspect in which wewe can study "Asus Zenfon 5", - the characteristics of the camera. The corresponding hardware component, which is equipped with a device, has a resolution of 8 MP. It can be noted that the smartphone manufacturer provides the device owner the opportunity to use the convenient and functional software when using the camera. So, among the noteworthy operating modes of the corresponding program is "Time control", in which the device can make a series of 31 photos at a set interval so that they can subsequently select the best frames.

Users and experts highly appreciate the workcamera, which is equipped with a smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5". Reviews of fans of mobile electronics indicate that this hardware component provides excellent image quality, both in daylight and in night lighting. What other notable features do the camera with the Asus Zenfon 5 smartphone have? The photos in the "macro" mode, for example, are obtained by using the device simply excellent. The smartphone is also equipped with an additional camera with a resolution of 2 MP. It can be used for "Selfie" or Skype communication.


The device is running Android OS inversion 4.3. Firmware "Asus Zenfon 5" while branded. Users and experts note the convenience of using the appropriate interface and the speed of the device controls. The firmware "Asus Zenfon 5" also has a stylish and modern design.

Phone Asus Zenfon 5 reviews

The interface of the device allows you to quickly receiveaccess to any user-relevant options. In order to use the settings of "Asus Zenfon 5" in the part of the camera or communications, you will need to spend just a few seconds. Difficulties with the installation of third-party applications from the Google Play store and its counterparts almost do not fix.


Another important aspect in which we canexplore the smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5", - the characteristics of the device in terms of sound. The quality of the work of the conversational dynamics does not cause users special censures. Speech interlocutor is heard perfectly. The functioning of the headphones, which are connected to the device via a standard 3.5 mm jack, is also estimated by experts and users quite positively. But not enough loudly works, according to some experts, an external speaker located on the back of the device. Although, as noted by many enthusiasts of mobile electronics, the corresponding hardware component of the smartphone in practice is used, as a rule, not too often.


The phone supports basic moderncommunication standards. They are very easy to use in practice. How to set up "Asus Zenfon 5" in the part of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? Such questions practically do not rise on thematic online portals, where fans of mobile electronics communicate. Similarly, there is no problem with connecting the device to the computer via a USB cable. Immediately after connecting the device and PC via this cable, Windows detects the smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5". The instruction, which would reveal in detail the nuances of the corresponding device activation mode, is not required for users.

Phone memory

The amount of RAM of the device is 2 GB.This indicator is enough to run most modern programs, adapted for the Android platform. The built-in flash memory of the smartphone "Asus Zenfon 5" - 16 GB. If necessary, it can be increased by means of additional microSD modules. It supports "hot" replacement of memory card data, in which it is not necessary to turn off the device.


The battery with which the device is equipped differsnon-removable type, its capacity is 2110 mAh. To many it may seem modest. However, in practice, users manage to achieve more than decent results in terms of the autonomous operation of the device. So, in the high-quality video view mode and at the maximum brightness level of the phone's battery resources, "Asus Zenfon 5" (reviews of many specialists testify to similar results) last about 4.5 hours. In read mode, the device can work without recharging for about 9 hours. At an average intensity of using the device, it should be enough for about a day.

Asus Zenfon 5 specifications

But if necessary, you can always useone of the energy-saving modes that are implemented in the device. So, among the most effective - the reduction in the frequency of the processor. You can also make the necessary settings for applications to increase the battery life of the device.

Using two SIM cards

In the smartphone "Asus zenfon 5" (user reviewsindicate that the corresponding option is extremely in demand) is supported immediately by 2 SIM-cards. However, the radio module in the device is only one. Therefore, if a person talks using one SIM card, the second temporarily loses functionality. Users are very grateful for the SIM card management interface. So, it is always possible to quickly select the one by which it is desirable to call a certain number, for example, because the current tariff is adapted to call the subscribers of a particular operator.


Phone "Asus Zenfon 5" (reviews of many expertscharacterize it that way) does not have direct competitors in its price segment. The device, thus, can be considered to some extent a unique instance for the Russian market.

With such a smartphone owner gets the opportunityenjoy the benefits of HD-display, take great pictures and videos, and, very importantly, run "heavy" games and applications. At the same time, the device belongs to the budget category.