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Popular multivariate functions

Modern women are very busy.In addition to doing life, they mostly work. Well, how do I manage to get there? When to cook, clean, check lessons, educate children? And when to rest, to sleep? Well at least began to appear household appliances that can at least partially "unload" the beautiful half of humanity. Multivarka is

functions of multivariate
Superman electronic saucepan, which cancook many different dishes. And the participation of man in cooking is minimal. You simply add products by prescription and set the desired mode. All. Then it works itself.

The functions of the multivariate are varied, but than theirmore, the more expensive the model. Before buying this device, think about what you cook more often. Then, based on the functions of the multivariate, select the model. And in the end, decide on the brand.

The main functions of the multivariate

There are the following modes of operation of the miracle casserole:

  • Steaming. In this mode, you can prepare dietary dishes without the participation of water or fat.
  • Extinguishing. This function is used for complex dishes with lots of ingredients and using fats. This mode can be used for making soups, you can even cook a cold.
  • multivarieties with yogurt function
    Milk porridge. A special cooking regimen used for dishes with milk.
  • Porridge / Rice / Buckwheat. This function allows you to prepare a dish from any cereal. Just add up the ingredients, fill the liquid and set the time.
  • Bakery products. It gives an opportunity to cook not only pies and casseroles. You can even bake bread, bake chicken, fish or fry vegetables.
  • Pilaf. This mode allows you to bake vegetables: potatoes, make sauce, pasta with meat, etc.

These are the main functions of the multivariate.There are still some that are rare enough: game, jam / desserts, popcorn, beans, soup, etc. Although all these dishes can be prepared using the previous set of modes. Whether you need them or not, decide for yourself.

Such functions of multivarieties are convenient and often used:

  • Delayed start. You go to work, add products, set the regime. But if cooking begins immediately, then to your arrival the dish will already cool.
     multivark redmond function
    And here we need a delayed start. The multivariate will start to cook the dish only after the specified delay time has elapsed.
  • Automatic heating. Replacement or security of the previous mode. The cooked dish is automatically warmed up before your arrival.
  • There are also multivarkers with the "Yogurt" function. It is convenient if you have small children or you like sour-milk products. But you can cook a sour milk product using the function "Heated".

If you have already decided which features shouldto possess your miracle casserole, then there is still a choice of brand. This is a more difficult task. Many manufacturers. Many of them have proven themselves well. But, as usual, the products of well-known brands are more expensive with the same set of functions. And again the choice is yours: a well-known brand, but expensive, or little-known, but worth less. The most popular are the multi-brand "Redmond". The functions of these devices are particularly numerous, they can be up to 55.