/ / "Samsung G350E": specifications. Display, operating system, functions. Samsung G350E Galaxy Star Advance

Samsung G350E: specifications. Display, operating system, functions. Samsung G350E Galaxy Star Advance

"Samsung G350E", the characteristics of whichpresented in the article, is a budget option for a smartphone from a Korean company. What is the main thing for this device? Of course, Samsung G350E can not boast of features inherent in the flagship models. But the price and reliability of the device attract the attention of buyers. In addition, Samsung G350E Galaxy Advance received the marking of the famous brand.

samsung g350e specifications

Contents of delivery

The configuration of the smartphone is very scarce.Here you will not see expensive headphones and additional protective films, this is the entire budget "Samsung G350E". The characteristics of the phone correspond to the quality of the provided charger and headphones. On all this, the manufacturer clearly saved. There is no point in lagging on the bundle, so we move on to the next section.

Smartphone design

Appearance Samsung G350E Galaxy Star Advance is notstands out nothing remarkable. A fairly normal type of body with rounded edges is sufficient. The material from which it is made is plastic. The market is present in two colors: white and black.

android 4 4

A frame is mounted around the case, slightlyprotruding above the surface. To use a smartphone this does not interfere, but rather the opposite - does not allow objects to accidentally touch the display. In addition, the frame gives the phone expressiveness.

Above the display is the speaker, and just below - the brand name. Sensors of approximation or illumination are not here. The phone "Samsung G350E" received only an accelerometer.

In order to avoid accidental clicks duringconversation, the developers came up with an unusual way. When answering a call, the display is turned off and locked. In order to complete the call, you have to press the unlock button, then tap on the lock on the screen and only after all these manipulations stop the conversation. Not very convenient, right? Samsung knows how to surprise and disappoint.

The lower part of the front side is occupied by the buttonsmanagement. "Home" is made in the form of a mechanical key. "Recently closed applications" and "Back" are sensory. They do not have a backlight, so you have to get used to their location, so that in the dark, do not poke around the entire display.

phone samsung g350e

The back cover is made in a ribbed version.At the top there is a multimedia speaker, a camera's eye and a flash. The cover of the Samsung Galaxy Star G350E is removable. Under it is located a battery and slots for two Micro SIM.

samsung g350e galaxy star advance

On the top of the smartphone there is an input 3.5 for headphones. From the bottom - Micro USB-port. On the right is the power key. Left - the volume button. The keys do not play, they have an easy move.

The front part is covered with glass.However, there is no oleophobic coating, so the screen gets dirty quickly. This problem occurs on most budget devices. The case for the Samsung G350E is the best choice.

display samsung g350e

Dimensions of the smartphone are small. It will fit comfortably in almost any palm.


The screen diagonal is 4.3 inches.The display is made using TFT technology, so expect a juicy picture. At a right angle, everything is quite good, but with a slight displacement the picture fades.

samsung galaxi old g350e

Because of the cheap matrix display "Samsung G350E"flashing. Colors sometimes change their shade. In the sun, expected, fading occurs. It is not easy to see something on the screen. Part of the situation saves the maximum level of illumination, but this is sometimes not enough.

Samsung G350E: Features and Functionality

As already mentioned in the introduction - do not expect this model to work quickly and the latest features. Main characteristics:

  • the Cortex-A7 processor runs at 1.2 GHz;
  • The Mali-400 MP serves as a video chip;
  • 512 MB of RAM (only about 188 MB available);
  • Built-in 4 GB memory;
  • installation of memory cards up to 32 GB;
  • there is no GPS;
  • 3 Mp camera;
  • Android 4.4.

Now let's go over the characteristics in more detail.

Since this is a budget model, there is no NFC chip.But it's not so scary. The developer has not installed a 3G module and a GPS receiver into the device, and this can already be called a significant drawback. Even cheaper devices now have 3G support. Buying the same "Samsung G350E", the characteristics of which are not so perfect, the user voluntarily goes to the 2000s. Fix this position is capable of Wi-Fi. Perhaps, some users will be able to surf the Internet and EDGE.

The smartphone got Android 4.4, which has already become obsolete. Often, you can see hanging. Animation flipping twitches almost everywhere. Running programs does not happen right away - the user will have to wait until the smartphone is "thought out". This model is not recommended for those who are already familiar with flagship devices. For acquaintance with the capabilities of Android will do.


Does not shine with the performance of the Samsung G350E.Simple toys will go, but you can not count on comfortable fps in more demanding ones. 3D games are launched, albeit with a low frame rate (10-15). You understand, this is a mockery of the apparatus and your own psyche. You can pass the time on the trip, but you will not be able to have fun in the latest releases.


There is only one camera in the device.Resolution - 2048 x 1536 pixels, which is 3 megapixels. The main disadvantage is that there is no autofocus. To photograph any documents there is no sense - hardly something will disassemble. The camera in Samsung G359E can be called a pleasant addition, rather than a full-fledged subject for shooting.

With optimal lighting, you can take pictures.Pictures of surrounding objects are obtained with tolerable, even imperceptible changes in color. In the camera settings you can find quite useful features: panoramas, filters, night shots and so on.

Video smartphone can also shoot. It turns out in the resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. In general, the videos are quite good, given the budget of the device.

Duos Features

As already mentioned, Samsung G350E receivedthe possibility of installing two SIM-cards. In the smartphone settings there is an item that allows you to manage them. Here you can customize the melodies for each of them, as well as set priorities.

The device has only one radio module. This implies that when you talk through one of the SIM cards, the other one does not work. Again, this is due to the low price of the model.


The battery of the device is removable and has a capacity of 1800mAh. This result is similar to many similar devices. The manufacturer indicates that this is enough to listen to music for 32 hours or surfing for 9 hours (via Wi-Fi).

In fact, the smartphone with minimaluse is enough for 3 days. Will actively drive the device - will not work a day. Autonomy works similar to the performance of more expensive devices. But do not forget that they are more demanding hardware and high-quality displays, and the G350E can not boast of this.

Multimedia features

The speakers on the mobile phone are loud.You can hear the call at a great distance. Sound through the headphones at a good level. Not inferior even to flagship models. Therefore, as a player, the smartphone is not bad. The device easily handles many video and audio formats. However, to run some of them, you will have to download a third-party application.

FM radio G350E also supports. However, for it to work, you will need a headset. Standard functionality allows you to search and sort the frequencies for you.


case for samsung g350e

In general, the Samsung Galaxy Star G350E performs inrole of a cheap smartphone for beginners. And this is so. Beginners studying the features of the installed operating system will hardly need high-speed Internet and powerful hardware. To begin with, they should get used to such devices and understand if they need them.

To explain the absence of such an importantfunctions today, like 3G, is impossible. Why did the company decide to save on the module, which is present today even in the cheapest phones? According to the feedback from users, it is the lack of the 3G in the G350E that becomes the main reason for refusing to purchase the model.

Another disadvantage can be attributed to the small speed of work. The smartphone is really very thoughtful by today's standards. Not impressive and autonomy, which should be higher.

Buy a model for an amount not exceeding 6000rubles. And still it's too much for an apparatus with similar technical features and meager functionality. On the shelves of shops you can find cheaper devices with better characteristics. However, it is worth remembering that part of the amount the buyer pays for a brand that promises reliability and quality. Whether it is worth overpaying is up to you.