/ Vacuum cleaners without dust bag. Customer Feedback and Key Features

Vacuum cleaners without dust bag. Customer Feedback and Key Features

How to get rid of our heroic garbagegrandmother, we do not remember. A modern person needs a vacuum cleaner. Good, reliable, not requiring complex maintenance. The home appliances market provides the consumer with a choice from a huge number of models of different manufacturers and any price categories. To buy, you need to decide in some key points.

What kind of vacuum cleaner should I choose?

Vacuum cleaners are separated by cleaning type.There are models for dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and also combined devices. Weight, power, dimensions also matter. It should be noted that for models with a fabric dust collector you need to constantly buy bags. If there is no desire to breathe dust, shaking the tissue, you can buy paper disposable. Absorption in these devices decreases as garbage accumulates in the dust collector.

vacuum cleaners without dust bag reviews

Models for dry cleaning with a cyclone systemcleanings are attracted by ease of care and the fact that you do not need to buy replacement accessories. These are vacuum cleaners without a dust bag, the reviews are very good, and the demand for such devices is consistently high. Garbage enters a special transparent container, which when filled is easily shaken out into the urn.

Washing models are cumbersome and cost more than their ownbrothers. As a cleaning filter acts water, it's vacuum cleaners without a dust bag. Reviews about them are contradictory: on the one hand, it is very inconvenient that the parts should be washed and dried after each application. On the other hand, cleaning efficiency is several times higher, it is possible to wash windows and clean carpets, and also to collect spilled water from the floor.

Laziness as the engine of progress

The first designs, reminiscent of modernvacuum cleaners, began to produce in the distant 1913. The appearance of models changed, new manufacturers appeared. There was one thing that was invariable - when the bag filled, the suction power fell. Constant shaking of dust suited not all.

Inventor D.Dyson decided to rid himself and others of the unfortunate, in his opinion, design and undertook to invent a fundamentally new device - a vacuum cleaner without a dust bag. After 15 years of trial and error in 1986, a cone-shaped dust collector appeared - the "holy of holies" of vacuum cleaners of cyclone type. The idea was picked up by a Japanese company, and since then, the technology "cyclone" has been used by all major manufacturers of household appliances.

vacuum cleaner without bag for dust

A spoon of tar

Cyclonic filters in modern vacuum cleaners catch no more than 97% of the particles, so the models are supplied with special microfilters. They allow you to bring the percentage of capture to 99.7%.

HEPA filter must be washed once a month with soap and water.to dry. These filters are not permanent, they must be replaced once a year. Another inconvenience: the container will have to be freed from debris and rinsed. It is not necessary to do this after each cleaning, but still have to contact the collected "good".

Despite some disadvantages of such units, an increasing number of consumers prefer vacuum cleaners without a dust bag.

vacuum cleaners without bags reviews


Since the prices of cyclone vacuum cleanersdeclined and settled in the range of 100-200 USD, buyers began to pay more attention to them. The devices are available in different configurations and differ in size. People with allergies are gradually changing their old models to vacuum cleaners without a dust bag. Reviews are mostly positive. It is often advised to pay attention to power - the suction capacity of cyclone vacuum cleaners is slightly lower, but it does not fall when the container is filled.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner, there is no need to look for a specificbrand. Rulers are constantly updated, and in large manufacturers, quality, as a rule, corresponds to the price. Such small things as the presence of a turbo brush and control on the hose handle, too, can affect the choice. Someone needs maximum power, and he will acquire a traditional model. Others will prefer vacuum cleaners without bags. Reviews on the manufacturers' websites about the noise level, the volume of the container and the power will help to choose a home helper to your liking.