/ / Platform scales: technical characteristics. Scales, industrial, floor, electronic

Platform scales: technical characteristics. Scales, industrial, floor, electronic

There are many areas of activity whereIt is necessary to use a platform scale. This group of equipment is significantly different from any other weights in size, as well as the characteristics of the goods, which can be weighed with their help. Devices have another name - commodity scales. Various enterprises produce electronic devices and mechanical ones. Let's consider their types, characteristics and operation features.

Types of devices by the method of measurement

The platform scales can be divided into three groups.These are mechanical devices, electronic, as well as combined - electronic-mechanical. To choose a particular group, you need to know about the features of the operation, the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Mechanical equipment

The main working part in these mechanisms is the so-called measuring spring. The load placed on the working platform, weighs its weight on this spring.

platform scales
The latter is stretched, and then two options are possible - either it will move the measuring scale, or the result will be shown on the arrow moving along the fixed scale.

To expose an industrial scale platformmechanical "to zero", you need to twist a special wheel to adjust. You can find it in many models at the bottom of the mechanism. Accuracy is not very high. The division price in most cases is 1 kg. Very rarely, models allow weighing loads with an accuracy of 500 grams.

These devices are popular due to thesimplicity in operation. Also they do not need regular maintenance - no need to change batteries or batteries. The devices are able to work properly under high loads. A vivid example is the industrial platform scales, weighing up to 2000 kg of cargo. They can be found in trading companies, at wholesale warehouses and in other organizations. Due to the fact that the mechanism of the scales is almost eternal, it has long been chosen for itself scavengers.

industrial scales
One of the advantages is the cost.Since there are a number of different options that are inherent only in electronic models, mechanical scales are cheaper by several orders of magnitude. This is a serious plus.

Electronic equipment

Platform scales electronic - this is more thanModern solutions, which found application in trading enterprises. They can be found in most supermarkets and in smaller shops. But there are also industrial models capable of weighing heavy loads.

platform scales, electronic
The weighing results will be immediately displayed on thescreen. The division price can vary from 0.1 to 0.5 kg, depending on the model. With regard to the principles of action embedded in this or that model, it depends on the specific manufacturer and the purpose of the scales.

Principle of operation

Platform electronic scales operate on the basis ofone of two principles. In the first case, two disks of metal are used. They work as an electric capacitor. After the load is placed on the working platform, the plates move apart under the influence of this load. There is a change in the electric charge between the two plates, and it determines the results of the measurements that are displayed.

The peculiarity of the design is that there are almost no mechanical parts and systems. This significantly increases the durability, as well as the accuracy and reliability of the work.

The second principle implies the use ofvoltage sensor. This sensor is a thin metal wire through which an electric current passes. Due to the load on the platform, this sensor is stretched, which means that the electrical signal that passes through it is changing. The computer calculates the weight by certain algorithms and displays it on the display.

platform scales
If the scales are platform, working on the basisthe first principle of action, have a minimum number of mechanical parts, then there are none at all. All measurements of weight are carried out only with the use of electronics.

For the operation of small electronic scales, batteries are used. For models with a large "carrying capacity", batteries and stationary power supplies are used.

Types of devices by design and installation method

Scales industrial, luggage, and also commodity and post classified on floor, desktop, stationary, mobile and built in.

The choice of a suitable model and brand depends on whether,what does this or that company do, what products are most often to be weighed, what should be the accuracy of the results, load capacity and throughput.

The choice depends also on how many are readypay customers for the platform scales. The price for the model on load cells with a carrying capacity of 2,000 kg is from 30,000 r. This cost does not include the price of installation works, adjustments and costs for equipment support.

Platform electronic equipment

Standard models are an ordinary platform of a rectangular or square shape. On the surface of this platform should be placed the cargo, which must be weighed.

platform scales, floor
Structurally, these devices represent an integralplatform with four strain gauges. These platform floor scales have screw supports that allow adjustment. As a material for the production of these platforms, strong steel is used.

Ramp models

This equipment is different from stationarysolutions. The platform is equipped with special ramps, which can enter forklifts and other storage equipment. This is mainly industrial and warehouse scales. Devices of this level are extremely easy to use. They are easy to transport, they can be easily moved to any other place.


Virtually every model of scales has in itsequipment printer for printing checks and documents for goods. These devices can work in automatic mode, which allows almost completely to exclude manual human labor. Thus, the platform scale significantly simplifies the process of accounting for materials. The equipment is reliably protected from dust and dirt. This allows for long service life.

So, we have found out the types of weights and their working principle.