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The phone on the charge is discharged: the reasons and ways to eliminate them

Quite often, users of mobile devicesface one not very pleasant problem - the phone is discharged on charge. The reasons for this can be absolutely different, as well as ways to eliminate them. In this article, we will try to consider all possible options for why the phone is discharged during charging, and how to deal with this.

the phone runs out of charge

Faulty charging slot

The most common reason whythe phone discharges on charging - it's a malfunctioning charger jack. A similar situation develops quite often, especially with unstable stress or factory marriage. "Symptoms" are standard:

  • The charger is connected.
  • The phone shows an indicator that the charge is on or there are no indications at all.
  • After some time, the phone does not gain a charge, but, on the contrary, spends the rest.

after charging the phone is discharged

And although some of the described "symptoms" will bein the course of the article to meet more than once, in this case everything indicates exactly the malfunctioning socket for charging. To finally make sure of the failure of the socket, you need to try to connect the phone to another outlet, change the charger to exclude its malfunction. If nothing has changed, you can proceed to repair.


In order to repair a malfunctioning socket forcharging, you can go to the service center, but only if the phone is under warranty. There it should be accepted without any problems and repaired within a few days, although it all depends on the service center itself.

why the phone is discharged when charging

If the phone has already run out of warranty,contact any well-tested mobile phone repair shop. The fix time is usually much less than in the service center, and the quality of the work is approximately the same.

Another option is to change everything yourself. This method is suitable only for those who are well versed in soldering and have the necessary equipment.

Charging socket is oxidized

The next reason why the phonedischarged by charging - this is an oxidized connector for the charger. The reason is primarily the ingress of moisture into the charging socket, for example, through wet hands or rain, perhaps the water spilled next to the phone and got on the contacts. Another reason for oxidation can be a banal and harmful habit to take a smartphone with you to the bathroom. Doing this is not recommended, because the bathroom is a premise with high humidity. The exception is only those phones that have protection from moisture.

the phone discharges while charging

Signs that the phone has oxidized the jack for the charger are as follows:

  • The charger is connected.
  • An indicator is displayed on the screen that the charging is in progress.
  • After a while, the battery charge did not increase, but on the contrary, it decreased.
  • The phone is noticeably warm in the area of ​​the charging socket.
  • The charger plug is hot.
  • At visual inspection on contacts and the nest there is an extraneous characteristic plaque.

By the way, oxidized can be not only a connector on the phone itself, but also a plug of the charger, so this must also be taken into account.


There are several ways to remove the oxide from the charger connector, but they can be divided into two groups - temporary assistance and a 100% solution.


Temporary means the cleaning of contactsfrom oxide alone. Temporary it is called because the oxide sooner or later will appear again, and the procedure will have to be done anew. In addition, this method does not guarantee 100% success.

the phone is charging and discharging

For cleaning, a very thin needle orany other sharp object, a small piece of cloth and soda. At the tip of the needle, you need to fix the fabric in such a way that it does not slip off and crawl into the connector. After that, you need to wet the cloth a little, dab it into soda powder, place it in the charging socket and clean everything as much as possible.


Since the effectiveness of the first method is notis too high, and the problem itself is not eliminated by 100%, then the only true way is to replace the socket. You can do it through the workshop or on your own.

why the phone is discharged when charging

Defective charger

Another reason why the phone is oncharging and discharging is a banal malfunction of the charger itself. The fact is that just one wiring somewhere inside the cable is broken - and that's it, the full charge will not come. Symptoms to describe here there is no sense, it is enough to check the operation of charging on another phone or to connect your phone to a working charger.

the phone runs out of charge


Eliminates this problem easily and quickly, just buy a new USB cable or completely change the charger.

Burnt board

The burnt out board with the socket is the reason,why the phone is discharged during charging. In this case, the nest itself can be properly, but the board on which it is installed, sometimes burns out or fails. With this failure, the charging indicator does not appear, but if the corresponding icon still appears, the phone will simply be discharged.

after charging the phone is discharged


Eliminate this failure only by completely replacing the circuit with the charging socket. You can do it in any service or on your own.

Rapid discharge

Often there is also such a problem that aftercharging the phone is discharged, and quite quickly, for an hour or slightly more. The main and only reason for this is a faulty battery that has exhausted its entire resource.

the phone discharges while charging


This failure is eliminated quickly, you can not give the phone to the service - you need only a new battery for the phone of the corresponding model.