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Smartphone Mi4 Xiaomi: reviews and technical data

A stylish and productive premium smartphone is the Mi4 Xiaomi. Reviews about this flagship device, its software and hardware stuffing, as well as the features will be described in detail later in the text.

mi4 xiaomi reviews


A fairly decent degree of equipment for the Mi4 Xiaomi. The reviews only indicate a lack of a stereo headset. The phone is rich in such components and accessories:

  • The integrated battery (it, by the way, at it fixed, but here the case demountable).
  • Interface cable with connectors "YUSB" and, of course, "MicroUSB".
  • Typical charger with built-in plug and output port "YUSB".
  • Clip for SIM card installation.
  • User's manual and warranty card.

smartphone xiaomi mi4 reviews


In terms of design there is a certainsimilarity between the iPhone 5S and Xiaomi Mi4. The owners' feedback points to this nuance of this gadget. The front panel of Mi4 is covered with shockproof glass. However, the manufacturer does not specify which. The side faces are made of stainless steel, the transition between the front cover and the ribs, and between the rear cover and the sides is smoothed. It is this design decision and indicates that the prototype of this smart phone was the iPhone 5S.

The front panel is a 5-inchdisplay. On top of it there is a camera for video calls and "Selfie". Next to it there is a speaker for conversations and a number of sensors. Below the display is a typical touchpad for managing the gadget, which consists of 3 buttons. On the left side is a SIM card slot. On the right edge of the displayed physical control buttons: lock device and volume control.

The top of the smartphone is 3.5 mma wired port for connecting a stereo headset and an infrared port. On the lower edge there is also a wired interface, a loud speaker and a talking microphone. On the back cover, the main camera together with the LED backlight system and the microphone for suppressing external noises are displayed.

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CPU and its capabilities

Certainly, one of the most productivechips installed in Mi4 Xiaomi. Reviews say a fantastic level of its performance. And something else to expect from Snapdragon 801 is not necessary. The second designation in accordance with the nomenclature of the company-developer Qualcomm is MSM8974AC. This CPU consists of 4 high-performance computing modules, each of which is based on the architecture Krait 400 - a special version of the "Cortex-A15." This semiconductor crystal is manufactured in accordance with the norms of the 28-nm process.

Each of its nuclei can function onfrequency 2.5 GHz, if you need the maximum level of performance. The computing capabilities of this chip are more than enough to run any application. And on it several "heavy" programs can work at once, and problems with stability and smoothness will not be exact. Although the CPU itself was introduced long ago, but even now its resources allow you to run any software without any problems. The only thing that can cause certain censures is the lack of support for 64-bit computing. But at the time of its release, this issue was not so urgent. And now there is still no such software in large quantities. Developers do not change their software so quickly to 64-bit computing. Therefore, this problem in the next 2 years certainly will not be relevant.

Graphic accelerator and screen

As a graphics accelerator, Adreno 330 is used in the Xiaomi Mi4 M4. Reviews give it a good level of performance.Its computational capabilities are quite enough to solve any problem at the moment. And this will not change in the next 2 years. Customer feedback on the Xiaomi Mi4 indicate a high quality display. It is based on the IPS technology, its resolution of 1920x1080 px. The absence of an air gap between the glass and the matrix excludes the possibility of distortion of the image even at angles of 178 degrees. In general, the graphics adapter and the screen in this smart phone do not cause complaints. This is one of the best solutions in the smartphone segment of the premium class.

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One of the best cameras to date is installed in the smartphone Xiaomi Mi4. Reviews talk about the impeccable quality of her photos and videos.Its sensor is based on a rather modest to date sensitive element in 13 Mp. But the key role here is played by such moments as autofocus and optical image stabilization system. There are also a number of software "chips" that allow you to configure the camera for shooting at any time of the day or night.

Concerning the recording of the video, it can be noted thatthis device can do this as a "4K". In this price category, no one device can boast such a feature. The matrix of the front camera is based on the sensitive element in 8Mn. Its optics are constructed so that the angle of coverage of the image is close to 180 degrees. This allows you to use this unit for "Selfie". Well, to make video calls specified technical specifications more than enough.

Amount of memory

There is no problem with the amount of RAMthis smartphone. It installed 3 GB of RAM the most common DDR standard today. This is enough to run several demanding applications at the same time. At the same time, the operation of the device will not affect this mode, the interface will work smoothly. The capacity of the built-in drive can be 16 GB or 64 GB. An intermediate version of 32 GB in the manufacturer's nomenclature is missing.

If in the first case under certain conditionscircumstances there may be a shortage of free space on the internal storage, then in the second there should not be any problems at all. But the external flash drive can not be installed in the Chinese smartphone Xiaomi Mi4. Reviews say there is no corresponding slot in this gadget. What guided the Chinese engineers, when they abandoned this slot, it is difficult to understand, but this is one of the most significant shortcomings of the device. As a kind of compensation, it can be noted that it is possible to connect to this device a conventional flash drive with the help of an OTG cable.

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Phenomenal autonomy against competitorscan not boast of the Xiaomi Mi4 phone. Reviews also indicate that one charge of an integrated battery of 3000 mAh at an average load is enough for 1 day of work. When the load is reduced and the battery life is saved, this value can be increased 2 times - up to 2 days. But if you run any resource-intensive task (for example, "Asphalt 8"), then a full charge of the battery is enough for only 3 hours. Expect the best performance from a smartphone with a diagonal display of 5 inches, a 4-core high-performance CPU on board and a 3000 mAh battery is not necessary.


Not quite typical "Adroid" version 4.4 is installed on Xiaomi Mi 4. Customer reviews they say that there is no built-in menu of programs.That is all the software that is installed on this device, is displayed immediately on the desktop. The reason for all the branded shell MIUI 6-th version. By the way, this decision of Chinese programmers further indicates that the prototype of this smartphone was the iPhone 5S. After all, its operating system has a similar algorithm of operation. In the rest the software set is rather modest, everything you need will have to be installed from the Play-Market.

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Communication set

All the necessary methods of communication arein Xiaomi Mi 4. Technical specifications and reviews indicate support for "Wi-Fi", "Bluetooth", GSM and 3G-networks, GPS and A-GPS. Among other features of the device can be identified infrared port, which allows this smartphone to turn into a remote control. Among the wired methods of information exchange are the "MicroUSB" and the usual 3.5 mm audio port.

Results, reviews, strengths and weaknesses of the device

One of the best offers in the segmenthigh-performance smartphones is the Mi4 Xiaomi. The reviews indicate that he has practically no shortcomings. The only thing that can cause certain censures is the absence of a slot for an external flash drive. But the capacity of the built-in memory should be enough.

phone xiaomi mi4 reviews

In addition, you can connect a regular flash drive toThis gadget or store your personal most valuable information on the cloud service. Separately it is worth noting the cost of such a smartphone - $ 390. For a device of this class this is a very modest indicator and the only drawback given earlier on this background seems not so significant.