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Wide-angle Canon lens: features of choice

Canon for its SLR camerashas developed a whole series of different lenses, which includes both super-televisions and ultra-wide-angle models. Owners of "DSLRs" from a well-known company have to think about the choice of replacement optics.

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A good option for the beginning of photographic activity is a wide-angle Canon lens, which has a constant focal length.

Wide-angle devices include optics,having an equivalent focal distance of 24 to 35 mm. Such a lens, thanks to the large value of the angle of view, is able to perceive a broader perspective and, as a rule, allows you to capture in the photo unforgettable landscapes and architectural views taken at close range.

Also, Canon's wide-angle lens is differentincreased sharpness, which makes it possible to get spectacular shots. In addition, the optics are compact enough, you can easily take it with you on the road.

Photography of architecture, interiors and landscapes is includedto an incomplete list of what can be photographed using Canon's equipment. Wide-angle lens of the master is used to create documentary and street shots, as well as for obtaining portraits.

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Thanks to the capabilities of technology, you can getimages that you want to consider in detail. In addition, Canon's wide-angle lens allows you to capture a large enough area of ​​space, showing people's photos and their surroundings on photos.

Today in the market you can buy different models of brand lenses with a wide angle of shooting, having a focal constant distance, in which the latest optical technologies are realized.

So, there are options for beginners, for example,wide-angle lens Canon 24mm EF. The device is compact and attractive. This device has a focal constant distance of 24 mm, aperture of 2.8, including a field of view of 84 degrees. This mechanism is ideal for fans of landscape photography or for obtaining documentary photography. It can be taken on a trip: the lens does not let you down.

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Equipped with this optics camera allowsalmost come close to the object being shot to get an interesting wide-angle perspective. The minimum shooting distance is only 0.2 meters. The device has an image stabilizer on its board, allowing to work with long exposures, while the images do not have any blurring effects resulting from the camera shaking.

Lenses for Canon of this model havelight enough design, their weight - only 280 grams. They have a diaphragm consisting of seven petals, which allows you to get beautiful effects. To perform a noiseless and fast focusing, an ultrasonic drive is provided. A manual focus correction is performed without changing the mode. The device uses proprietary optics with a special coating that improves the contrast by removing glare.