/ / Does not come SMS ("Megaphone"): possible reasons. Megaphone technical support

Does not come SMS ("Megaphone"): possible reasons. Megaphone technical support

I can not accept or send a text messagea message from a mobile device can be associated with a number of reasons. More often than not, new subscribers are faced with this problem, who only recently purchased the MegaFon number and active customers who replaced the SIM for some reason (for example, a new SIM card or due to a loss of the previous one). How to understand yourself, why does not SMS ("Megaphone") come? Can I do it myself? How to find out what the problem may be: in the SIM card or the mobile phone itself?

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Does not come SMS ("Megaphone"): the main reasons

In the global sense, all the prerequisites that lead to the impossibility of a normal use of the text message service can be divided into three categories:

  • problems with the equipment (technical malfunction of the device in which the SIM card "Megaphone" is installed, availability of bans on the use of communication services installed on the smartphone);
  • incorrect work of the SIM card (this category can include both the presence of mechanical damage, and the availability of bans on the use of communication services at the operator level);
  • a large load on the operator's base stations can also lead to the fact that SMS messages do not come to Megafon.

The last point is especially relevant during the periodfestivals - New Year and May holidays, when many customers are actively starting to call, write, use the Internet. In such situations, the load on the network increases, and base stations can not always cope with it. The subscriber can not independently solve such a problem. He just needs to wait until the peak of activity subsides, and again you can use the connection on the same conditions.

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Problems with the SMS service when purchasing a new SIM card / replacing an existing one

New subscribers who purchased the kit fromcompany "Megafon" is worth knowing that only during the day will be connected all services. As a rule, voice communication is available immediately after installing the SIM card in the slot of the cellular gadget. But the SMS service can be connected only the next day. At the same time, the subscriber can not influence this process and speed it up on his own, since the connection is made automatically on the equipment of the operator. In this case, it is pointless to check the phone settings, to test the SIM in another device - it's enough just to wait a while. If after 24 hours after purchasing or replacing the SIM card, the service can not be used, then contact the contact center. The subscriber should explain to the operator that after he bought or changed the SIM, do not come SMS "Megaphone". The contact center employee will check if the service is connected to the number, reconnect it if necessary.

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Presence of prohibitions on communication services

Another problem that is an obstacle tocorrect use of the SMS service, is the ban on incoming messages. Such a restriction may be established either by the subscriber alone or by the customer support officer, on the initiative of the subscriber again. In the first case, a person can set a restriction on certain communication services in his mobile device. In the second - contact the contact center for this. How to be in this case? It is logical that we will have to abandon the ban. You can do this by entering a simple command # 330 * 1111 #. With its help, you can disable all available restrictions (regardless of how they were installed). After that it is recommended to reboot the device and test the service.

Do not come sms to megaphone what to do

Missing mobile settings

The main parameter that should beto be present in the phone is the SMS center number. Through it, you send and receive messages. In most cases, it is not necessary to enter it manually, since it is "registered" automatically after the SIM card is installed in the phone. However, if SMS does not come ("Megafon"), then you need to check whether it is correct. To do this, go to the settings of messages (as a rule, in most modern devices they are in the SMS section). There should be a number for subscribers of Moscow and the Moscow region. For other regions of the country different numbers are used - they can be viewed on the operator's website, specifying a specific area.

Performing a test for receiving / sending SMS at home

If the previous advice did not help, and stilldoes not come SMS to "Megaphone", what to do? First, you need to check what the problem may be related to. To do this, you need to install the SIM card in another mobile device and try to send a message from it and receive SMS. In the event that the service works correctly in the new device, then the problem probably is connected with the previous smartphone. For example, it may contain a ban on services or there are other technical nuances.

In the opposite case, when the permutation of the SIM carddid not change the situation, and SMS is still not available, then with great certainty it can be said that there is a problem in the SIM itself: the service is not connected, the SIM card has defects, etc. In this case, it makes sense to call the contact- center and find out if there are programmatic reasons for the impossibility of using the SMS service - you can do this from any number, including the city number by the hotline number indicated on the official website.

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Megaphone technical support

To help solve a situation that has arisen,employee of the operator's contact center. If the measures taken by the subscriber did not help and do not again receive SMS ("Megaphone") or can not send it, then it is recommended to call the customer support line. The specialist needs to be informed, after which there was a problem with the use of SMS (replacement of the SIM card, installation in a new phone, etc.), and what actions the client performed to resume the ability to send and receive messages.

Technical support for Megafon is available at 0500.The call is free with the SIM card of this operator, provided that it is in the home region. You can also try to use the form of sending an appeal through the operator's website, but you should not expect an operative answer in this case, since such appeals require a longer processing by a contact center specialist.

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This article would address the issue thatexcites a lot of subscribers: what if they can not send and receive messages to their number. Causes that could lead to this, quite a lot - from the banal damage to the sim card's surface, before the correct settings of the SMS center in the device. Subscribers are advised to independently test themselves, make sure there are no inhibitions and to check if there are any necessary parameters in the SMS settings.