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Treelogic Brevis 715DC 3G: reviews and features.

Today more and more people are choosingsmall tablets, not smartphones. One such option is the Treelogic Brevis 715DC 3G. The owners' feedback confirms that the performance characteristics are enough for all the necessary functions. And it's true - modern PDA can replace a regular mobile phone. Call can, "esemaski" sends, to the Internet through mobile networks leaves. Yes, and just play toys or watch movies - it's much more convenient on the big screen. What else is needed for happiness?

So, let's take a closer look at such a functional device as Treelogic Brevis 715DC 3G (reviews and features are true).

treelogic brevis 715dc 3g reviews

Let's start with the look

The entire front panel covers the glass.In the middle there is a screen. The frame around it is not very large and looks rather neat. In the upper part you can see the front camera and sensors. Under the screen there was a logo of the company-creator and a spoken speaker.

The back cover is made of iron.Only from above, near the camera, is a plastic insert, under which are hidden SIM card slots and memory cards. There are also antennas. In the lower left corner is the speaker grille.

USB connector and Jack 3.5 to connect headphones, users will find on top of the device Treelogic Brevis 715DC 3G. The testimonies of people testify to the convenience of such an arrangement. On the right side of the device there is a power button, a rocker to adjust the volume, and you can see a recess for the Reset button.

The design of the gadget is extremely simple, it does not stand out with catchy excesses and looks at least cheap, but pretty nice.


What does the user expect in the package?First of all, this is, of course, the tablet itself. The manufacturer completed the device with USB and OTG cables, an adapter for recharging. There is also an instruction where the main operational moments are available, as well as the characteristics of the device.

treelogic brevis 715dc 3g

Treelogic Brevis 715DC 3G: performance specifications

The processor is dual-core, 1.33 GHz, its model is MediaTek MT8312. The graphics accelerator is also not the latest model - the Mali-400MP. It is difficult even to recall in which year such characteristics were relevant and modern. However, it should be noted that the smooth operation and the performance of all necessary operations, and without any special brakes, characterizes the Treelogic Brevis 715DC 3G. The feedback of people who have already purchased it, is a confirmation.

In short: the available characteristics are enough to ensure that the "pure" Android does not hang. But it is necessary to warn consumers in advance - it is not necessary to wait for it from a particularly shrewd job.


To be honest, the memory in the device is not enough.The constant is only 4 gigabytes. And the user, of course, is much less available - about 2.5 GB. This is very little if you use a Treelogic Brevis 715DC 3G tablet as a navigator - Russia's maps weigh about 3 GB.

However, you do not need to get frustrated ahead of time.This drawback has been eliminated, since manufacturers have built a memory card slot up to 32 GB. It's worth noting that there is only 512 MB of RAM, which is also not enough. Although this is sufficient for simple applications.

tablet treelogic brevis 715dc 3g

Channels for wireless communication

Concerning wireless communications, one thing can be said: the necessary minimum is present and that's all. 3G for both SIM cards, Bluetooth ver. 4.0, Wi-Fi b / g / n and GPS.

Display and cameras

Now look at the display device.This is a capacitive IPS-screen, with HD resolution, 1024x600 pixels. The diagonal is 7 inches. Watch video and use the Internet on a bright and multicolored screen - it's a pleasure.

As for the cameras, they can be said about threewords - they are here. Both the frontal and the main have a resolution of 0.3 Mpx. We can say that the former is quite suitable for Skype and Selfi calls. Naturally, you should not even try to dream about beautiful photos, because the pictures are simply awful.

treelogic brevis 715dc 3g specifications

Features of work

The battery capacity of 2400 mAh holds a charge of about5 hours, which is very small for a portable device. But, again, everything is relative - the main thing is to understand why it is needed in a specific situation. In terms of software - is "bare" Android 4.2.2 with a fairly small number of programs installed by the developer. There is OTG support.


Gadget Treelogic Brevis 715DC 3G turned outquite good - at a budget price, it offers a functional smartphone. A large screen makes it possible to enjoy a bright and clear picture. In travel, the gadget turns into a good navigator, thanks to the support of navigation services. OTG allows you to edit documents from a flash drive anywhere, besides, since there is Bluetooth, you can connect the keyboard and turn the tablet into a small office station. Well, if there is nothing to do, then the device can help pass the time for a simple non-resource game. As a result, we see that for its price the device provides a wide range of functions and is a very useful companion for a person in everyday life.