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Smartphone Ulefone Power: reviews, specs. Long-lived smartphones

Modern smartphones are becoming more powerful with eachday, receiving multi-core processors, gigabytes of operational and non-volatile memory, as well as powerful graphics accelerators. However, manufacturers often overlook the fact that first of all the smartphone remains a means of communication, which should have a good autonomy, which allows not to live in the rhythm of "from the outlet to the outlet."

Especially the load on the battery increases withusing a smartphone in an active mode, when several messengers and other programs are running, megabytes of traffic are pouring through the mobile network, and calls are not terminated. Not every eminent manufacturer can boast of a model that can withstand such loads without much stress.

However, Ulefone paid attention to thisand released a gadget called Ulefone Power, which is a perfectly balanced high-tech "toy", coping with high workloads. Let's consider its main characteristics and distinctive features, which made the model unique, in order. We will also analyze in detail the smartphone Ulefone Power, reviews about which can be found without difficulty. Their number allows you to add a complete picture of the device.

Ulefone Power reviews

Dimensions and appearance

Despite the capacious battery, of which wewe'll talk a little later, the smartphone turned out elegant and does not create the impression of a stub of plastic. Its thickness is 9.5 mm, which is an average for devices of this class. The weight of the device turned out to be not quite the standard - 190 g, but it is not critical, and the phone does not delay the hand when used, such as the Oukitel K10000, whose weight reached a record level of 320 grams by today's standards.

The gadget is available in three color variations.Here the manufacturer did not experiment much, using blue and silver colors. Separately, it is worth highlighting the third coloring - it is the coloring under the tree, which is a rather unusual solution, although it is found in other manufacturers. The smartphone has an aluminum frame, which increases the strength of the case, the rest of the body elements are made of plastic. Case for Ulefone Power goes in the complete set, therefore the smart phone will keep a presentable appearance for a long time.

On the left edge is the SIM card tray andmicro-SD format cards, on the right are all the controls, such as a volume rocker and a power button, as well as a large round button, designed to quickly launch the camera. At the top there is a 3.5mm headphone jack and an infrared emitter, with which you can control various techniques using a smartphone as a console. Bottom is the microphone hole and the charging and data connector. On the back cover there is a main camera with a dual LED flash and a fingerprint scanner on top. In general, there is a pleasant impression of the appearance of Ulefone Power. The review can be continued by disassembling the inside of the machine.

Ulefone Power Review

Communication standards and wireless modules

Smartphone will please those who are used to the maximumto use wireless communication capabilities. There is support for 4th generation networks at all frequencies used in most countries. The manufacturer promises (with the support of the operator) the data download speed in 4G networks up to 150 Mbit / s, and the return can reach 51 Mbit / s. The signal reception level is always stable in the Ulefone Power model, 4G connects instantly as soon as you enter the coverage area.

The support of all modernstandards of WiFi-networks, allowing to use at the highest possible speed any access points, wherever you are, at home or, for example, in a cafe.

The smartphone has Bluetooth version 4.0, which allows you to quickly transfer files at close range. In addition, the new version allows you to connect several different devices simultaneously.

Ulefone Power 4PDA

Main characteristics

As the main processor actsbudget MediaTek MT6753. Despite the fact that it is classified as a budget segment, it has the performance that is sufficient for most everyday tasks, while it is quite energy efficient. Provides high performance with the presence of 8 cores, operating at a frequency of up to 1.3 GHz. The processor integrates the video accelerator Mali-T720 MP3, copes with most of today's resource-intensive games, which can be found in the application store. After reading about Ulefone Power reviews, you can be sure that these indicators are enough for comfortable work and not only.

Complement this tandem memorystandard DDR3, which has a capacity of 3 GB. This amount is enough to use a browser with several open tabs and several instant messengers. In this case, they will not be unloaded from memory and between them you can switch almost instantly. Users often describe the performance of a smartphone by the example of performing a variety of tasks, this is also true for Ulefone Power. 4PDA is full of news and posts about this model, there you can find a lot of interesting information on working with resource-intensive applications.

To store user and program filesProvision is made for non-volatile memory of 16 GB. Here the manufacturer slightly disappointed, since with current standards this memory may not be enough. However, if necessary, it can be expanded with a microSD memory card, but you must sacrifice one SIM card. Considering that when you purchase this model, you buy a good smartphone inexpensively, you can close your eyes to such small shortcomings.

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To display information, a matrix witha diagonal of 5.5 inches and a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. The Ulefone Power screen has a density of 401 ppi. Pixelization can be seen only by a very picky user with perfect vision. The matrix is ​​made using IPS technology, which provides good viewing angles, as well as comfortable use in bright sunlight.

It is protected by a sensor with glass Gorilla Glass 3,resistant to scratches. However, do not forget that the protection of this class does not make glass impact resistant. Therefore, it is worthwhile to use the smartphone neatly, so as not to drop it on a hard surface with sad consequences.

Ulefone Power screen


The main camera of the smartphone is made by the companySony and has the model IMX214 Exmor RS. Often, the modules from this manufacturer are characterized by high quality images, and they did not fail this time. The camera matrix has a resolution of 13 Mp, which is program interpolated to 16 Mp. Thanks to a dual powerful flash, the images are quite good even in low light, but in total darkness it is not recommended to shoot.

Front camera installed on smartphoneUlefone Power, has a more modest performance - a 5-megapixel module OmniVision OV5648. It is enough for talking on skype or ordinary selfie, but it's not worth expecting high quality pictures from it. The resolution of the front camera is also programmatically increased to 8 Mp.


The gadget supports the ability to definelocations for three technologies - GPS, A-GPS and Glonass. The reception level of the satellite signal is sure, it will be enough for a fairly accurate positioning, even under unfavorable conditions, for example, with high clouds. This is a good indicator, given the fact that this model belongs to the budget category, and you, in fact, buy a good smartphone inexpensively, without risking to remain without navigation at the most inopportune moment.

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This point should be disassembled in more detail, soas a long time the device from a single charge of the battery is the main feature of this smartphone. Despite the small thickness and acceptable weight, the gadget became the owner of a lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 6050 mAh, which is more than in many flagship devices of eminent manufacturers.

As the manufacturer claims, this container shouldbe enough for an uninterrupted conversation in the 2G network for 63 hours. In third generation networks, this figure is slightly reduced, but not critical, and is 60 hours. If the device is in standby mode, then one charge will be enough for 1800 hours, and this is two and a half months.

The smartphone uses fast charging technologyMediaTek Pump Express Plus. It is enough to charge the smartphone for only 5 minutes to get the opportunity to continuously speak on it for almost 2 hours. When connected for 2 hours to charge the smartphone Ulefone Power the battery is charged from 0 to 100%. Do not forget that fast charging technology works only with a "native" complete cable and adapter, so they should be used carefully.

On average, according to user feedbacksmartphone, with a moderate load of one battery charge is enough for 4-5 days. Under moderate load is meant the use of instant messengers and mobile Internet, as well as a couple of hours of conversations throughout the day. Among other things, the phone has a power saving function that disables unnecessary software modules at the given moment and lowers the processor's power consumption. For a budget employee, which is Ulefone Power, the 6050mAh is just an ideal indicator. In this case, there is no overestimation of capacity, a large number of tests showed that it is real and not exaggerated.

Ulefone Power Battery


The manufacturer has proven itselfsupport the device. Initially, the smartphone was shipped with the operating system Android 5.1, but soon after the presentation of the new version, all users were able to wirelessly upgrade to Android 6.0. It is not yet known whether updates for newer versions will be released for this model, but small packets with minor fixes periodically arrive. Do not sleep and the Internet community about Ulefone Power, 4PDA already has a theme on the firmware for this device, including custom.

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Positive user reviews

In general, the smartphone gets good ratings fromusers. However, due to some percentage of the marriage that went on sale with the first installments, you can find in the network about Ulefone Power reviews, which emphasize the weaknesses, the camera and the touchscreen of the gadget.

Among the merits and strengths of those who have been using the smartphone for some time, singled out the following points:

  • High performance and speed of information processing, comfortable use of any resource-intensive programs, including simultaneously.
  • Stable upgrade of the operating system, good technical support from the manufacturer.
  • High quality display as in the plancolor and viewing angles, and in terms of brightness. Users mark. That sometimes in the daytime on the street it is enough even 50-60% of the maximum brightness for comfortable operation.
  • A single-valued plus is autonomy.The battery lasts for a long time, it is ideal for active business people who always need to stay in touch, and at the same time use energy-intensive functions, such as navigation and mobile Internet. Speaking about Ulefone Power, a review after the review, all known sources emphasize this strong side.
  • Build quality and nice design. Despite the diagonal of 5.5 inches, the gadget does not look like a "shovel", but nicely lies in the hand and does not create inconvenience when used.

In general, the smartphone can be called pleasant, with a friendly design and interface, but not devoid of its shortcomings.

Basic shortcomings

Like any electrotechnical novelty, the gadget is not without its minuses, which in the reviews are often noticed by customers, speaking about Ulefone Power. Reviews often boil down to the following disadvantages:

  • High heat during operation and charging.When running resource-intensive applications, such as games with high-quality graphics, many users notice quite a perceptible heat in the area of ​​the camera and fingerprint sensor. In addition, the smartphone is very hot when using a standard charger. This is due to the peculiarities of the battery, so it is not recommended to use the smartphone while charging.
  • Poor sound quality. At the volume of complaints there, but the sound of the speaker gives "plastic". Headphones are also better to choose according to your preferences, because the sound path is not of the highest quality.
  • On some models, falsetriggering the sensor during charging, again when using a standard adapter. If you use other adapters with a standard charging speed, the problem disappears, in addition, the battery temperature decreases.
  • Camera.However, it is, rather, the standard for this price segment, not a flaw. In the daytime, with good lighting, you get quite good photos, but in the twilight and darkness, you should not expect that it will be possible to make a photo without noise, for example, due to a flash. If the quality of the images is not important to you, then this controversial defect can be ignored.


A smartphone is a productive and"Long-playing" device, which is perfect for those who should always stay in touch, and not only in the standard sense of the word. It has a nice, presentable appearance, and does not look like a cheap toy, it's not embarrassing to get it with business partners.

Buying it, you should be ready for some kind ofsmall inconveniences, but mostly they are not critical and you can close your eyes. Its main feature is autonomy, and the manufacturer's emphasis was placed on it. The smartphone received a good price / performance ratio, considering all the nuances, as well as high performance, which is often overlooked when designing long-lived smartphones. This gadget will be an excellent assistant in everyday and working life.