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Beeline, Internet: reviews, tariffs. Home Internet Beeline: reviews

It's no secret that in recent years mobileoperators have made significant progress on the Internet services market. Today, each of the companies providing mobile communications in its package also offers Internet connection to a mobile device or a stationary PC. Thus, the subscriber can order the entire set of services in a single package. So, firstly, it will be easier for him to choose a suitable tariff; secondly, it will be able to obtain more favorable conditions (since the operator is loyal to subscribers using a comprehensive solution).

Is not an exception and theBy the company "Beeline" the Internet. The buyer's feedback, which we managed to find during the preparation of this article, has successfully called this operator a "universal" solution both for those who need a home connection and for users with mobile access to the network.

More information about what Beeline can offer, as well as about the tariff plans of the operator, read in our article.

Beeline online review

Tariff grid

We will start with a description of how the providerseparates its services depending on the platform that the subscriber uses. According to this criterion, all packages of services can be divided into "mobile" and "home" Internet. The differences between them are fundamental - the first one allows you to provide access to the network on tablets and smartphones, while the latter is a more complex solution for either all devices in the house or for a stationary PC. This, in turn, leads to the fact that the cost of services for the computer is higher, and the data package for its volume is larger.

So, home internet "Beeline" (reviewsusers claim this), can serve as an access point to the Internet for all the gadgets that are in your home: smartphones relatives, computer, player and TV can be online at the same time. While the mobile "Beeline" (Internet, feedback about which interests us equally, as well as about stationary) can serve as an individual solution for those who are somewhere on the road and want, say, to check their route with a map.

Under each of the solutions described, Beeline has its own several tariffs, characterized by different terms of use. Read more about them.

Mobile Internet

home internet

All service packages for mobile can be dividedon two groups - the Internet, going in a complex with minutes and messages for communication with other subscribers, and also "pure" volume of the traffic. The latter option, by the way, is intended for owners of tablet computers, as well as for installation on a USB modem, which is distributed by the mobile Internet Beeline. Reviews indicate that the total amount of the operator has several tariff plans: the line "All for" and "Highway".

"All for"

This kit is designed for those who want toconnect Internet access for your mobile phone, while using the services of communication. The subscriber, therefore, pays simultaneously for calls and messages, as well as for Internet traffic.

Packages "all for" a few:their cost varies in the amount of 200, 400, 600, 900, 1500 and 2700 rubles. For this money, the user gets 1, 2, 5, 10, 12, 20 and 30 gigabytes per month. However, he is given a certain number of minutes for talking and messaging. Their volume, in turn, depends on the cost of the connected package.

mobile internet


The service, on the contrary, does not presuppose the availability of datafor communication, because it is targeted at tablet users (this is confirmed by feedback). Tariffs of the Internet "Beeline Highway" are offered at a price of 400 rubles - for 4 GB of traffic, 600 for 8 GB, 700 for 12 GB and 1200 rubles for 20 gigabytes of data.

Such mobile Internet "Beeline" (reviews aboutwhich we managed to find only positive) is available anywhere, as well as mobile for smartphones. But, given the large data package, you can do any remote work with it, without fear of exhausting its limit.

"The Internet forever"

reviews rates internet

Another interesting option, with whichoperator "attracts" users, is the service "Internet forever" ("Beeline"). Customer feedback notes that this option is free, and is, rather, an advertising character. Its essence lies in the fact that the subscriber is provided (absolutely without any fee) in spending 200 megabytes of traffic monthly. At the same time, they can be used at their own discretion.

Obviously, such a small amount of datais provided so that the subscriber can get acquainted with the services of the company, experience them on their own experience. Thus, it demonstrates what the Internet is capable of from Beeline. Reviews (Moscow - the city where their authors are served) showed that using such a free "trial sample" you can really see how fast the connection speed is in the mobile network.

Home Internet

The company "Beeline", in addition to working with a portableconnection, also offers its subscribers and the opportunity to order a home Internet. It is available in two options - at speeds up to 40 and up to 100 Mbps. Also bundled with online access, the operator also offers television services.

The cost of service varies depending on the number of connected channel packages and starts from 400 rubles a month.


Beeline internet reviews in Moscow

A set of devices that can interact withservices of the operator, of course, is different. Among the mobile devices that perceive the SIM card and are able to "catch" 3G / LTE-signal, you can select smartphones and tablets, as well as a modem configured for the Internet "Beeline". Reviews note that with the help of the latter you can connect to a stationary PC.

A home tariff is, in turn, a computeror a laptop with a network card, capable of perceiving the connection cable, as well as a TV for full TV reception. In the company "Beeline" is also an action, according to the terms of which, the subscriber can lease a TV-set-top box for an additional fee.

How to connect

If you are served with another mobileoperator, but would like to use the services of "Beeline", or simply stay on a different tariff, you will be interested to learn how to switch to the services described in this. The website of the company indicates several ways with which you can apply for the desire to start serving in this company. The first one is authorization in the personal account and further ordering of the service. This is done with the help of the subscriber's number (through the confirmation procedure). After that, the user can manually connect the service he needs.

The second way is to order the option with a shortdigital combination. You can find it directly on the website page, where a short description of the tariff is displayed. The combination, as usual, begins with the symbol "*" and ends with "#".

Finally, in addition to all the options listed above, you can also simply contact customer support, where in communication with the operator you should specify which service you want to connect.


Regarding how you can be helped inthe company "Beeline" (Internet), the subscriber's note notes - there are, again, several options. This can be accessed through an online form located on the official portal; a call to the center to the hotline, where you will be served at any time by the operator; as well as contacting the office directly.

In the latter case, you can completelyconnect and configure all the services that you ask for, absolutely free. And as in Beeline stores are sold more and all accessories are needed for communication, here you can also buy, for example, a modem for transferring a WiFi signal.


In the network we managed to find different recommendationsAbout how the home Internet "Beeline" works. Reviews can be divided into two groups: positive and negative. And, frankly, it's hard to say which is more. Although there are opinions according to which the Internet from the "yellow-black" provider is fast, inexpensive and reliable - on various resources we managed to find dozens of comments, where the authors complain about the instability of its work, low speed of connection, incompetent support. All this is illustrated by the real situations in which the subscribers turned out to be. And Beeline does not always manage to successfully resolve the conflict that has arisen, to solve the problem that has arisen.


If you do not trust this provider, orhave a negative experience with the company "Beeline" as a mobile operator, we recommend to think twice. If each review you see about the company "Beeline" (Internet) makes you doubt whether it is worth connecting to its services or not, you may need to contact other providers. After all, in the end, the market for Russian telecom services is full of the largest operators, such as MTS, Megafon, Tele2 and others. True, their data packages and the cost of tariffs are a topic for a separate article.


Beeline internet home reviews

What we managed to find out in the drafting processthis review? First, that Beeline is preparing a comprehensive package of services for its subscribers, providing them with not only communication services. Secondly, everyone can get the Internet from the company "Beeline" at home. The reviews, however, are not as unanimous as to whether the Internet is reliable, whether its speed is high enough, and whether the representatives of the company help in case of problems or simply ignore the user. Perhaps, some dependence in this matter can be traced in the settlement where the subscriber lives.

It is likely that in Moscow and St. Petersburgthe quality of the service is an order of magnitude higher than in Tomsk and Tver. That's why the metropolitan user on the site with reviews will write that he likes the Internet from "Beeline", and he enjoys using the company's services with pleasure; while a resident of the regions, perhaps, will not be completely satisfied with the service. As a result, a negative review will appear on the site.

In any case, you can choose "Beeline" because ofadvantageous tariffs and carefully consider the quality of service the company provides. If you do not like something, you can simply change the mobile operator and order the Internet from another company.