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How to choose a hair dryer

Hairdryer is one of the most popular householddevices. Most often they are used by women, because they feel the need for a variety of manipulations with hair: from simple drying to a variety of ways of all levels of complexity. And that's why they often have a question, how to choose a hair dryer.

Variety of models of hair dryers in the current marketit's huge. In order not to get confused in this commodity abundance, it is first of all necessary to determine the functions of this device that you need. Then you will not be disappointed as a result and do not overpay for additional properties that you do not intend to use. How to choose a hair dryer correctly and what are its features worth paying attention to?

How to choose a hair dryer: what types are there?

  • If you need this unit only for dryinghair, you should not buy expensive fancy hair dryer, which is used by professionals in salons. Choose the most reliable hairdryer of a small size with a minimum of baits. The only requirement is the presence of a cold stream. Such a compact hair dryer is useful to you, if you travel a lot or go to a gym, pool, etc;

  • If you often do styling, it's bestpurchase a professional or semi-professional model. If you have short or medium-length hair, then you also need a hairdryer, which helps to model the hair and shape it.

Which hair dryer is better? Let's talk about power, temperature, strength of air flow

The power of a hair dryer is one of the stumbling blocksbetween consumers and experts on household appliances. Many believe that the extra power does not give any special advantages as a styling, and this is just a subtle marketing move that allows the device to be made more expensive. Nevertheless, most professionals who have been using hair dryers for several years say that it is much more convenient to work with a powerful hair dryer. The high power of this device is not only high temperature, but also the strength of the air flow, which allows you to quickly dry your hair without worrying about it. If you choose a high power dryer, it is best to choose a "gun" with a large number of modes, for example, with a range from 1900 W to 2200 W, and brush hair dryers in direct contact with hair - from 650 to 1000 Tues. Using such a device, do not forget about high-quality thermal hair protection.

If you buy a mini hairdryer for travel, then it's also best to take high-power, so as not to waste time on long hair drying.

Choose a hair dryer with a large number of temperature modes and preferably with different buttons for adjusting the air force and temperature - this will allow you to combine different modes.

How to choose a hair dryer: shape and weight

First of all, the hair dryer should be comfortable and nottoo heavy (especially for travel devices). The "nose" of the hair dryer should not be too long - otherwise you will be uncomfortable to do the styling on the back of the head. The angle at which the handle of the hair dryer is attached to its body, should not be more than 90 degrees.

Looking for a hair dryer: how to choose attachments and additional features

The only additional feature that youin any case, there will be a cold air supply mode. It helps the head "cool down", and also fixes the styling. As for the attachments, the only necessary is the "concentrator", it is also a "slot". This nozzle allows you to direct the flow of air. Nozzle-half is needed for straightening and lifting hair at the roots. The nozzle diffuser with fingers adds volume and makes the natural or artificial curls more beautiful. For ringlets or creating a volume you need a nozzle in the form of a round brush. Straightening hair is engaged in the nozzle-comb, but the nozzle-forceps allows you to make curls. As you can see, it is not necessary to buy hairdryers with a lot of baits - it's enough to combine 1-2.

Another interesting additional function -ionization, which smooths the hair and reduces electrification. For healthy hair, it is not very necessary, but if the hair is slightly shaken even under a layer of special smoothing serums and sprays, then such a hair dryer can be very useful.