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Steamer "Tefal"

Steamer is a convenient device forcooking healthy and delicious food. The very first steamers were intended for cooking on fire. In Asia, still use traditional devices, which are multi-tiered bamboo baskets, mounted on a pot of boiling water.

Food steamed preserves more vitamins than cooked in water, and does not contain carcinogens that are formed during frying.

Most Europeans prefer electric steamers. These devices are made of metal and plastic and operate from an electrical network.

One of the most effective modern assistants in the kitchen is the steamer Teflal Vitamin Plus. This multi-tier machine allows you to quickly prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner for a family of three.

How the steamer "Tefal" is arranged is clearly visible onfigure. In the lower part, which is conditionally called the sole, there is a water tank with a built-in heating element. Heating is controlled by sensors and microcircuits. On the outside of the control panel there is a timer, a light indicator and a "Vitamin +" button. If you press this button, the "Tefal" steam cooker will cook almost twice as fast due to more intensive steam extraction.

steamer tephal vitamin plus

The heating element is installedturbo ring. This element, after 30 seconds after switching on the device, begins to pass through the steam, which rises through the special channels of the baskets with food.

Steamer "Tefal" is equipped with three baskets,which are installed on each other. Between the baskets are divided by pallets with holes. These details can be removed if something large is prepared, for example a whole chicken.

Steamer "Tefal", reviews about which you canmeet numerous, can warm up and cook fish and seafood, meat and poultry, vegetables, rice, cereals, pasta, eggs and fruits. You can find recipes for borshch and dumplings.

All recipes are based on clear proportions in grams, so with a double boiler you also need to purchase compact electronic scales.

Now, more specifically about how the steamer "Tefal"can feed the whole family in the morning. If we consider that the body has just woken up, he needs light food, for example - porridge and vegetables. If you want to make breakfast dense, you can cook beef, pork or chicken. Our breakfast will consist of rice porridge, dietary chicken meat and three eggs.

First fill the water tank to the maximum level. It is desirable that the water is clean or stationary. So less formed scale.

steamer tebal отзывы
In the largest basket, which is located below,lay out whole chicken breasts. Before this, it is desirable to season them and salt them. Approximately 450 grams of chicken are laid out so that the breasts lay side by side and do not cover each other. This will allow the couple to evenly process food.

In the second basket, which is set tofirst, we place a bowl for rice, filled with 300 milliliters of boiling water. In boiling water we cover 150 grams of pre-washed white long-grain rice and add a tablespoon of salt.

In the uppermost steam bowl we lay eggs. And cover the steamer with a lid.

Now set the timer for 25 minutes, turn on the "VITAMIN +" mode and calmly going to work. Food should not be stirred and, in general, you can forget about a steamer for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, hard-boiled eggs are prepared. To get them, you just need to remove the top basket, and put the lid on the middle.

After 5 minutes, remove the basket with the breasts. And after five minutes turn off the steamer and get the rice.

As you can see, it took only 25 minutes to prepare a simple breakfast without cooking, frying and stirring food.

Chicken breasts were cooked for 20 minutes, rice - for 25, hard-boiled eggs - in just 15.

Each model of the steamer is completed with a book of recipes in Russian. You not only can start cooking right away, but in time, create your own recipes.