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TV "Ruby": reviews, tuning, instructions, repair

An excellent entry-level device isany modern TV "Ruby". Reviews in most cases indicate an acceptable level of functionality. At the same time, their cost is much lower than that of foreign analogues. As an example, the model RB-32D7T2S will be considered.

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Positioning the device

The considered model RB-32D7T2S is a budgetTV "Ruby". The reviews highlight quite good image quality, an impressive set of ports and the availability of two tuners in this device. The disadvantages of this solution can be attributed only to the fact that it does not have a software shell that could realize the functions of Smart TV. It is the latter feature that does not allow this TV model to be attributed to the middle class. Also, this feature does not allow it to be used as a multimedia center. Faulty TVs of this model range appear not so often and, as a rule, not so serious. Therefore, they can be eliminated in any repair center for such products.

Contents of delivery

A good bundle from the position of the end user can boast of any TV "Ruby". Instructions on the use of of this device, a ticket with a full listwarranty and a set of advertising brochures - this is a complete list of the supplied documentation. In addition to the TV itself, the delivery list includes a control panel with a set of batteries. Also in this list there is a power supply cord. But the power supply unit is integrated into the device and is its component.

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As it was already noted earlier, the image quality TV "Ruby". 32 inches - this is the diagonal of the matrix it has. The same information can be found from the designation of the model. To be more precise, the marking of RB-32D7T2S is deciphered as follows:

  • RB - device series "Ruby".

  • 32 is the diagonal of the matrix, which is indicated in inches.

  • D7 - a series of devices.

  • T2S - tIn this case, LED. Moreover, the analogous image output subsystem is equipped with the rest LCD TVs "Ruby".

The resolution of the picture is 1366 x 768, and its format is HD. The brightness of the output image is set by the manufacturer at 350 cd / cm2. Contrast by the manufacturer corresponds to 300000: 1. The viewing angles are 178 0. The refresh rate is 60 Hz.All the above specifications and specifications of the technical plan allow you to get a fairly good image quality and provide a comfortable viewing level of television broadcasts.


Two integrated speakers are available in this device. Due to this, the stereo format can sound TV "Ruby". Reviews they give off an excellent sound.The power of each such speaker is 10 W, and in total it allows you to get 20 watts. If you need a better acoustic accompaniment, then you can install an external system with speakers and thereby significantly improve the sound quality. All necessary ports are in this case.

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Before how to set up your TV model RB-32D7T2S, we will understand with its communication list:

  • Two antenna inputs.One of them is designed to receive a signal in analog or digital (T / T2) from a conventional antenna or from a cable provider's equipment. The second port is used to receive satellite transmissions. In the latter case, there is support for both MPEG2 and the most advanced to date MPEG4 format.

  • There is one component input for connectingobsolete for today various multimedia devices (DVD-players, karaoke-centers or receivers DVB-T2). A possible alternative in this case is SCART.

  • One port of the analog VGA format allows this TV directly to connect to a personal computer and turn it into a monitor.

  • Another USB connector allows the installation of an external flash drive and play various multimedia information from it.

  • Three HDMI ports allow you to receive a signal from various digital devices and display it on your TV.

  • There is a PCMCIA slot.It is equipped with a decoding card for digital channels. This option will be very much in demand when watching DVB-T2 or digital channels from a cable operator.

  • A set of 3.5-mm audio jacks for inputting or outputting an audio signal to an external acoustic subsystem.

tv-set ruby ​​instructions

Switching. Customize

Now let's look at the fact, how to set up your TV of this model. This operation consists of the following stages:

  1. We extract the complete delivery from the cardboard box.

  2. We remove transport fasteners from the device.

  3. Fix the stand on the TV.

  4. We install the device on a permanent place.

  5. Connection to the cable entry of a wire with an input signal.

  6. The power cord connects the socket and the outlet.

After that, switching is over, you need to apply voltage to the device and adjust its software component. In this case it is necessary to perform such manipulations:

  1. We supply tension.

  2. After downloading and testing, go to the settings and select the "Channels" sub-item.

  3. Next, we initiate the autotune procedure and setsource of TV signal. This can be a conventional meter, and a decimeter antenna, and the equipment of a cable provider, and a set of satellite equipment.

  4. We start the search system.

  5. In the end, do not forget to save the list of TV channels.

After this, it is recommended to go through all the channels and make sure that they work.

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Dimensions and power consumption

In sleep mode, this TV only consumes0.5W. In turn, during operation this value increases to 56 W. Without the stand, the overall dimensions of this device in millimeters are 734 x 80 x 437. On the stand these values ​​increase to 734 x 206 x 475. There is the possibility of mounting on the wall of this TV. To do this, you must additionally purchase a VESA mount 100 x 100.

Multimedia features

An impressive solution boasts impressive multimedia capabilities. In this list there are:

  1. Ability to view various images from an external flash drive.

  2. Also, from a similar information store, you can play various audio recordings.

  3. Do not forget the manufacturer and about video and movies. The list of supported formats is avi, mpeg2, mpeg4, VOB and H264.

The combination of USB and HDMI ports allowsconnect to a mini PC device. This pre-assembly allows you to turn this solution into a full-fledged entertainment center and, of course, rest. Essentially, adding a mini-PC allows you to equip the TV with a special software shell and implement the functions of "Smart TV" in it.

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Low cost - this is the main advantage against the background of competitors who can boast of the current TVs "Ruby". Price list they start with 6000 rubles. The model in question has a price tag of 7,000 rubles. Taking into account the previously described technical characteristics, such a cost is more than justified and justified.

Operation and repair. Reviews

The strength of this device is:

  • High picture quality and maximum anglesreview. The resolution of the image is equal to solid 1366 x 768, and its format is HD. It really allows you to enjoy watching any TV shows.

  • Acceptable quality of sound.

  • An impressive set of ports and connectors, which allows you to use this device not only as a TV, but as a multimedia center or even a monitor.

  • Low cost.

But there are only two minuses in this case:

  • The absence of an extended software shell, which would allow him to implement the functions of "Smart TV". But while this technology has not been widely used in of such budget decisions, and there is nothing supernatural about this.

  • The second minus is repair of TV "Rubin" not only this modification, but also any other.An expanded list of service centers, like the company "Samsung", in this case there. As a result, you have to contact any repair center. Also, there are problems with components, and this leads to the fact that the restoration of efficiency is not so quickly. But not so often there are different TV faults this model range, and contact the service center owners are quite rare.

TV ruby ​​32 inches


Most of the owners in their reviews really positively characterize the material under consideration in this material TV "Ruby". Reviews indicate only 2 minor minus signthis model. And one of them is easily eliminated. To do this, you only need to purchase an additional mini-PC. With its help, this device without any problems turns into a real home entertainment and recreation center. Well, the second minus can only appear if the solution is broken. Since the degree of reliability in it is quite high, then problems with this, as a rule, do not arise. But there are much more positive sides in this situation. The key one is low cost with equal technical characteristics and comparable quality.