/ Why is it important to observe the laws of any state?

Why is it important to observe the laws of any state?

Rarely does anyone think about why it's importantobserve the laws. As practice shows, for some residents of our state the rules exist to violate them. But laws are created not just so, and every citizen is simply obliged to observe them. First, it helps to maintain a balance in society and protect the weak people from greedy and stronger ones. Of course, at least once in life, everyone broke the rules. But at the same time, many did not even think about why it is important to comply with the laws?

why it is important to comply with laws

Cause one

So, why it is necessary to observe laws?Let's name some basic reasons. The first and, perhaps most important, remains protection from chaos. If all the inhabitants of our state cease to observe certain rules and, of course, laws, then there will be devastation, and the country will decline.

Laws are original agreements thatallow to regulate relations between different categories of citizens, organizations, large companies and government bodies. If there are no certain rules and restrictions, then the state will start chaos. If there are no laws regulating such relations, an internecine war will begin, and its consequences will be sad and irreparable.

why it is necessary to observe laws

Fear of punishment

There are other reasons why it is importantobserve the laws. It is worth noting that many citizens of our country are afraid of punishment for violations of certain rules. Probably, there are no volunteers willing to pay huge fines or to serve time in prison. But failure to observe laws leads to such consequences. To avoid punishment, many try not to deviate from the norms of behavior and not to contradict the rules that were established by the government.

In addition, most citizens of the country are afraidfor their own property and for themselves. After failure to comply with certain laws can lead to the loss of personal freedom and acquired good. And nobody wants this. In addition, imagine for at least a couple of minutes what will happen on the street, if the entire population of the country abandons established norms of behavior and laws that have been created for many centuries. In this case, complete anarchy will reign.

duty to comply with laws

Protection of interests of citizens of the country

The duty to observe laws is inoculatedcitizens from birth. Parents raise their children, explaining the basic norms of behavior. At the same time, many explain to their children what laws are and why it is important to observe them. In addition to the above reasons, there is another - the protection of the state interests of citizens. This is also important. In other words, all law-abiding citizens are protected by their own state. If a person violates established legal norms, then he should not wait for their observance and from the state.


Now you know why it is important to comply with the laws.After all, they were created to ensure that there was no chaos and unrest in the country. You can say a lot about what to observe the laws necessary, important and just necessary. Probably, no one would want to be there where legal norms are not established. After all, such a society is doomed.