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Flag of Afghanistan: History and Significance

The flag of Afghanistan not only tells a lot about the country, but it is connected with some interesting facts of world history.

Flag of Afghanistan

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The modern flag of Afghanistan is not usedthe first year, but he had many predecessors, which can not be ignored when studying his origin. The first official standard on the territory was a banner of the Durrani Empire. Tricolor with horizontal white-green stripes of equal sizes was used from 1747 to 1823.

After the advent of Emir Abdur-Rahmanthe panel radically changed. In the first twenty years of government, black was used as a state flag, without inscriptions and images. In 1901, Khabibullah Khan came to power, which slightly changed his father's cloth. A new flag of Afghanistan carried on a black background a white seal of the emirate. Under the rule of Amanullah Khan the cloth was changed again. To the press were added rays, which proceeded in the form of an octagram. This image was used until 1926.

After that, the country became a kingdom.The first royal flag of Afghanistan was also black, the prints disappeared around the seal, and the state emblem was markedly enlarged. Finally, in 1928 for the first time in history appears tricolor with the combination of colors, which is used to this day. At the time of his appearance, his interpretation was as follows: black represents the past, the struggle for sovereignty is a red strip and hope for the future is green. It is believed that such a flag of Afghanistan appeared after Amanullah Khan visited Europe.

Flag of Afghanistan, photo

History of appearance

The current cloth was adopted in 2002.Minister Abdul Wakil Omari noted that, as before, the tricolor symbolizes different epochs. The modern flag of Afghanistan, photographs and drawings of which are widely used in the country, was developed on the basis of the standard adopted by Khan Amanullah. He was called to emphasize the difference between the new state and the monarchy, which existed from 1930 to 1973, and at the same time recalls ancient cloths, replicas of which can be found in museums. They are associated with the times when this territory belonged to Persia and Shah Abbas.

Afghanistan, flag and coat of arms

Modern look

So, what does the current flag look like?Afghanistan? The meaning of this symbol is directly related to the history, so the first vertical strip on the panel is black, this is a monarchical color. Then a red strip of the same size is located, followed by a green one. At the center of the panel is the emblem of Afghanistan, developed during the days of the emirs. It is executed in yellow or gold colors. The emblem depicts a mosque and a prayer rug directed towards it for religious actions facing Mecca. Above the picture is an Arabic inscription with a sacred meaning. On each side are two flags that represent the state of Afghanistan, they are both attached to the mosque. Under it is written the name of the country in Arabic, the text is surrounded by sheaves of wheat.

Value of colors

According to the official interpretation, the black bandpoints to the nineteenth century, the times of occupation, the red is associated with the struggle for independence, and the green symbolizes the acquisition of sovereignty. According to another explanation, the dark color reminds of the former Afghan flags. There is also an opinion that the red color was copied from the flag of the Soviet Union. Finally, the traditional interpretation of green explains it as a shade of Islamic religion. It is in this sense that it is used in the symbolism of most Arab and Muslim countries. An interesting fact is connected with black color. Flags, completely executed in one shade without a picture, are used very rarely, which makes the standard of the old times unique.

Flag of Afghanistan: value

State Emblem

It is impossible to fully understandheraldry of the country on one only a cloth. The most important symbols representing Afghanistan are the flag and the coat of arms, so the latter should also be studied. It was adopted in the middle of the twentieth century, but the fall of the royal regime made some changes in its appearance. In 2002, when the interim government cooperated with America, the old coat of arms was returned for some time. At the bottom is the date - 1298, which according to the Islamic calendar corresponds to 1919, when the sovereignty was proclaimed. Above is depicted shahada, this is the Muslim symbol of faith, sounding as "There is no deity except Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet." To pronounce these words is an important duty of every follower of Islam. The shahada is illuminated by the rays of the rising sun. Below are the words "Allah Akbar", and between them - a symbolic drawing of the mosque, which is facing Mecca. On the sides are Afghan flags, and the rims are rows of wheat ears, which are interwoven with ribbon. The emblem of the country is the most saturated Muslim symbolism and almost does not express any other features of the country it represents.