/ How to get a copy of the child's birth certificate: documents, instruction

How to get a copy of the child's birth certificate: documents, instructions

Duplicate of birth certificate may need a person in a variety of situations. In this case, the document, as a rule, is needed urgently. It is worth saying that not everyone knows, how to get a copy of the birth certificate, what documents are needed for this, where to go. Meanwhile, the law provides for the simplest possible procedure for this procedure. Further, how to get a copy of the birth certificate in different cases.

how to get a copy of the birth certificate

General information

The birth certificate is stated in The Law on Civil Status Acts"(143-FZ) .The state registration of birth is devoted to Chapter 2 of this normative act.

Article 14 establishes the grounds for state registration of birth:

  • The document, issued by the medical institution, in which the delivery took place.
  • The statement of the person present at childbirth if they passed outside the medical institution.
  • The decision of the court establishing the fact of the birth of the child by a particular woman.

These documents are sent to Registry Office, located at the birth address of the child or the place of residence of the parents (one of them).

Content of the record

List of information that is entered in the record Registry Office, is defined by Article 22 of Federal Law No. 143. It includes the following data:

  • Name, date, place of birth, sex, live birth or stillborn.
  • Number of children (one or more, twins, etc.).
  • Requisites of the document certifying the fact of birth.
  • Name, place of residence of the applicant or the name and address of the authority that announced the birth.
  • Number, a series of sv-va about birth.

Certificate Information

AT The Law "On Civil Status Acts" the following list of data that must be present in the document is fixed:

  • Name, place, date of birth.
  • Name, nationality of parents (one of them).
  • Number and date of the recording.
  • Place of state registration of birth.
  • Date of issue of the document.

The certificate number is unique. On it you can find a record of birth in the registry office.

Why might I need a duplicate?

A birth certificate must be kept for life.This document is necessary not only for the child, but also for the parents. It will be required when applying to all bodies providing public services, if the child is under 14 years of age. The main cases in which a certificate may be required are:

  • Contacting a polyclinic or inpatient for outpatient treatment.
  • Enrollment in the DOW.
  • Admission to a general educational institution.
  • Registration of the passport.
  • Obtaining a passport of the Russian Federation on the basis of records made by the body REGISTRY OFFICE.

Birth certificate it is also necessary when:

  • Registration of the child at the address of residence.
  • Registration of benefits, subsidies, material assistance, etc.
  • Granting a tax deduction (provided at the place of work of the parent).
  • Appeal to the FIU for registration of the SNILS.
  • Recover lost documents (passports, in particular).
  • Making a pension due to the loss of a bread-winner, reaching retirement age in the Pension Fund. It is necessary to provide evidence for all children, regardless of whether they are alive or dead.

As a rule, after receiving a passport, there is no need for the document. However, this is not a reason to throw it away.

Requirements of state bodies

One of the duties of any citizen is the preservation of documents, personal in particular, in the proper form.

how much is a copy of the birth certificate

State bodies have the right to oblige a citizen to receive duplicate birth certificate, if:

  • Because of the crumbling paint, the letters are read badly.
  • Spelling errors are allowed.
  • The document is laminated.

In all these cases, the certificate is considered unfit for use, and it must be replaced.

Procedure for registration

Before how to get a copy of the birth certificate, it is advisable to study the provisions of Federal Law No. 143. Article 9 of the normative act establishes the general procedure for the re-registration of papers certifying the facts of state registration of acts of civil status.

Scroll documents for the restoration of the birth certificate, confirming the applicant's right tocorresponding to the request to the authorized body, is determined by the executive structure of the authority that implements the functions in the sphere of state registration of acts of civil status. The corresponding provision is fixed in 7 point 9 of Article ФЗ № 143.

Re-issuance of the sv-va birth is carried out on the basis of:

  • Parents' passports (or one of them).
  • Sv-va about marriage. If the marriage is terminated or not registered, a certificate of termination or paternity establishment is presented, respectively.

If lost the birth certificate person who has reached the age of 14, his passport is given to the registrar's office. If a citizen is 18, he has the right to apply for restoration independently, without resorting to the help of his parents.

Where can I get a copy of my birth certificate?

Re-registration is carried out in the registry office. Before visiting the institution, you need to make copies of the documents you need to provide. On copies all letters and numbers should be clearly read.

Refer to the body that issued thecertificate and recorded a birth record. Here the interested person writes a statement (his form is issued by an employee of the Civil Registry Office). The prepared documents are attached to it. FZ No. 143 fixes the duty of the authorized structures to issue a duplicate on the day of circulation. Accordingly, after the transfer of all documents, the applicant will have to wait about half an hour.


It is not always possible to get a document the first time. There are many reasons for this: there is no first copy of the record about the fact of birth, loss due to force majeure circumstances, etc.

In this case, it is necessary to contact ZAGS archive. Such an institution operates in any region. In the archive, a duplicate is issued based on the second copy of the corresponding record.

State fee

Many citizens are interested in the question: how much is a copy of the birth certificate? When re-issuing the paper, the applicant must pay a fee of 350 r.

The receipt with requisites for payment shall be issued by the official of the Civil Registry Office.

Payment can be made in one of the following ways:

  • In the cashier of any bank. The operator needs to present a completed receipt and money.
  • Through the post office. Actions are the same as in the previous case.
  • In the payment terminal.Currently, such devices are installed in many places. Most terminals are near banks. The use of these devices saves citizens from standing in lines and saves time.
  • With the help of the Internet. There are a lot of options here. You can use the services of an online bank, a mobile application. In addition, payment can be made through electronic money systems.

How to get a copy of the birth certificate in another region?

To restore a document, it is not necessary to go to the region in which the record was made. Currently, there is a system of interagency cooperation. Where to get a copy of the birth certificate, if the recording was made in another region? It is necessary to apply to the registry office at the place of residence. In small towns such an institution, as a rule, is one for the entire locality.

a notarized copy of the birth certificate

The algorithm is similar to the one described above, even if birth certificate lost.

Features of the form

Application for the restoration of the birth certificate has a unified form (see 18). Accordingly, a document issued in an arbitrary form will not be accepted.

The application form was approved by a governmental decree in 1998. Its form has not changed since that time.

Who can get a duplicate?

The list of such persons is fixed in clause 2 of Article 9 of Federal Law No. 143. Obtaining a duplicate is entitled:

  • A citizen who has reached the age of majority or is recognized as fully legally capable by the court decision (emancipation), in respect of which the fact of birth was registered.
  • Relatives of the person in case of his death.
  • Parents of a minor or persons substituting them (trustees, adoptive parents, guardians, authorized representatives of guardianship / trusteeship).
  • Guardians incapacitated.

Paragraph 3 of this article prohibits the issuance of the sv-va of birth to a parent deprived of parental rights.

What to do if there is no proof of identity?

This case of restoring evidence is considered the most difficult of all. It is especially problematic to obtain the necessary document if the passport is not lost, and not formalized at all.

According to the current order, withoutbirth passport can not be obtained, as well as without a passport will not be issued a certificate. To get out of this vicious circle allows the right to judicial protection. The interested person will have to write an application to the court to certify the legal fact, in this case - the fact of birth.

Accordingly, if a decision is made inthe plaintiff's benefit, confirming his identity, then you can without any problems apply to the FMS for the registration of a passport, and then go to the registry office for a certificate. To act in the reverse order is impractical. The matter is that the employees of the Civil Registry Office, according to the established rules, can refuse to the applicant in connection with the lack of a document proving their identity.

Reasons for failure

One of them was already mentioned above: the lack of a document proving the identity.

The Civilian Registry Office can also refuse to refuse, ifthe certificate is requested for the deceased citizen, and the applicant is not entitled to receive a duplicate. Such rights are enjoyed by relatives, their legal / authorized representatives.

Online procedure

Can I request a recoverydocument via the Internet? Currently, there is a special website of state services. Having registered in it, you can send an application for the restoration of almost any document.

It is worth saying that today there are many morecitizens, who are mistrustful and cautious about various activities on the Internet. As for the official website of state services, there is nothing to be afraid of. The system has good protection against burglars and scammers.

registry office birth certificate

You can use the service in the event thata duplicate is not needed urgently. The matter is that registration in this case can take quite a long time - up to 1 month. However, this is perhaps the only negative. In general, the applicant does not need to spend time on a trip to the desired body, stand in line, etc. To take a duplicate, of course, it is necessary in the appropriate registry office in person.

Restoring the document to the deceased person

Unfortunately, everyone ever lose loved onesof people. In this case, there may be situations when documents, including a birth certificate of the deceased, will be needed. For example, it may be required for the registration of an inheritance to confirm the relationship. In addition, the court requires the court to establish the fact of the birth of the child, when the father died, and the marriage between the parents was not officially registered.

As a rule, in such situations the applicant does notknows where to start. It is especially difficult in the case when the interested person does not have any information about the place of registration of the birth of the deceased citizen.

First of all, the applicant must go to the registrar's office at the address of his residence. There he will be given a statement form, on the basis of which requests will be sent to the right organizations.

If there is no possibility to come personally to the registrar's office,you can send a letter. It describes in free form the problem and the request to help. In the answer, the authorized body will give the necessary recommendations. In addition, the applicant has the right to delegate his powers to the representative. For this he needs to issue a power of attorney.

If the Registry Office does not have the necessary information, you will have to go to the archive.

In any case, the necessary information will be found. In practice, it rarely happens that there is no data about a person at all.

If the request to the registry office is sent by mail, it is necessary to enclose a receipt for payment of the fee.

Package of documents

To obtain a duplicate certificate for a deceased person, you must provide:

  • Statement.
  • Sv-in about death.
  • A document proving the relationship. This can be, for example, the sv-about the marriage, the birth of the applicant.
  • Receipt for payment of fee.

A similar procedure is provided for cases,when a birth certificate is required in another city or region. In this case, the employees of the local civil registry office will send all the necessary inquiries. The duplicate of the document will be sent by registered mail.

to certify a copy of the birth certificate

It should be said that it will not be received by the applicant, butbody registrar, in which the citizen applied. A notification will be sent to the interested person specifying the date and time in which he needs to come for paper.

As a rule, the process is not accompanied byany difficulties. Problems can arise if you need to get a certificate of a citizen who is missing. In this case, the procedure may take several months.


After receipt,Assign a copy of the birth certificate. It can be used in place of the original.A copy of the child's birth certificate is required in polyclinics, preschools and other institutions. You can provide a document that is not notarized. But in this case, be sure to attach it to the original.

State registration of the birth of a stillborn child or deceased during the first week of life

The procedure for entering records and processing documents is set in Article 20 of Federal Law No. 143.

According to the norm, state registration of birthstillborn child is carried out in accordance with the document on perinatal death. It is issued by a medical institution or an IP conducting activities in the manner and in the form established by the executive power structure that provides regulatory and legal regulation in the field of public health.

The birth certificate of the stillborn child is not registered. However, at the request of the parents (one of them), a document certifying the fact of state registration can be issued.

The death of a stillborn child is not recorded.

If the child has died within the first weekof their life, the authorized bodies register the facts of birth and death. At the same time, his parents have the right to apply to the registry office to receive the birth certificate in the manner specified in Federal Law No. 143.

copy of the child's birth certificate

Registration of facts of birth and death of a child,who died during the first week of life, is carried out in accordance with the documents issued by the medical institution or IP, leading appropriate medical activities.

Important points

According to Clause 3 of Article 21 of the Federal Law No. 143, the duty to declare to the Civil Registry Office about the birth of a stillborn child, the fact of the birth and death of the child during the first week is assigned to:

  • The management of the medical organization in which the childbirth was performed or in which the child died.
  • Supervised is the medical institution, whose doctor wasthe fact of the birth of a stillborn child or death during the first week leading medical activity was established if the childbirth was taken outside the institution.

State registration of the birth of a child aged from 1 year and more

The procedure is carried out in the order,provided for general cases. For registration, you need a document issued by a medical institution or an IP carrying out the appropriate medical activity, as well as a statement of the parents (one of them).

If the document of the medical organizationThe applicants must apply to the court to establish the fact of birth. Based on the court decision, the state registration of the birth and issuance of a certificate are made.

Privacy Policy

To the information that became known to the employeebody of the registry office at registration of the fact of a birth, including concerning personal data, access is limited. Such information is not subject to disclosure, except for cases directly provided for by federal legislation.

Information on the state registration of birth, in accordance with the provisions of Federal Law No. 143, is subject to transfer to the social protection authority, the Federal Tax Service, the Federal Migration Service, the Pension Fund, the FSS and the MHIF.


Personal documents must be treated with utmost care. Specialists recommend making several copies of papers and using them when applying to these or other institutions.

Notarially certified copies (birth certificates including) have legal force equal to the force of the original.

It should be remembered that the certificate can not be laminated. Otherwise, it will be declared unfit for use. In any stationery store, you can purchase a cover for any document.

It is recommended that you store important papers in one folder in a safe place. Of course, the access of young children to personal documents must be excluded.

 application for the restoration of the birth certificate

If restoration or replacement was requiredsome paper, it is necessary to act in accordance with the procedure provided for by law. If you have any questions, you can always consult either with the authorized body conducting the registration of facts and processing the documents, or with a qualified lawyer. Although, as practice shows, difficulties do not arise even if the document needs to be requested from abroad. Particularly facilitated by the presence of relatives or friends in another city or country. They can always draw up a power of attorney by delegating the right to appeal to the appropriate authorities.