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What is the norm of lymphocytes in the blood of women?

Data obtained from a general blood test,lie at the basis of identifying the exact diagnosis of infectious or inflammatory diseases and the appointment of the necessary treatment. Most often, such tests are performed to determine the number of leukocytes and erythrocytes, as well as hemoglobin.

the norm of lymphocytes in the blood of women

General blood analysis

The norm for women in the results obtainedis important enough. Each woman, as the future bearer of the fetus or already the mother of the child, should monitor her health. That is why female representatives are obliged to regularly take a blood test and make sure that the level of all components is as close as possible to the normative indicators. A significant role for the female body is played by the level of hemoglobin. It is the main component of red blood cells and is responsible for the transportation of oxygen to organs and tissues. The norm of lymphocytes in the blood of women is also no less important, because they recognize the foreign antigens that enter the body and provide an immune response. Platelets are responsible for blood clotting. Their insufficient number can lead to serious bleeding, which is very dangerous.

a common blood test is normal for women

The norm of lymphocytes in the blood

In women and men, as is known, the composition of bloodThe difference is also observed in children of different ages. The reaction of the human body to allergies, infections and oncological diseases largely determines the level of lymphocytes in the blood. These bodies are an integral part of leukocytes. Lymphocytes are a cellular component of the immune system. Formed in the bone marrow, they continue their active functioning in the lymphoid tissue. From the age, sex of a person and his state of health, the norm of lymphocytes in the blood depends. In women and men, the level of lymphocytes is 18-40% of the total blood composition. Deviation from these indicators indicates the presence of any irregularities in the functioning of the body. The cause may be serious diseases, such as syphilis, hepatitis, monoculosis, tuberculosis or leukemia. These diseases lead to an increase in the level of lymphocytes.

level of lymphocytes in the blood
Lowering can be provokedimmunodeficiency, cancer, autoimmune diseases or acute infections. The struggle of the organism with infections and, in general, its protection depends on the leukocyte formula (the percentage ratio of different types of leukocytes: eosonophils, lymphocytes, neutrophils, basophils and monocytes).

Need for a blood test

Even the person who feelsabsolutely healthy, should undergo an annual check with a doctor. This will help him to have more detailed information about his state of health. By general analysis of blood, for example, you can even determine the ability of the body to fight bacteria, infections and poor environmental effects. For example, the norm of lymphocytes in the blood of women, children and men is responsible for resistance to infectious diseases. And in this case it is quite appropriate to say: "Armed, means protected!" The weapons themselves are the results of analyzes and the possibility of correcting some deviations from the norm at an early stage. And protection is the health, mental and physical ability of the body.