/ / The drug "Epigen-spray" during pregnancy: instruction, features, recommendations

The drug "Epigen-spray" during pregnancy: instruction, features, recommendations

From the normal course of pregnancy and fromthe lack of a woman during this period of any disease depends entirely on the development of the fetus and the health of the unborn child. Therefore, one of the most acute issues facing both pregnant women and gynecologists is the choice of medicines and prophylactic drugs that can provide effective assistance if necessary and do not cause any side effects.

One of the most effective and safemedicines, the use of which does not affect the fetal development in any way, is the "Epigen-spray" preparation. In pregnancy, as well as during lactation, its use has no contraindications.

It is common knowledge that genitalnature can affect the course of pregnancy. Often, especially if the activation of a viral infection occurred early, it can lead to the need to interrupt pregnancy in connection with the possible consequences for the development of the child. Using the drug "Epigen-spray" during pregnancy, a woman can protect herself from cytomegalovirus infection, which can lead to spontaneous miscarriage, miscarriage or the development of pathologies in a newborn. Also, this drug is able to prevent the development of the papilloma virus, preventing the proliferation of the affected tissue on the pelvic organs of the mother and not allowing the virus to pass to the mucous membranes of the fetus.

Drug "Epigen-spray" atpregnancy and as a prophylactic against the herpes virus, which can also cause pathological changes in the fetus and cause miscarriage at any time. When vaginal candidiasis is pregnant, it is also advisable to use this medication.

To achieve maximum effect, as well asmaintenance of normalization of a microflora of a vagina the optimum choice will be a combination of two products of mark "Epigen" at pregnancy. For everyday hygiene, a cleansing gel should be used that is able to maintain the microflora and acidity at a normal level, and to prevent infection, it is advisable to perform an intravaginal spray spray to prevent infection.

The drug "Epigen-intim" (spray) during pregnancy: dosage and timing of treatment.

Variations in the use of the drug are due topresence or absence of infection in a woman. If a woman is already infected with any genital virus, then the main task is not to cure him, because in the case of pregnancy it is not possible, and not to allow the recurrence and spread of the virus, as well as its penetration to the future child. For this, the drug "Epigen-spray" is used as follows. Three times a day, the external genitalia should be irrigated with a special dispenser from a distance not exceeding 5 centimeters. Then, changing the dispenser, and using a special nozzle for intravaginal injection, spray the agent at the maximum possible depth, making 2-3 pressure on the valve. The average duration of treatment with this drug is from six days to two weeks.

For preventive purposes, the drug"Epigen-spray" during pregnancy is used as follows. On the 37th or 38th week of the pregnancy, the medicine is sprayed onto the external genitalia by a woman from a close distance (3-4 centimeters), carrying out this procedure 6 times a day at regular intervals. The general course of such preventive treatment is 5 days.

Immediately it is worth mentioning that the drug is capable ofstart active without first cleaning the affected or treated surface, so there is no need to use intimate hygiene means before each spraying.