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The drug "Epigen" (spray). Instructions and recommendations

Modern women are haunted by a large numberailments associated with the genitourinary system: inflammation of the bladder, erosion, thrush ... Weakened immunity, an aggressive environment, stresses lead to the fact that the causative agents of these diseases, without encountering adequate resistance in the body, begin to develop rapidly, leading to acute or chronic disease.

Specifically to combat such ailments wasThe preparation "Epigen" (a spray) is created. The instruction explains that the basis of the intimate spray is the activated glycyrrhizic acid extracted from the licorice root. Treated in a special way, this acid actively works against many viruses. What else is included in the "Epigen" (spray)? The instruction answers in detail. In an intimate spray, there are four acids: ascorbic, folic, maleic, fumaric. In addition, propylene glycol, tween, purified water are constituents.

Due to the complex of these elements, the drug"Epigen" (spray), the instruction explains this, actively fights against viruses, strengthens immunity, relieves inflammation, stops itching, helps to repair damaged tissues.

When prescribing treatment with a spray, doctors take it into accountactivity and ability to act on many pathogens. When is the drug "Epigen" (spray) prescribed? The instruction lists all cases. The spray is indicated in the treatment:

  • itching, burning, unpleasant sensations caused by dysfunction of the ovaries;
  • to eliminate discomfort during or after sexual intercourse;
  • with the elimination of conditions caused by a decrease in local immunity: candidiasis vulvovaginitis, colpitis, bacterial vaginosis;
  • for the treatment of infections caused by papillomaviruses, cytomegaloviruses, the microorganism Varicella Zoster, herpes viruses.

The method of application and dosage of the spray is prescribed by the doctor. Patients should also know: the drug can be used externally, intravaginally (in women), inside the urethra (in men).

The drug "Epigen" (spray) with erosion,bacterial vaginosis, nonspecific colpitis, vulvovaginitis or candidiasis are usually prescribed four times a day. Treatment should last for 10 days, and then be repeated if necessary, after the same time.

If the disease is caused by a cytomegalovirus orthe causative agent of herpes, the spray will have to be intravaginally used up to 7-8 times a day. For the removal of condyloma spray recommended to use three times, and against the background of destruction - five times a day. Naturally, these are approximate doses. The exact course is prescribed only by a doctor.

It should be mentioned:the drug "Epigen" (spray) for thrush should be used not for monotherapy, but as part of complex therapy. The fact is that the conditionally pathogenic pathogen of this disease develops exclusively against a background of reduced immunity. Therefore, together with an intimate spray that kills the causative agent of the disease, the doctor should appoint immunomodulators.

The drug "Epigen" (spray) - goodpreventive agent for papillomovirus infection. It is indicated in the presence of factors capable of provoking the development of the virus: runny nose, acute respiratory viral infection, overfatigue, taking large doses of cytostatics or antibiotics. To protect yourself from papillomovirus, before and after sexual intercourse, partners are advised to treat the genitals with a spray. It will secure contact, will not allow the infection to progress or be transferred from one person to another. If at least one of the partners has unpleasant feelings during sexual intercourse (burning, itching), the couple will also benefit from an intimate spray. They are recommended to use until the provoking factors disappear.

The medicine has practically no contraindications. Its only negative is the high price.

Only an expert should prescribe an intimate spray: self-treatment is dangerous.