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Medication "Ginezol" (candles). Instructions

Medication "Ginezol" (candles) instructioncharacterizes both local antibacterial and antifungal agents. The active ingredient is miconazole nitrate. The active substance has the ability to inhibit the synthesis of ergosterol and alter the lipid composition of the cell membrane, thereby provoking the death of the fungus.

Candles "Ginezol" (reviews of many specialists andpatients confirm this) are very effective for thrush and eliminate unpleasant symptoms quickly enough. The preparation, in addition, is convenient in application. To enter suppositories it is necessary once a day, they do not leave spots on linen.

Fungicidal effect of the drug "Ginezol"(candles), the instruction contains such information, extends to yeast-like and yeast fungi of the genus Candida, dermatophytes and other pathogenic fungi. The antibacterial effect is expressed in relation to gram-positive microbes.

The drug "Ginesol" (suppositories) recommends the instruction for local treatment of vaginal infections, superinfections, recurrent lesions, provoked by gram-positive bacteria.

Suppositories are administered overnight.With a candle, remove the protective cover. Suppositories are administered using the supplied applicator. If the doctor did not recommend another duration of treatment, then the drug is used for a week.

In some cases, the drug "Ginezol" (candles),The instruction contains such information, it can provoke a short-term increase in burning, irritation or itching. As a rule, these symptoms pass with further application. Such phenomena as rash on the skin, headache, as well as abdominal pain are very rare in patients. However, when they appear, you need to see a doctor. Probably, in such situations, you will need to replace the drug "Ginezol" (candles) with another drug.

Medication is not prescribed for girls until the age of twelve. The drug is contraindicated in hypersensitivity.

It is allowed to apply the candles "Ginezol" during pregnancy or suspected of it. However, the expediency of appointment is determined only by a specialist.

Avoid getting into the mouth or eyes.

While maintaining the symptoms of pathology throughout thethree days, in spite of the applied treatment, it is necessary to carry out additional bacteriological or mycological as well as gynecological examination.

During the whole therapy it is not recommended to applybarrier contraceptives. This is due to the ability of hydrogenated vegetable oils, which form part of suppositories, to destroy the latex coating of diaphragms and condoms. As a result, the contraceptive effect of these agents is not guaranteed.

During the therapeutic course, tampons should not be used to not lower the therapeutic effect of the medication.

The active component of the drug "Ginezol" (suppositories) - miconazole - is able to enhance the effect of coumarin anticoagulants, the drug "Diphenin", as well as oral hypoglycemic agents.

The ability of a drug to influence the reaction rate when carrying out potentially dangerous activities, including driving a car and working with equipment, has not been established.

The drug "Ginezol" should be stored in a dark and dry place. It is forbidden to store suppositories with an absent or open protective shell.

Do not heat the medicine.

Shelf life of the medication is four years from the date of manufacture. Do not use the medication after the specified period.

The drug "Ginezol" is available in pharmacies without a prescription.

Before using this tool, experts recommend that you carefully read the annotation, undergo all necessary examinations and consult with a doctor.