/ / Spasmolytic: candles with papaverine. Instruction, indications, reviews

Spasmolytic agent: candles with papaverine. Instruction, indications, reviews

The drug "Papaverin" is popularfor a long time. Many years it is prescribed for the treatment of various diseases. At the same time, its safety is so great that it can be used for pregnant women and children older than six months. Consider the candles with papaverine. The instruction indicates that the remedy is used for a wide range of patients.

candles with papaverine instruction

The drug "Papaverin" is prescribed both as part of complex treatment, and in case of emergency removal of spasms of smooth muscles of internal organs.

The release of the funds is made in three forms: tablets, rectal suppositories and injection. Tablets are used extremely rarely, since they are slowly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Rectal suppositories are more effective, therefore they are prescribed more often.

If you need emergency assistance, the most convenient form of injection, thereby eliminating even severe spasms.

Any form is well combined with other analgesics. For this reason, the drug is often used in complex treatment.


Regardless of what form of release is used: tablets, injections or suppositories with papaverine - the instruction indicates the same indications for use:

candles papaverine reviews

  • spasms of the blood vessels of the heart;
  • spasms of the brain;
  • spasms of smooth muscles, peripheral vessels, abdominal organs.

Dosage of the drug

For adults, candles are used 2-3 times a day for 20-40 mg (1-2 suppositories). The maximum single dose is 0.2 g, and the daily dose is 0.6 g.

Children from 6 months are assigned candles withpapaverine. The method of administration consists in the rectal administration of suppositories 3 times a day from 5 to 20 mg, depending on the age. Babies up to a year are allowed to use a third of the candle.


candles with papaverine

The drug is not assigned to patients with severehepatic insufficiency, hypersensitivity to individual components, glaucoma, AV blockade. Elderly and children younger than 6 months are not prescribed candles "Papaverin." The reviews indicate that the effectiveness of the drug decreases significantly when smoking. Also, alcohol is not allowed for the period of treatment.

Regardless of age, there arereasons that do not allow the use of candles with papaverine. The instruction indicates that in cases when the patient had a traumatic brain injury, a shock condition, chronic renal failure, supraventricular tachycardia, hypothyroidism, prostatic hyperplasia, the use of the drug is not allowed.

Application during pregnancy

We further consider the cases in whichcandles with papaverine. The instruction indicates that during the pregnancy the drug is administered with caution. In practice, this tool is used very often. In those cases when a woman was diagnosed with an increased tone of the uterus, these candles are designated as one of the first. If you have established a hypertonic, injections are used as a more effective and quicker means.