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"Quinaks": instructions for use

"Quinaks", the instruction on application characterizesAs a metabolic drug used in the treatment of various forms of cataract. The main active substance of this drug is azapentacene, under the same name the medicine is registered in the INN registry. The action of the drug is based on the ability of azapentacene to dissolve opaque formations in the lens of the eye.

The drug "Quinaks" is a 0.015% ophthalmic sterile solution (drops), which is delivered in a special bottle-dropper at 15 milliliters.

The composition of the drug includes, in addition to azapentacene, the following substances: purified water, thiomersal, methylparaben, propylparaben, boric acid.

The action of the drug Quinaks, instructions forapplication describes as follows. Azadentacene has properties that allow it to protect the lens proteins containing sulfhydryl groups from oxidation. It also activates the process of resorption of opaque local neoplasms and complexes arising in the lens. The drug activates those proteolytic enzymes that are in the front of the eye chamber. The medicinal preparation is able to inhibit the formation of quinoid compounds and, thereby, to reduce the degree of their effect on the proteins of the lens.

Pharmacokinetic properties, in particular - systemic absorption, of the "Quinaks" preparation, the instruction for use characterizes how low in the case of topical application of the drug.

Indications for use are such forms of cataract as senile and congenital. The medicine is also used in the treatment of traumatic and congenital forms of cataract.

The drug "Quinaks" instruction recommendsBury in the conjunctival sac of the eye for a long period of time. The recommended dose is 2 drops. Burying should be done three to five times a day. With the onset of visual improvement, without the recommendation of a doctor, the use of the medication should not be interrupted.

The main factors of contraindications in admissionthe following drugs act. It is not recommended to use the medication for patients who have an individual hypersensitivity to its components. The instruction stipulates, as contraindications to use, the periods of pregnancy and breast-feeding of infants, although there is no necessary data on this problem. Therefore, during these periods, the expected effect of using the drug and the degree of risks of the formation of side effects should be correlated.

As such, "Kvinax" eye drops cancause the development of conjunctivitis, burning during direct intake of the drug, itching - after instillation, other allergic reactions. As already noted, the drug is designed for long-term use, and they should not interrupt treatment, as it is possible to lose the therapeutic effect.

Those patients who use for permanentwearing contact lenses, you should take the medicine only with the lens removed, after which they can be installed in no less than 15 minutes. Drops "Quinaks", the instruction for use recommends with extreme caution to use for the treatment of children, because the necessary experience of such treatment is not available.

Follow the rules of usea dropper for instillation: first of all, it must be tightly closed after each drug intake, because when light hits the active substance - azapentacene is destroyed. In addition, after opening the vial-dropper the drug retains its medicinal properties for four weeks.

It should not be after taking the drug to sit down for driving.

The instruction recommends storing the product at a temperature in the range of 8-25 C, in a dark place. The drug is sold in pharmacies on prescription.