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Toothpaste "Biomed" for the whole family

Healthy white teeth, without pigmentation and carious cavities - it's not only a beautiful smile and the joy of communicating with others, but overall well-being.

It is better to warn than to treat

toothpaste biomed

Dentistry is one of the most progressiveareas of medicine. In the 21st century it is able to cope with many complex tasks, but the priority is not the treatment, but the prevention of possible diseases. To do this, various methods are used: removal of stones, deep fluorination of the enamel, rinsing with elixirs, cleaning with special means.

Toothpaste Biomed is one of the best tools for daily dental care. More details about it we will talk further.

Assortment and composition

There are five types of this paste, each of which is unique in composition and has its own purpose:

  • Biomed Superwhite - is intended for strengthening sensitive enamel and giving whiteness to teeth;
  • Biomed Sensitive - strengthens teeth, reduces their sensitivity;
  • Biomed Biocomplex - destroys the harmful microflora of the mouth, contributing to fresh breathing;
  • Biomed Propoline - this toothpaste "Biomed" heals gum disease, stops their bleeding;
  • Biomed Calimax - is intended for remineralization of enamel.

Each paste consists of at least 12 activefully natural natural components: extracts of chamomile, birch leaves, aloe, seeds of red grapes, plantain, etc. It does not contain any chemistry, for example triclosan or chlorhexidine, aggressive abrasives, it also does not contain synthetic flavorings and colorants. Therefore, it is absolutely safe and antiallergenic. Recommended for adults and children from 6 years.


toothpaste biomed reviews

Toothpaste "Biomed", reviews about which inmostly positive (some embarrasses the price), is produced in Russia by the company "Organic Pharmaceuticals", the specialization of which is cosmetic and perfumery. The company's production lines are the most modern, of European quality.

The effectiveness of all Biomed speciesconfirmed clinically. For this purpose, an appropriate testing was conducted in Switzerland, according to which toothpaste Biomed received high marks.


If you brush your teeth daily with this tool,then they become much whiter, the enamel ceases to react too strongly to the hot and cold, the gums regenerate, stop bleeding, remove bad breath and slow the formation of tartar.