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"Fluomizin" - reviews. "Fluomizin": how effective is the drug?

The drug "Fluomizin" refers to the groupantiseptics and disinfectants. This medicine comes in the form of vaginal tablets (candles). Fluomizin has good reviews. The active ingredient of the drug is dequalinium chloride. It is characterized by a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity, therefore it is very well suited for the fight against many microorganisms of the gram-positive and gram-negative type, protozoa and fungi, the drug Fluomizin. Candle reviews are mostly positive. The drug is very effective.

Fluomizin Reviews

Spectrum of antimicrobial activity

Why have such good reviews "Fluomizin"? Positive qualities of a medical preparation are directly related to its active ingredient. Dequalinium chloride has antibacterial activity against pathogens that are potentially contained in the vagina. The substance has a very wide spectrum of action: streptococci of various types, including beta-hemolytic groups A, B, D; pseudomonads; Klebsiella; Staphylococcus aureus; peptostreptokokki and listerii; gardnerella fusobacteria; Proteus; serration of various strains; bacteroids - with all these pathogen it fights successfully. Dequalinium chloride is active against yeast-like fungi Candida and Trichomonas vaginal. With the intravaginal method of use, the tablet is a medication dissolves in the vaginal fluid. The active substance reaches a concentration of from 2 to 4 thousand milligrams per liter. Such values ​​far exceed the minimum concentration for all pathogens to which sensitivity has been detected. This allows you to quickly and effectively suppress microbes. Therefore, it has such good reviews "Fluomizin."

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The results of various studies speak ofvery high efficacy of the drug Fluomizin for the treatment of vaginal pathologies caused by various pathogenic microorganisms. Dequalinium chloride refers to surface-active substances (surfactants). It increases the permeability of the membranes of bacteria cells. Under its action, cellular enzymes of microorganisms lose their activity, which causes disturbances in the basic vital functions of bacteria. Ultimately, this leads to their death. The action of dekaliniya chloride is limited to the vagina. Only a small dose of the substance through the integumentary epithelium of the mucous membranes penetrates into the general circulation. There it is metabolized and excreted through the intestine in unbound form. The effectiveness of the medication is usually noticeable after 2-3 days. It is therefore not surprising that Fluomizin has such good reviews. When used, the antimicrobial effect is accompanied by a decrease in swelling of the vaginal tissues and mucous membranes, as well as a decrease in the amount of secretions (whiter).

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With virtually any vaginal secretionsBacterial and fungal etiology may be prescribed medication "Fluomizin" (tablets). Feedback on its effectiveness is usually positive. The drug is prescribed for the following pathologies:

  • bacterial vaginosis;
  • candidiasis vaginitis;
  • Trichomonas vaginitis.

Medication is also prescribed for rehabilitationvagina before childbirth and gynecological operations. Pharmacies release fluomysin (candles). Reviews, price (relatively affordable), efficiency and a wide range of actions make this medication very popular.


Fluomizin candles during pregnancy reviews

In the instructions for this drugit is indicated that it is prohibited to use it at high sensitivity to the active substance, as well as to any of the auxiliary components. Do not use the drug for ulcerative lesions of the vaginal tissue and cervix. Fluomysin is prohibited to use for girls who have not yet reached puberty.

Mode of application

The recommended frequency of administration is one tablet or a candle intravaginally at bedtime for six days. Medicine "Fluomizin" need to enter into the vagina as deep as possible. Do it better lying on your back. For the period of menstruation, therapy is stopped. Treatment resumes after the end of menstruation. Course duration must be at least six days. Reducing the time of treatment can cause recurrence of the infection (recurrence), as well as the acquisition of drug resistance by pathogens.

Medical preparation "Fluomizin" during pregnancy: reviews and recommendations

During pregnancy is allowed to usethis drug. Research results indicate that it does not adversely affect the fetus. Therefore, you can apply the drug Fluomizin (candles) during pregnancy. Reviews of his safety are positive. However, there is no reliable information regarding the penetration of dequalinium chloride into breast milk. Therefore, during lactation, you can use the tool only after consulting a doctor. Vaginitis is often exacerbated during pregnancy due to a drop in the level of immunity in a woman. This disease is a great threat to the fetus. For the treatment of vaginitis in gynecology prescribed medication "Fluomizin." One of its advantages is quick relief. Symptoms of ailments disappear after a few days from the start of therapy. Therefore, recovery is not long to wait. All this allows to reduce the influence of the medical preparation on the organisms of the mother and fetus to a minimum. However, it should be understood that the disappearance of symptoms is not a guarantee of recovery. Therefore, the treatment course should always be brought to the end, adhering to the scheme of use of the drug prescribed by the doctor.

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Side effects

According to reviews that were received inAs a result of studies of the effect of the drug, the following side effects are possible in patients: redness, itching and burning in the injection area. However, these symptoms are often caused by a vaginal infection. During the period of using the medication, local mucous irritations, erosion, and vaginal bleeding were also noted. The cause of these symptoms may be various earlier lesions of the vagina. For example, due to the deficiency of the hormone estrogen or inflammatory process. In rare cases, fever has been reported.

Precautionary measures

Medication "Fluomizin" contains auxiliarycomponents that do not dissolve into the vagina completely. Therefore, in some cases, the remnants of vaginal tablets fall on the underwear. The effectiveness of the drug "Fluomizin" from this does not decrease. However, against the background of excessive dryness of the vagina, there is the likelihood of isolation of a completely non-dissolved tablet. In this case, therapy is not effective. Vaginal mucosa is not adversely affected. However, to prevent the release of the whole pill with excessive dryness of the vagina, before the introduction you need to slightly moisten the pill with boiled water.

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Additional information on the use of the drug

All the information contained in this articleis provided for informational purposes only. It is not recommended to use it without prior consultation with a doctor. It should be understood that self-medication can be dangerous and harmful to health. Only a doctor can make a diagnosis and prescribe a course of therapy.