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The drug "Synthomycin ointment." Instructions

The preparation "Synthomycin ointment" instructioncharacterizes as a highly effective external agent. A drug is recommended for various infectious skin lesions. The active component of the drug is chloramphenicol. This antibiotic has a fairly wide range of effects.

As studies show, the medicine"Synthomycin ointment" effectively copes not only with bacterial lesions, but also actively against certain viruses. The use of relatively small dosages allows eliminating microorganisms that are resistant to other drugs.

Characterizing the mechanism of action of the "Synthomycin ointment" means, the instruction indicates its bacteriostatic properties, which prevent the propagation of pathogenic microbes.

The preparation includes castor oil. This ingredient has an excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory property.

Often, the drug "Synthomycin Ointment" is used for lesions on the skin of inflammatory nature, frostbite, internal abscesses, boils. Effective drug and with burns, abrasions, wounds.

The medicine "Synthomycin ointment" (instructiontestifies to this), penetrating the skin, has an effective effect on the hidden inflammatory foci. The drug is allowed to use for purulent-inflammatory lesions on the skin and mucous membranes, ulcers and purulent wounds.

The composition of the medicine contains a small amount of novocaine. This component has a soothing effect on the skin.

The preparation "Synthomycin ointment" (reviews of manypatients on this point) perfectly copes with purulent pimples. Due to the components included in its composition, the inflammation is quickly removed and the problem area is dried. The medicine also prevents infection.

Use the medicine "Synthomycin Ointment" instruction externally.

To eliminate acne should apply the drug pointwise. The drug is applied once or twice a day.

With more extensive skin lesions (wounds,abrasions, burns and others), the agent is applied a thin layer on the cleaned and dried preliminary area. In this case, apply ointment should not be more than once a day. It is allowed to use bandages. In some cases, a specialist may recommend combining external treatment with the intake of antibiotics inside.

When using the drug "Sintomitsinovaya ointment"adverse events may occur. Negative reactions include, in particular, irritation at the site of application, allergic rashes. In addition, with prolonged use over large areas, some systemic reactions are possible. It should be noted that the medicine dries the skin and changes its color. Therefore, it is recommended to use the drug in combination with cosmetic means.

In the event of an allergic reaction, you should stop using the product and consult a doctor.

The medicine "Sintomitsinovaya ointment" for children is prescribed for various lesions of the skin and mucous membrane. So, the drug is recommended for girls with vulvitis. Treatment of children should be monitored by a doctor.

It is contraindicated to use the drug forhypersensitivity, metabolic disorders, disorders of the liver and kidneys. The use of the drug "Syntomycin Ointment" for allergic and fungal infections of the skin is not recommended.

Use of the drug during pregnancy and feedingbreast must be agreed with the doctor. As a rule, it is not necessary to stop feeding if necessary to treat with "Sintomycin ointment".

Before using the medication is recommended to carefully study the annotation.