/ / Leukocytes are elevated in a child’s blood: causes

Leukocytes are increased in the child's blood: causes

For the first time, a clinical blood test (it is also called general) is done to children at the maternity hospital, then the study is carried out during scheduled medical examinations or before vaccination.

increased white blood cells in infants
Before analysis

If possible, complete blood count should be given.on an empty stomach, that is, the child should not eat before the procedure. After eating, the stomach begins to work intensively. This can lead to the fact that, according to the results of the analysis, the white blood cells will be increased in the child’s blood and the doctor will receive incorrect information about the health of the baby. In clinics most often the offices in which blood is collected take place from 8 to 10 am, since it is at this time that the internal environment is the most optimal in the body.

white blood cells are elevated in a child's blood
Leukocytes - blood cells

White blood cells that can absorband digest different microorganisms, thereby carrying out the function of protection - these are leukocytes. In their composition, they contain enzymes that can destroy foreign protein. Their production and maturation occur in the bone marrow. In some leukocytes, the cytoplasm has a granular structure, they are called granulocytes. In the cytoplasm there are no other grit, they are called agranulocytes. The granulocytes include neutrophils (segmental and stab), eosinophils, basophils, agranulocytes - monocytes, lymphocytes. Stab neutrophils from the number of all leukocytes in the normal should not exceed 5%, in the case when this figure is higher, we can already speak about the presence of some kind of pathology. This phenomenon is called the stab shift, that is, when it is a shift in the left side of the leukocyte formula. Eosinophils of the total number of white blood cells should be no more than 4%. If this figure is increased, then there is foreign protein in the child’s body, which may be characterized by an allergic reaction or the presence of helminths.

leukocytes in the blood are elevated causes

This term is used when leukocytesincreased in blood. The causes of this phenomenon are caused by a physiological or pathological nature. In the first case, the level of white blood cells increases as a result of physical activity. For about two hours after a meal, leukocytes can be elevated in a child’s blood. Also, their growth is observed after taking a fairly hot bath, with emotional stress. That is why a blood test is always taken in the morning, at this time of day, the indicators are the most reliable. In the evening, even completely healthy children may have elevated white blood cells. In infants and older children, the growth of white blood cells can be caused by some kind of pathology, for example, poisoning, an infectious disease, a burn, purulent process, trauma, a cold, that is, almost any painful condition. But you should not look for the cause yourself. If, according to the results of the analysis, the white blood cells are elevated in the child’s blood, consult a doctor. He will schedule an examination on the basis of which it will be possible to make the correct diagnosis.


In some cases, leukocytes are elevated in a child.in the blood due to the fact that he suffers from leukemia - a malignant disease of the hematopoietic system. The presence of this serious disease can be identified already during the first blood test. But, fortunately, leukemia in children is less common. Usually an increase in the level of leukocytes is due to less serious reasons.