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Siallor Reno: reviews, instructions for use

Siallor Reno is a vasoconstrictorexclusively for topical use. Available in the form of a spray or nasal drops. According to feedback, Siallor Reno is prescribed primarily for rhinitis of various origins. Can be used as an additional remedy for conjunctivitis and some allergic diseases.

sialor rhino reviews

Composition and form of release

The active substance of the medicinal productoxymetazoline hydrochloride is claimed. "Sialor Reno" refers to the group of vasoconstrictor drugs. It is used mainly in ENT-practice. It is possible to use the drug in the therapy of certain ophthalmic diseases.

Forms of issue:

  • nasal drops;
  • spray nasal.

sialor rhino for children

Reviews of Siallor Reno indicate that the spraymore often given to adolescents and adults. For the treatment of small children, the spray is not recommended because of the high vulnerability of the mucous membranes. Babies up to a year are better off buying nasal drops.

Mechanism of action

Siallor Reno is an adrenomimetic. The drug accurately affects the adrenergic receptors of the nasal cavity, causing certain changes:

  • It narrows blood vessels and reduces their permeability.
  • Eliminates edema of the nasal mucosa.

If you fall on the conjunctiva reduces edema, which makes it possible to use this drug in the treatment of inflammation of the eyes.

According to reviews, Siallor Reno is good enoughcopes with its task. The effect of the use of drops or spray is noted after 15 minutes and lasts for 6-8 hours. The spray acts faster: positive changes are visible after 5 minutes and last up to 8 hours.

After getting the medicine on the mucous membranethere is elimination of unpleasant symptoms of the disease. Nasal congestion, sneezing and rhinorrhea decreases. The drug is effective in the therapy of conjunctivitis. "Siallor Reno" eliminates stagnation in the nasal passages, which reduces tearing and significantly improves the patient's condition.


The instruction to "Sialor Reno" indicates that the drug is prescribed under such conditions:

  • obstruction of nasal breathing in the rhinitis against the background of various infectious diseases;
  • an inflammation of the sinuses of the nose;
  • eustachiitis;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • conjunctivitis (as an adjuvant).

Siallorino instruction

Side effects

Against the background of the use of the drug "Siallor Reno" (in droplets or in the form of a spray - not important), there are some undesirable effects:

  • Respiratory system: dryness and burning in the nasal cavity, throat, sneezing. With prolonged use, mucosal atrophy is observed.
  • CNS: excitability, sleep disorders.
  • Cardiovascular system: arterial hypertension, increased heart rate.
  • Gastrointestinal: nausea.
  • Organs of vision: dilated pupil, irritation of the conjunctiva.

With prolonged use, addiction is noted. It is not recommended to use Siallor Reno for children and adults for more than 7 days in a row. If you need long-term therapy, you should consult your doctor.


"Siallor Reno" is not appointed in such situations:

  • hypersensitivity to oxymetazoline;
  • diabetes;
  • chronic pathology of the heart and kidneys;
  • angle-closure glaucoma;
  • rhinitis atrophic;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

"Siallor Reno" for children under 1 year of age mostly in drops. The spray is applied after a year and for treating a common cold in adults.

Eye drops are not prescribed for children under 6 years due to a significant risk of side effects.

Application Scheme

Drops and spray are administered intranasally (in the nose).


  • Newborns and children up to one year: 0.01%;
  • 1 - 6 years: 0.025%;
  • from 6 years: 0.05%.

Frequency of use: 1-2 drops in each nasal passage (newborn for 1 drop).

Multiplicity of application: 2-3 times a day.

sialor rhino drops

Important aspects

"Siallor Reno" is released in a pharmacy without a prescription,However, this does not mean that it is possible to apply it uncontrolled at any time. Without consulting a doctor, it is allowed to use Siallor Reno for no more than three consecutive days. If the condition does not improve within the specified time, you should contact the doctor and clarify the possibility of further use of vasoconstrictive drops or spray. The total duration of therapy should not be more than 7 days.

When using the drug should take into account some aspects:

  1. Oksimetazolin when instilled in the eye temporarily reduces vision. It is not recommended to drive during the treatment (30 minutes after using the medication).
  2. Do not use several vasoconstrictors at the same time: this increases the risk of side effects.
  3. Oximetazoline slows the absorption of local anesthetics, so their combined use is not recommended. You should wait for the interval between medications (at least 15 minutes).

Numerous positive responses about SiallorRino "make this drug one of the best among vasoconstrictors. At the forums, note the rapid effect of the drug, a mild effect on the mucous membranes, which is especially important in the treatment of a cold in children. It is noted that the use of the drug is rarely accompanied by undesirable reactions. Side effects occur mainly on the background of long-term treatment with oxymetazoline, as well as when exceeding the dosage specified in the instructions.