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How many births last and whether they can pass faster

No doctor, even the most qualified andexperienced, will not be able to answer the question of how long the delivery lasts. In each case, everything happens in different ways, and not necessarily you will have swift or protracted fights. But still, there are certain stages by which you can determine how many births in your case last.

how many births last

So, how to understand that you have started fights,because many women experience a training tone. If the pain in the abdomen or lower back arises with a certain periodicity, then you can collect things in the hospital. Once the periodicity is reduced to 15-20 minutes, it is worth to go to the doctor. This period can last for more than one hour (do not worry, the fights are not particularly painful, and many women during this time quietly manage to bring home the order, take a shower, etc.), and it's better to be carried at home. But at once we will warn, that if at you waters have departed, any house affairs - leave in a maternity home. A child without water in the womb can stay up to 12 hours.

Next stage

When you enter the first period, then immediatelythe question arises as to how long the delivery lasts, and how long to wait for the baby to appear. Most often the fights are more painful, but quite tolerable. The interval is reduced to 3-5 minutes, and the neck opening occurs at 1-1.5 cm per hour. This stage can continue slowly (up to 5-6 hours), and then things will go faster.

At the first stage the birth process is considered normal if the woman experiences 2-3 fights within 10 minutes.

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What happens to the baby

If we specify all the genera, then it is worth noting andwhat happens to the child. Thanks to the fights, the baby gradually descends, adapting to the mother's birth canal and the bones of the mother's bones. Slow movement protects the child from injury.

Second phase

When the cervix is ​​sufficiently opened(10-11cm), then the second stage begins - the birth of a child. More often than not, women ask the question about how long the delivery lasts and how long to endure the pain sensations, precisely during this period. But there is very little left. Now attempts can begin, and it is important to listen to the doctor. If you are not allowed to push, then you need to endure. As soon as the midwife allows to push, it is worth every effort to make the child more likely to be born.

The second period can last 30-60 minutes, but another duration is also acceptable. It all depends on the size of the child, the location of the head, the pelvis of the mother.

generic process

The second stage ends with the first cry of the child. In most cases, the baby is put on the mother's breast, so that he calms down a bit and feels safe.

The last effort.

Now Mum still has the birth of the afterbirth. This is the shortest and painless period that lasts about 5-10 minutes. After this, the mother is administered a drug that stimulates the contraction of the uterus, and put an ice pack on the stomach. All this prevents possible bleeding.

In order to prepare for childbirth and get rid of fears, it is worthwhile to visit the school for expectant mothers. You will be told not only about the development of the child, but also about the behavior at birth and further care for the baby.