/ / General strengthening drug "Corilip" (suppositories): instructions for use

Common restorative preparation "Corilip" (suppositories): instructions for use

Medication "Korilip" (candles) instruction onapplication characterizes as a combined preparation of general restorative action, which is determined by the effect of its constituents. They are vitamins and coenzymes.

By its effect this preparation is capable ofimprove metabolism in tissues under various conditions both physiological and pathological. You can buy it at any pharmacy, but only with the prescription of a doctor.

The preparation "Korilip" (candles): instruction

Suppositories for rectal administration. Yellow, but have a small patch of orange. The form is torpedo-shaped. Each suppository contains active substances:

  • 25 milligrams of cocarboxylase hydrochloride;
  • 2 milligrams of riboflavin;
  • 12 milligrams of thiectic acid.

As an auxiliary substance in suppositories there are some solid fats.

In the sale of candles "Corilip" come in cardboard packs. In each of them there are two contour squares, into which five suppositories are laid.

Most often this drug is used in children. However, it is not uncommon for patients to prescribe the drug "Corilip" (candles) during pregnancy. Such treatment is carried out in the presence of a future mother of severe toxicosis. In order to improve the general condition and to remove attacks of nausea, the drug is recommended to use daily one suppository in the morning and in the evening.

The drug can serve as the maina therapeutic agent, and an additional one that is part of complex therapy in the treatment of various pathologies in children. The instruction in each package of the preparation "Corilip" gives the following indications for use:

  • with chronic tissue hypoxia;
  • with a decrease in immunity;
  • for bacterial and viral infections;
  • with chronic somatic diseases;
  • with chronic intoxications;
  • after severe diseases have been transferred;
  • with hypotrophy - eating disorders;
  • in the period of intensive growth;
  • with increased physical and mental stress;
  • in a state of stress;
  • As a general restorative, which can be used for preventive measures in the period of various epidemics.

In addition to indications for the use of the drug "Corilip" (candles), the manual contains information on contraindications and side effects. Also, it shows the dosing regimen.

Dosing and Administration

The preparation "Korilip" (candles) is intended forrectal administration. The suppository should be released from the package and inserted into the anus after natural defecation or after cleansing enema:

  • babies in infancy may be assigned 0.5 candles;
  • from one year to six years - 1 candle;
  • from six to fourteen years - 1 or 2 candles each.

The duration of the treatment course is ten days. Until full recovery is usually required to complete three or four such courses, the interval between which must be at least twenty days.

Side effects with the appearance of whichstop taking the drug with a subsequent visit to the doctor, expressed in the manifestation of allergic reactions. Cases of side effects are rare, but it can still be a rash on the skin, accompanied by itching, as well as dyspepsia and bronchospasms.

Contraindications for the use of the drug "Korilip" (candles) instruction gives the following:

  • proctitis disease;
  • rectal bleeding;
  • intolerance to any components of the drug.

In the interaction of the drug "Korilip" with other drugs, a negative effect was not observed, so the drug can be used with complex treatment.

Keep the drug should be in the dark coolpremises in which the temperature does not exceed nine degrees, for two years. Care must be taken to ensure that the storage location of the drug is not accessible to children.