/ / "Octenisept": reviews about the drug, application

"Octenisept": reviews about the drug, application

Modern medicine does notonly general medicines, but also local medicines. Such compounds are applied to the mucous membranes and the surface of the skin. The purpose of their use can be different. Today's article will tell you about the "Octenisept" tool. The reviews that the medicine has will be provided below.

octinecept reviews

Preliminary characteristic

What kind of medicine does Octensept have?Opinions of consumers about this composition are different. Some users are satisfied with the drug and prefer to keep it in their medicine cabinet all the time. Others refuse the drug, referring to its inefficiency. Anyway, all patients agree in one opinion: the medicine is quite expensive. Acquire a medication in the amount of 50 milliliters can be on average 600 rubles. Large capacity will be, accordingly, more expensive.

The active substances of the medicine arephenoxyethanol and octenidine dihydrochloride. The drug has an antiseptic effect. It is effective against many bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms. This information about the medicine is given in the annotation for each user.

octinecept spray reviews

Use of the drug: what do doctors say about it?

About the antiseptic "Octenisept" reviews are formedgood, thanks to his action. The drug is able to clean the surface of the skin and mucous membranes from pathogenic and pathogenic microorganisms. The drug eliminates even the herpes and hepatitis B virus, which many analogues do not.

Doctors say that the drug "Octenisept", "reviews about which are positive, applied in gynecology, surgery, dentistry, otorhinolaryngology, pediatrics, traumatology and other fields of medicine. The demand for this antiseptic is constantly growing. Doctors also report the safety of the medication. That is why the drug is allowed to use in children. Doctors say that the active ingredient, if properly applied, is not practically absorbed into the bloodstream. As contraindications, only hypersensitivity and allergy is called.

octenesispt in the treatment of ENT organs

Feedback from consumers about treatment

Most patients remain satisfiedwith the drug "Octenisept". Reviews in the treatment of ENT organs are formed good. Patients say that the medicine has almost no taste. This allows the use of the composition even in children. The drug can be applied with a nebulizer. This is convenient when treating the throat. The manufacturer warns that the medicine should not be swallowed. Therefore, after treatment it is necessary to spit it. The medicine can also rinse the mouth. It is effective in the treatment of tonsillitis, pharyngitis, nasopharyngitis, laryngitis. Apply the formulation for bacterial and viral pathologies. This is important, since sometimes it is not possible to establish the true nature of the disease. The instructions state that the medication on the eardrums is not applied. Therefore, in the treatment of ENT organs, treatment of the ears with this medication should be ruled out.

Consumers remain satisfied with the facility.It is convenient to use for cuts, burns, skin injuries. You just need to spray the medicine and leave it for 1-2 minutes. For deep wounds, tampons can be used to treat or pour the product directly into the damaged area. It is important to provide drainage. It is allowed to apply bandages.


Despite its high cost, the drug"Octenisept" (spray) reviews are good. This antiseptic has become a real godsend for many specialists. It is used before and after surgical interventions to treat gynecological diseases, to correct viral and bacterial pathologies. Before using the drug, read the instructions. Well-being!