/ Intimate trauma in men. Rupture of the frenum.

Intimate trauma in men. Rupture of the frenum.

The bridle is a leather belt,which connects the head of the penis and the foreskin. If the man is in an excited state, this small piece stretches, exposing the head of the penis, pulling off the skin. If the bridle is shortened, which is found in almost thirty percent of men, the head can not be fully exposed. This leads to a complicated sexual intercourse, which, accordingly, is fraught with trauma.

A short frenum is a characteristic of the malethe organism is congenital. The rupture of the frenulum in men, usually after an "animal" turbulent sex, leads to the formation of scars, which subsequently threaten erectile dysfunction.

The intensity of frictions causes the skinstretch so tightly that there is tearing, followed by significant bleeding, more often, painless. Sometimes the partners do not immediately notice the injury. Blood can be stopped without problems, applying a not too tight bandage. But, the formed scar will further shorten the bridle, making it less elastic. In this case, the assistance of a doctor is necessary.

Do not forget about the repeated risk of tearing thisa gentle organ. This is important in cases where a man has an active sex life even if the wound has not yet fully healed. The periodic rupture of the frenum delivers not only temporary physical discomfort. It is quite possible psychological limitations, uncertainty in relations with partners, which leads not only to the deterioration of the quality of intimate relationships, but also the number.

Modern medicine offers an excellent remedygetting rid of this problem - the plastic frenulum of the penis. If the bridle has overstrained, it can be restored by surgery, which takes no more than thirty minutes with local anesthesia. Already after five days a man can return to a sexual life.

The operation itself is a cuttingmuscle fibers of the bridle (across). After that they are laid in a longitudinal position and sewed together. If the operation is carried out correctly, there will be no traces from it, let alone scars,.

If there was a rupture of a bridle, thenThis type of surgery doctors can extend it by about thirty percent. This will reduce the load on this site and will allow the head of the penis to completely uncover.

Not always the bridle gap is a consequence of hershort length. Dryness of the partner's vagina can also cause this trouble. Experts recommend using lubricants during sexual intercourse, which, naturally, will reduce the risk of tearing.

During sexual games, injuries are notonly those who prefer hard sex (the bridle gap is not the only option). Partners who welcome traditional sex, are not immune from such phenomena. Minor abrasions and rubbing are the reason for lack of lubrication, duration, and even aggressiveness of the intimate process. All this can be avoided by applying lubricants and gels (lubricants). But there are more serious injuries to the male genitalia, to which the bridle rift relates.

For example, calluses, formed on the genitalmale organ and are the result of intense and frequent masturbation. Stab wounds can also occur during anal sex, when the head comes in contact with poorly digested and solid food in the intestine. Too often changing the poses can also lead to bruises of the phallus, and even to its dislocations. Too intense frictions can also cause significant pain.

List all kinds of sexual trauma simplyIt is impossible, sometimes their types are unpredictable. But you can protect yourself from this. To do this, in your arsenal should always be the means of additional artificial lubrication, condoms. Decide for yourself by choosing the most acceptable and comfortable poses, and try not to make too sharp movements during sex (especially when changing positions).