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Enzistal remedy. Instructions for use

The drug "Enzistal" instructions for useCharacterizes as a remedy that helps replenish the deficiency of pancreatic enzymes. Active ingredients: pancreatin, bile extract (bovine), hemicellulose. The drug is available in tablets in an enteric coating.

Enzistal remedy for userecommends in disorders of exocrine activity of the pancreas in the middle and mild cases against the background of chronic pancreatitis (except for cases of exacerbation). The drug is prescribed to improve the function of digestion in ulcerative colitis, after gastric resection, as well as in irritable bowel syndrome. The drug "Enzistal" instructions for use is also recommended to alleviate the symptoms of non-infectious diarrhea, complicated by excessive gas separation and swelling.

The drug is also shown to persons who do not have violationsthe activity of the digestive system to improve its functions. "Enzistal" means the instruction for use recommends eliminating food errors (with excessive consumption of food, taking fatty, unusual food, irregular meals and so on). The drug improves the digestion of food with impaired chewing function. An Enzistal is recommended before radiological or ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity.

The drug is indicated as an auxiliary medicine for improving the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and a number of medications (antibiotics, sulfonamides and others).

The "Enzistal" instruction recommends that adults take the pill immediately after or during a meal. Tablet grind (chew) is not necessary. If necessary, the dosage is doubled.

You can take the drug for several days (whendigestive disorders due to inaccuracies in the diet), and several months or years (with inflammatory-dystrophic gastric pathologies, intestinal, pancreatic, liver, gallbladder diseases in chronic course when constant replacement therapy is required). Long-term courses can be administered to elderly people, and also to patients after irradiation or resection.

Children from the age of six are recommended to take the drug "Enzistal" during the day twice or thrice on a pill after eating.

Do not take the drug during exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis (or in acute pancreatitis).

When administering Enzistal to patients with diabetes, it must be taken into account that the tablets contain sugar.

Pregnancy and lactation are notcontraindications to the use of medication. However, the expediency of its appointment is determined only by the doctor. It should be compared the estimated risk for the fetus or newborn and the expected benefit for the mother.

In the course of studies, no negativeinfluence on the speed of psychomotor reactions of a person. In this regard, the instruction does not provide for restrictions when prescribing Enzistal to persons engaged in potentially hazardous activities.

It should be remembered that the drug can cause a number ofundesirable manifestations. In particular, with the use of medication, diarrhea or constipation may be noted. In addition, the conditions associated with the manifestation of hypersensitivity to the agent (sneezing, lacrimation, redness of the skin) are also probable. Specialists, however, note that with the use of the drug "Enzistal" in recommended doses, side effects are unlikely.

To contraindications to the appointment of a medicamenthypersensitivity, jaundice mechanical, hepatitis (acute), pancreatitis (acute), obstruction in the intestines of a mechanical nature. Children up to six years are also not recommended drug "Enzistal."

Patients' comments about the medicine are mostly positive. Advantages of the drug are its affordable cost, speed and good portability.

Together with this, experts recommend the use of the drug "Enzistal" to coordinate with your doctor.