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How to give birth quickly? The burning question of pregnant women

Pregnancy lasts usually 9 months.And the closer the term of childbirth approaches, the stronger the girl experiences, how long the process will take place. And, of course, every lady asks about how to give birth quickly. In fact, this is impossible. The natural process takes place independently of you, your efforts and efforts. Nevertheless, you can prepare your body in advance so that labor can be easier.

how quickly to give birth to a child
So, how to give birth quickly?For a couple of months before the term, you should begin to perform exercises that help to prepare the muscles of the uterus. It's quite simple: you need to systematically strain and relax them. Just about the same as when you really want a little need. This exercise is called Kegel.

Naturally, breathing exercises do not hurt.The diligent breaths and exhalations, if they do not stimulate the birth, then at least prepare you for labor. This gymnastics is best done systematically by all rules.

In addition, there is a fact, proven by doctors,that sex stimulates childbirth. Not immediately, of course, but systematic sexual acts make the cervix of the uterus supple and softer. How to give birth quickly? For a couple of days before the time to have sex and get an orgasm. The contractions of the uterus stimulate delivery. Keep in mind that they may be urgent. So, all things should already be collected and prepared. The missionary pose is not suitable, because the pressure on the stomach and chest is too great. It is advisable to refrain from oral sex (when a man to you, not you to him). The ingress of air into the vagina can clog the blood vessels and cause undesirable consequences. If with a natural lubrication problem, which is not uncommon, you can use special lubricants from the pharmacy without any additives.

how to easily and quickly give birth

How quickly to give birth to a child? Do the massage of the nipples.Strange as it may seem, this also stimulates generic activity. A couple of days of such a massage - and the breast will be ready for breastfeeding, and the uterus - for the birth of the baby.

There is one advice on nutrition in order tothe body was prepared for the process as much as possible. The consumption of olive oil (one spoon three times a day) makes the uterus more elastic and soft. This helps her to open up during the birth process easily and without straining, as well as to avoid stretching and tearing.

We continue to learn how to give birth quickly and easily.Before this process, you should not use alcohol. There is an opinion that a glass of red wine helps relieve tension and stimulate birth. This is not true. Moreover, it is dangerous. The effect of alcohol on the body of a woman during pregnancy is not at all positive. Do not risk your health.

how to give birth quickly

Understood how to give birth quickly?And now think: why do you need it? The time has already come, but there is no hint of a fight? Passing? Do not always need to engage in amateur, it is enough to see a doctor. In addition to it, no one can give really effective advice. Especially now that medicine has sufficient means to stimulate childbirth. Do not harm yourself and your baby, do not risk your health, feel free to contact a specialist. The consequences of amateur performance can be unpredictable.