/ / Preparation "Benatex" (candles): instructions, properties, indications

The preparation "Benatex" (candles): the instruction, properties, indications

Contraceptive candles "Benatex" are produced incontour cell packages, each containing five vaginal suppositories. In one cardboard pack contains two cell packaging of the drug "Benatex" candles. The instruction is also inside.

One such vaginal suppository contains 18.9 mg of active ingredient - benzalkonium chloride.

Candles "Benatex" are a contraceptive local remedy, also having antifungal, antiseptic, antiprotozoal effect. They have an inactivating effect against the Herpes simplex virus.

About the medicine "Benatex" candles manualreports that the active substance is active against staphylococci, streptococci, and gram-negative bacteria, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa, gonococci, Escherichia coli, etc.

Also this drug shows bactericidalactivity against anaerobic bacteria, mold and fungi. By acting on antibiotic-resistant strains, vaginal suppositories also cause suppression of the plasmacoagulase and staphylococcal hyaluronidase.

The drug "Benatex" candles instruction refers tolocally active medicines, which women use as a means to prevent unwanted pregnancies. With their help, the onset of pregnancy can be planned. The effect of this drug is that it breaks the structure of spermatozoa and, as a consequence, fertilization of the female's egg becomes impossible.

Indications for use of the medicinal product"Benatex" (candles) instruction generally calls for the protection of pregnancy. In particular, suppositories are recommended for women who have reached the so-called reproductive age. In this case, protection from pregnancy is considered when it is not possible to use oral contraceptives (tablets) or intrauterine defenses.

Also, "Benatex" candles are recommended to apply,who are in the postpartum period and breastfeeding. It is during such periods that the use of other protective agents can cause certain difficulties. Women who interrupted pregnancy can also use the "Benatex" candles. The instruction specifies, that application of the given suppositories is justified in those cases when the sexual life is not regular, but sexual contacts are periodic.

Contraindications to the use of the drug Benatex suppository instructions include the following:

  • Colpitis of the vagina.
  • Irritations, ulceration of the mucous membrane of the genital organs.
  • Allergies to the active ingredient of vaginal suppositories "Benatex".

Among the side effects of the use of these vaginal suppositories can be identified allergies observed in some cases.

"Benatex" precautions.

It is necessary to carefully study the attached instructions for use.

If these suppositories were used, then after the implementation of sexual intercourse you should not rush to rinsing with water or special solutions of the vagina, in order to avoid a decrease in contraceptive effect.

Concurrent use of other vaginalmeans, can reduce the protective properties of candles "Benatex". For pregnant women, this drug is suitable as an antiseptic, and breastfeeding and as an antiseptic, and protection against pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections.

How to use suppositories "Benateks"? In the supine position, freed from contour packaging, the candle is inserted deeper into the vagina. The procedure is carried out before sexual intercourse, for five minutes. In the case of repeated sexual intercourse, a new suppository "Benatex" should be introduced.