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Benefit of hiding for human health

For sure avid gardeners are well awareplant with a creeping root system called dystonia. Like nettles, the grass grows rapidly, displacing all useful and harmful grounds. Summer residents are actively fighting the weed, not suspecting what medicinal value is being destroyed. However, there are also those who plant grass as a decorative element on household plots.

Honor the plant folk healers.The benefits of scum have long been known to our great-grandmothers. In ancient Russia it was used for therapeutic purposes. They were collected during the active flowering period, then dried and the medicinal preparations were prepared. They grow it as a valuable food raw material. There are a lot of culinary recipes on the basis of piles.

use of the whip

Greens add to soup, salads, cookvitaminized drinks. Young shoots exude a pleasant aroma and give the dishes a piquant taste. Leaves of leaves are harvested for future use: salt, marinate. Dried herbs are used as spices. Therefore, do not rush to curse the weed, which has such valuable qualities.

The plant of our ancestors

People who are well versed in the medicinalherbs, will never be confused with other plants. If you do not have such an experience, then it's extremely dangerous to gather greens yourself in the wild. Since the grass is visible outside, the benefits and harm of which stand on different levels, it is very similar to the toxic cicuta. It is common to knit a bare stem with complex umbrellas at the top. Flowering begins in July-month.

benefit and harm

It occurs almost everywhere:on the territory of Russia, Asia and Europe. In the wild, it grows on roadsides, forest-park areas, ravines, creating vast thickets. For medicinal purposes, all parts that are previously dried are used. The packaged product is sold in pharmacy chains.

Benefits of herbs for the body

The main advantage of the ancient plantis the presence of a whole bouquet of irreplaceable elements. Mother Nature has given mankind a unique creation, suitable for eating and treating. The benefits and harm to the ordinary inhabitant are not known. We will try to explain in detail all the nuances.

Flowering herbs abound with ascorbic, citric andmalic acid. Greenery is enriched with chemical substances: copper, iron, manganese, potassium. It is a source of flavonoids, essential oils, organic acids, disaccharides, coumarins. In the composition there is a substance called apigenin known anti-cancer properties.

grass to blame for good and bad

The plant has an anti-inflammatory,wound healing, strengthening, analgesic and diuretic action. Folk healers are recommended to be used for recovery after a severe or prolonged illness. Helps to stabilize the state of health, to get rid of vitamin deficiency and to strengthen the immune system. These aspects allow us to call grass a magic tool in the fight against numerous ailments.

Alternative medicine recommends ...

The plant is famous for its ability to preventoncological pathologies, to stop viral and bacterial diseases. In Russia, fresh leaves were treated with skin lesions, fighting with rheumatoid diseases. Broths and infusions were treated with cystitis, pyelonephritis, gout. Grass to grind, the benefit and harm of which is due to the content of unique substances, sets the digestive system.

Promotes the normalization of exchange andmetabolic processes. Consumption has a beneficial effect on blood vessels: their strength, elasticity increases. With the help of green, it is possible to heal thrombosis, inflammatory diseases of internal organs. Grass relieves of edema, removes excess fluid, has a beneficial effect on nervous processes, eliminates weakness and dizziness, and also rejuvenates epithelial tissue.

the use of herb

From the gruel, plants arenutritious masks for the body. Infusion relieves dandruff. Benefits and harms are thoroughly studied and investigated by specialists of different fields. Recommended grass is a strong half of humanity. Seeds of this plant prevent the appearance of impotence, restore sexual desire. It is worth noting that during the reception the body is cleared of toxins, radionuclides and decay products.

Is there a danger of eating?

The benefit of grinding is unlimited, it is claimedreviews of most ordinary people. According to physicians and people's doctors, the plant has no contraindications. The only person who should not use it is people with hypersensitivity and individual intolerance. When harvesting the crop should choose environmentally friendly areas, away from industrial plants and highways.

Folk recipes for health improvement

plant to blame for good and bad

As mentioned above, the benefit of hiding isvitamin-mineral complex, this allows us to call the plant one of the most medicinal for humans. Using simple, but at the same time, effective recipes, you can strengthen your health for many years. The first variant of the preparation contributes to the adjustment of the digestive tract, relieves of fungal skin lesions and rheumatism.

It is necessary to take 30 grams of dried raw material, pourboiling water (250 ml) and put on the stove to languish for 10 minutes. The prepared mixture is filtered, diluted with boiled water (100 ml). Drink daily for an hour before meals, three times a day for 70 grams.

Strengthen protective forces and improve the functional activity of the intestinal tract

rhizome of grass

The plant is hiding (benefits and harm are described above)is an excellent alternative to chemical drugs in strengthening weakened immunity. The following recipe received a lot of positive exclamations. For 400 grams of boiling water should take 20 grams of dry grass. Liquid insist for two hours, then strain. Use two tablespoons, 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals.

Wound healing, anti-inflammatory and analgesic

With erysipelas and rheumatism, healersadvise to apply lotions from carefully crushed fresh leaves. Painful joints and inflammation of the bladder are treated with the following infusion: pour a glass of boiling water 30 grams of raw material, pour on a water bath for 10 minutes. The cooled liquid must be filtered and combined with a glass of water. Take three times a day for 15 ml. The use of scum is priceless, so why not take advantage of the gifts of nature.