/ / Analogues "Normatens" in Russia their comparison. Reviews about the analogues of "Normatens"

Analogues "Normatens" in Russia their comparison. Reviews about the analogues of "Normatens"

Many people are opponentsdrug treatment, because different drugs are based on chemically synthesized substances, which, in addition to certain benefits, invariably harm the human body. But, unfortunately, sometimes circumstances develop in such a way that the disease goes out of control and forces its unhappy owner to turn to the help of medicines. To the category of such ailments is hypertension.

A little about arterial hypertension

The disease, which is called hypertensivedisease or hypertension, usually occurs gradually in response to a chronic stressful situation, an incorrect lifestyle, as a consequence of age-related changes or associated ailments. This is one of the most common pathologies of the cardiovascular system. Arterial hypertension is characterized by a persistent increase in blood pressure, ranging from 140 mm Hg. column (systolic data) and 90 mm Hg. Art. - diastolic parameters.

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Hypertensive disease is of three degrees, wherethe latter is the heaviest. But the most dangerous complication of this disease is the hypertensive crisis. This sudden jump in blood pressure to very high figures, resulting in blood circulation in such important organs as the heart and brain. This condition is a real threat to the life of the patient and requires immediate medical intervention. Accordingly, not to use medicines in this case is equivalent to suicide, since hypertensive crisis often leads to heart attacks, strokes, edema of the brain or fatal outcome. Often, such an agent as Adelphan is used to treat such a condition and normalize the pressure. Analogues (Normatens, Brinerdin, Captopril and others) are also able to help in this unpleasant and dangerous situation. Therefore, whatever factors and conditions caused hypertension, it is necessary to immediately contact the doctor and conscientiously take those drugs that he deems necessary to appoint.

"Normatens": instructions for use

Analogues of "Adelfan", to which in the first place"Normatens", are based on a similar active substance called reserpine. But, of course, there are differences between these drugs. "Normatens" (instruction, analogues, cost are described in this article) is a medicine that is produced in Poland, but has a permit for use on the territory of Russia. In addition to reserpine, the preparation includes substances such as:

  • Clopamid.
  • Dihydroergocristine.
  • Talc.
  • Lactose.
  • Magnesium stearate.
  • Starch.
  • Povidone.

normative analog of adelfan
As the form of release of a preparation is a tablet,then to improve the taste and ease of use for each of them a special shell is made, consisting of sucrose, gum arabic, polyethylene glycol and talc.

The main active substance is a strongsympatholytic, which causes a steady decrease in blood pressure. In addition, it has an antipsychotic effect, normalizes the pulse rate, stabilizes the physiological sleep. Also reserpine somewhat reduces metabolic processes and metabolism, increases renal blood flow.

Clopamid, which is also part of the drug, is a sulfonamide diuretic. A dihydroergocristine effectively dilates the blood vessels and causes a persistent hypotensive effect.

Contraindications to the use of "Normates" are quite extensive:

  • Hypersensitivity to one or more of the components of the drug.
  • Presence of epileptic seizures, depressive states.
  • Parkinson's disease.
  • Stomach ulcer.
  • Erosive gastritis.
  • Angina pectoris.
  • Significant bradycardia.
  • Serious violations in the work of the cardiovascular system.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Asthma.
  • Renal failure.
  • Disturbances in the liver.

Among other things, the use of funds for pregnant women, children and nursing mothers is prohibited. Patients with diabetes, gout, elderly people should take the drug with caution.

normatens analogs in russia
Proceeding from the fact that "Normatens" (analogues of hishave a similar effect on the body) is a drug with many side effects and has a strong effect, then appoint it, as well as determine the dosage, should only the doctor.

This agent is indicated for the treatment of hypertension and is commonly used in the following regimens:

  • Begin treatment, usually with one tablet a day. It is consumed either during or after a meal.
  • If the effect is insufficient, then the dose is doubled.
  • As an exception, it is applicable to severe cases, the dosage is increased threefold. But to exceed this amount (3 tablets) per day is strictly not recommended.
  • Usually the dose is increased not earlier than after a two-week interval, if there is no therapeutic effect.
  • In the case of prolonged use of the drug should be limited to one tablet per day.
  • Mandatory monitoring of blood pressure throughout the course of treatment.

With regard to adverse reactions, it sometimes hasplace intense headache, anxiety, dizziness, decreased concentration and sleep disorders. There may be some dyspepsia, for example, diarrhea, nausea, a significant decrease in appetite. There are also allergic manifestations, and with prolonged use, paresthesia, potency and urination disorders can be detected.

Given that the drug is available in tablets,there are no special instructions regarding its storage. The product should be kept in a dark place at room temperature. The expiration date is quite long - 5 years.

Can "Adelphan" be replaced by "Normatens"

People who need arterialhypertension, often think about whether it is possible to consider the statement that "Normatens" is an analog of "Adelfan", true. Let's make a comparative analysis of these funds:

  1. Regarding the way of application and the presence of contraindications, the named drugs are absolutely identical.
  2. In the rest there are differences.For example, in the "Adelphan" in addition to reserpine, there are substances such as dihydralazine and hydrochlorothiazide. The first is an arterial vasodilator, which reduces the resistance of the heart, kidney and cerebral vessels. A hydrochlorothiazide is a long-acting diuretic.
  3. Besides, the sidethe action of the drug, since their list is broader than that of the "Normatens". For example, in addition to the listed reactions and conditions, we can include anemia, obesity, visual and hearing impairments, dyspnea. Very often there is diarrhea and hypersalivation (drooling), glomerulonephritis and hepatitis are possible (although very rarely), as well as swelling. Hydrochlorothiazide, which is part of the Adelphan, very often causes hives and impotence.
  4. In this case, the pharmacotherapeutic group y"Adelphana" is much more common, and besides a combination of antihypertensive and diuretic drugs, it includes alkaloids of rauwolfia and has the required effect on the cardiovascular system.
  5. Manufacturers of drugs are also different. "Adelfan-Ezidreks" - this is the modern name of the drug, manufactured in India.
  6. The shelf life of Adelphan is slightly less and is 4 years, but it can be stored even at 30 ° C.

normatens analogs in russia
Therefore, to conclude that "Normatens" - an analogue of "Adelfan", can only be after a thorough comparison and mandatory consultation with the doctor.

"Normatens" as a substitute for "Adelfan": reviews

Opinions about these drugs significantlyvary. Mostly Adelphan was accustomed to the older generation, who did not follow the regularity of taking the remedy, only using it as the condition worsened. But the younger people believe that "Normatens" is an analog of Adelphan. The comments of the younger generation unambiguously speak about the preference given to more modern drugs. In particular, many are alarmed by the abundance of side effects of Adelphan, and patients complain that it starts to act much more slowly than its progressive counterparts, for example, Normatens. Of course, everything related to taking medicines is very individual, so some people think that the usual "Adelphan" is literally a panacea for hypertension. There are reviews of safe taking of the drug for a very long time, and after the onset of the old age, Adelphan suddenly began to provoke a patient's syncope, so the doctor had to cancel it. By the way, many believe that if a person has used successfully the same means before old age, then changing it is meaningless and even dangerous.

normateness of analogues in composition

As for the "Normatens", then about it the responsespositive orientation. Basically, people talk about a rather high effectiveness of the drug, but some complain about nausea, although they suspect that this is not a side effect, but the pernicious effect of too high pressure.

Normatens: similar drugs

In addition to Adelphan and Normatens, there are manyfunds that help fight the effects of hypertension. There are medicines, absolutely similar in terms of the list of active substances. So, what is the "Normatens" analogues in composition? First of all - "Azenozin." Then follows "Christepin" and "Brinerdin". These medicines are often positioned as a substitute for such familiar means as Adelphan and Normatens. Analogues in Russia are represented by these medicinal positions.

But, if you do not adhere to complete similaritylist of components, that is, several more analogues of Normatens and Adelphan. These drugs are similar in their pharmacological effect, but the active substances in their composition are different:

  • "Captopril" (of the same name, etc.).
  • "Verapamil" (verapamil hydrochloride).
  • "Cordaflex" (nifedipine).

normatens analogue adelfana reviews
It is worth discussing in more detail each named drug, especially those that are similar in composition.


This is a combined preparation related togroup of antihypertensive drugs. He rightfully takes the first place in the list that lists analogs. "Normatens" is identical with "Azenozinom" both in the composition and form of release, and in the action on the body. The only difference is the manufacturer of the drug. This medicine was manufactured in Yugoslavia. In addition, analogues of the drug "Normatens" vary in cost and shelf life. At "Аценозина" it makes 3 years under condition of the maintenance of means at temperature to +25 ⁰С.


This antihypertensive agent belongs to the groupsympatholytics. If we take into account the sometimes need to replace a drug such as Normatens, analogues in Russia are represented by another known drug called Christepin. Its shelf life is also 36 months, and the drug is dispensed in pharmacies strictly on presentation of the prescription. As for the manufacturer, it differs from those that worked on the preparation of the above-described drugs. This time in the pharmacies of Russia was a Czech remedy. From the point of view of the shelf life and form of output, the indicators are absolutely analogous to those already presented to the analogs. Dosage of the drug involves taking as much as two pills a day. In severe cases it is permissible to use 3 tablets, but not more.

analogues of the drug normotens
Reviews of the drug please - it is positioned as an excellent aid for hypertension, in any case, not worse than similar medications.


Tablets "Normatens" analog have another one,called "Brinerdin". This preparation is made by the Slovenian company Krka. This medication is an absolute synonym of the two previous ones. That is, it has the same effect, contains three main active substances: clopamid, dihydroergocristine and reserpine, stored under the same conditions and taken in the same dosage (up to 3 tablets per day).

normateness analogs

In case of an overdose of this drug,nightmares, suicidal thoughts, pronounced arrhythmia. There is a threat of coma. In such cases, immediate gastric lavage and intake of activated charcoal are recommended. From the point of view of key similarities of "Normatens" with other medicines, all possible analogues are given in this brief description. "Normatens", of course, has something to replace, but it's more reasonable to not make such decisions on your own.

Pharmacological analogues

Analogues that do not coincide in composition are worth mentioning separately. All of them are more or less intended for the treatment of hypertension. Reviews about these drugs are diverse.

  • For example, about the "Captopril", which is popular sinceSoviet times and is quite inexpensive (15 rubles.), Even young people often respond well. But there are people who note that the drug is heavily tolerated because of the abundance of side effects, although such moments are purely individual and can arise as a reaction to any medication. But a huge minus of this remedy is considered by many as the absence of diuretics in the composition of the drug, which, in combination with the basic substance, gives an incomparably better effect. In this case, some people call it literally "first aid" when the hypertensive crisis begins.
  • "Verapamil" also received its share of feedback.The overwhelming majority of patients believe that this remedy and heart heals (in particular, arrhythmia), and the pressure reduces no less effectively. In addition, emergency care carriages are provided with ampoules of "Verapamil", which are used in emergency cases.
  • About the "Cordaflex" reviews were good, buta lot of patients note the increase in heart rate to threatening units, while the pressure of the drug lowers quickly and effectively. It is also often recommended as a salvage for sudden surges of blood pressure.

Price amplitude

As for the prices of the described medicines, theyvary depending on the pharmacies, where they go on sale. It is generally accepted that the main drugs recognized by the majority are more expensive than their analogues. "Normatens", for example, in different pharmacies in Moscow costs from 120 to 162 rubles for 20 tablets, while "Brinerdin" is estimated at 106 rubles for an identical package.

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For "Christepin" will have to pay 119 rubles.The prices vary also on "Adelphan-Ezidreks" - the cost of 30 tablets will fluctuate from 75 to 174 rubles, and packing number 250 costs from 608 to 1200 rubles. When buying, you must also take into account the region and the manufacturer of the drug - in Moscow, drugs will be much more expensive, like medicines of foreign production. But all the reviews about the generic "Normatens" similar in composition ("Azenozin", "Brinerdnin", "Kristepin") suggest that finding counterparts in pharmacies is a very laborious process, and in some regions it is completely impossible.

The rest of the drugs are easy to find, because theythere is almost every pharmacy. Prices are low: Captopril - from 9 rubles for 20 tablets, Verapamil - from 20 rubles for 50 pills, "Cordaflex" - starting at 90 rubles for 30 pieces.

Which of these drugs to choose - the doctor will tell you, he will choose the treatment scheme that suits you. Be healthy!