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The benefits and use of Echinacea

With the advent of cold and rainy autumn poresthe human body undergoes severe shocks, as a result of which immunity weakens, which leads to catarrhal diseases. Preventive measures aimed at increasing the body's immune forces are necessary, but not always it would be desirable to use medicamentous agents for this purpose. In this case, traditional medicine, in particular, the use of echinacea will help.

application of Echinacea
In favor of traditional medicine should be said about itsharmlessness for the whole organism as a whole, since all the means of this method of treatment are natural and do not contain chemicals. Tincture of Echinacea, the instruction for the application of which must be observed in full, has antiviral properties. In addition, the tincture of the plant already at the first application begins to show its bactericidal properties, fighting with microbes already present in the body.

It is worth noting that the use of Echinacea differs in the absence of any negative effect on the body, since this drug is completely herbal.

tincture of echinacea instructions for use
Do not forget about the ability of tincturesoothe the nervous system, remove irritation, removing insomnia and stress. Scientists also noted that the use of Echinacea can lead to the development of anti-allergic properties of the body.

It is essential that using infusionson this plant can be completely at any age, moreover, most pediatricians are similar in opinion, what exactly is such way of strengthening of immunity is for the kids the best. Accordingly, this drug is equally effective for adults, especially for the elderly, whose immune system is significantly weakened by a decrease in protective forces. Echinacea herb, the use of which is especially important in autumn and spring, when the spread of viral infections is the most concentrated, is recommended as an auxiliary.

grass echinacea application

However, do not consider this plant asa way to treat influenza and more serious viruses. The use of echinacea will be especially relevant as a preventive measure, but if, for example, the rhinitis has already entered into its strength, the use of tincture on this herb will shorten the term of cure twice.

Of course, anti-cold and antiviralthe action of a plant is far from being its only properties. It has a special effect in the case of rheumatism, as well as any diseases directly related to the weakening of immunity, gynecological problems, as well as herpes and hepatitis viruses. Effective is the use of tincture in the presence of Escherichia coli, as Echinacea has significant antimicrobial properties. Apply the plant should be in the form of a tincture on 70% alcohol in a ratio of 1 to 10, while insisting that only the roots in the fresh form are taken. Take the medicine received should be in the form of drops, preferably before meals, dissolving in a spoonful of water. It should be noted that the drug will be considered ready for use after thirty-five days of exposure in a closed container.