/ How to Relieve Fatigue

How to relieve fatigue

Fatigue is a feeling that is practicallyThe majority of the inhabitants of the planet are constantly experiencing themselves. Most people simply do not pay attention to it, but there are situations when concentrated attention and a sober mind are simply necessary, for example, important meetings. In such cases it is very necessary to relieve fatigue. Yes, and she herself - not a very pleasant state, from which I want to get rid of.

There is a way out: there are a lot of techniques that will help to say goodbye to a sluggish state for a certain time. It is about how to relieve fatigue, and will be told in this article.

Of course, one of the simplest and most trustedways to relieve fatigue is a sound, healthy sleep, the duration of which should be more than eight hours. It is this amount of time that the body needs so that it can fully restore its strength. If fatigue is severe, then sleep time should be increased by two or three hours. Go to bed when you feel sleepy. Perfectly contributes to maintaining vivacity throughout the rest of the day after a nap, which lasts at least half an hour.

How to relieve physical fatigue.For this, water procedures are perfect. The opportunity to go to the bath, take a bath or shower the most suitable, but even the usual wiping with a hot wet sponge makes it possible to say goodbye to the accumulated fatigue. If there is not even such a possibility, you should wash your face, hands from your hands to your elbows, feet, from your feet to your knees. For washing, cold water is best suited. When wiping, massage your hands and feet lightly.

How to relieve fatigue from the eyes.From the effects of a long visual work can get rid of by doing some exercises. Close your eyes and face the sun or a reflector bulb. Then you need to start freely, slowly, without tension, turn your head in such a way that the rays of the sun illuminate your eyes. This exercise should be done two to three minutes. When the eyes begin to appear "bunnies", do not be afraid - this happens quickly enough. Next, you should sit down or lie down on the sofa and, relaxed, try not to think about anything. Over closed eyes, you must put a dense black cloth in such a way that it does not cause any discomfort to the eyes, and no light penetrates it. You must count to one hundred in time with your own exhalations and get up. Then close your eyes tightly two or three times and rinse them with water. Doing such exercises regularly several times a day, you can achieve that your eyes will be rested and full of energy.

How to relieve foot fatigue.Do your feet ache and aches? To remove the fatigue arising in them, you should put special orthopedic insoles in shoes, wear only comfortable and comfortable shoes (if it is on the heel, then it should be as low and stable as possible), wear shoes to size, do special exercises. For example, an excellent exercise is this: lying on your back, you need to raise your legs and lie in this position for about fifteen minutes. Also effective are various foot massages, relaxation of the legs during sitting, water procedures - from the bath to the usual rubbing, contrast shower before going to bed.

How to reduce the fatigue of the whole body.If everything falls from your hands, and you urgently need to gather strength, the following exercise, which in China is called "thunder of heavenly drums", will suit you. It consists in closing your eyes and covering your ears with your hands, clasping your neck with your fingers, and then crossing your index and middle fingers. Then you need to snap your fingers on the back of the head at the same time. In this case, a characteristic buzz must be heard in the ears, which, as the Chinese say, awakens consciousness. Exercise should be repeated twelve times.

How to relieve fatigue, which occurs constantly. For this, meditation, capable of restoring the strength and returning the body to an adequate physical state, is perfect.

In general, to avoid fatigue,more rest, and actively - walking along the street in the fresh air and the simplest physical exercises will help keep the body and spirit in a tone. A competent distribution of working time and rest time is also an excellent opportunity to constantly be in excellent condition.