/ Bodybuilding and Trekresan. Feedback on the drug

Bodybuilding and Trekresan. Feedback on the drug

Athletes and adherents of a healthy lifestyleto strengthen immunity and increase the endurance of the organism to various physical and mental loads, often resort to an inexpensive drug called "Trekresan." Reviews about it, visitors to various forums leave mostly in a positive way.

Trekrezan review
What is the reason for this success of the drug? How safe is this remedy? Why is it so popular among athletes?

Composition and principle of pharmacological action of the preparation "Trekresan"

Reviews of this medication receivedSynthetic way, most consumers prefer to leave optimistic. His immunomodulating and adaptogenic properties in ordinary people and athletes cause grateful comments. Adults and children who have reached the age of 12, "Trekrezan" helps:

  • strengthen the protective function of the body against colds, in the prevention and treatment of many viral and bacterial infections;
  • improve physical and mentalwork capacity, restore strength after overwork (including overtraining), resist various stressful situations (hypoxia, excessive hypothermia or overheating);
  • in combined long-term therapy with the use of antibiotics;
  • at complex treatment of poisonings (saltsheavy metals, organic solvents), has an antitoxic effect, eliminating the consequences of abuse of strong alcoholic beverages (including withdrawal syndrome).

To whom and how is it expedient to use an effective adaptogen?

The drug "Trekresan" is recommended for preventionand treatment of colds not only adults, but even children who have reached the age of 12. To pupils this tool helps to cope with increased mental and physical stress in school, strengthen immunity and protect the body from infections.

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Apply the drug inside for a week:adults and children over 12 years - 0.2 g (or 0.1 g) 3 times a day. The daily dose should not exceed 0.6 g. After the active phase of therapy, you can go to the supportive, taking 1 capsule of medication for a week. The maximum rate is 30-45 days. Treatment, if necessary, can be repeated at intervals between repeated doses of one to two months. In the season of colds, to increase working capacity and prevent diseases, you can take "Trekrezan" one tablet or capsule within 14 days.


Substitutes for this medication are"Ergoferon" and "Anaferon", "Ingavirin" and "Tamiflu." However, these antiviral drugs in their effect on the body significantly differ from the Trekresan medication. Analogues (reviews about which are positive) are aimed at the therapy of viral respiratory diseases, they have immunostimulating and antihistamine action, alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

Trekrizan in bodybuilding reviews
However, these drugs are effective againsta wide range of different viruses, but they do not have adaptogenic properties, they do not increase mental and physical performance, like Trekrezan. This inexpensive preparation is produced by Shchelkovo Vitamin Plant (Russia).

For amateur and professional athletes

Most fitness trainers or people,who are keen on sports, recommends that the preparation Trekrezan be used to increase the effectiveness of their activities. Feedback on its stimulating effect on a person's physical capabilities, ability to withstand immobilization and painful stress, improve adaptation to changing loads and restore strength after intense training can be found in professional forums and social networks.

The drug allows you to increase the effectivenesssports activities for all people, including those wishing to lose weight, prolonging the time of physical activity. It is known that "Trekresan", reviews of athletes of which it is called its powerful adaptogen, is popular among a variety of categories. In the process of training, bodybuilders and athletes are exposed to significant loads, causing rapid fatigue, so it is normal to restore strength by just draining an adaptogen tablet. According to their feedback, it increases endurance by several times, increasing the effectiveness and duration of training.

Trekrizan reviews athletes
Especially appreciated "Trekresan" in bodybuilding.Athletes' reviews praise the adaptogenic and immunomodulating properties of the drug. Intensive physical loads are transferred much easier, if you include in your mode of taking an available medication. In addition, the indicators of adaptation of the athletes' organism to changes in climatic conditions after Trekresan intake are equal to 30-35%, which insures them against colds and guarantees participation in competitions anywhere in the country and the world.

In the successful fight against stress andovertraining of the organism an important role is also played by this adaptogen. It is relevant during the training process, before and after the competition. His appointment is appointed by the doctor, there are no special contraindications, since Trekresan is safe, has no side effects and is rapidly excreted from the body.

Neutral or negative comments

Why not everyone likes the effect of the drugTrembled? The feedback, filled with disappointment, is often left by a person who has not received the therapeutic effect of the action of the medication. Doctors explain the absence of a positive result by late treatment and appointment of Trekresan, self-medication of patients or individual reaction of the human body.