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Ereton device: negative and positive reviews

The problem of prostatitis is relevant for manymen of solid age. Someone admits her and tries to fight, not hesitating to ask for medical help, but someone, on the contrary, stubbornly denies the real picture. As a result, those who belong to the second group are not able to lead normal not only sex life, but also ordinary, because this disease affects the general well-being of the man, his mood, and even self-esteem. Suffer and companion of life, which is not able to help his lover, if he does not want to recognize the reality of the problem.

Today, medicine has moved so far thateven a disease like prostatitis, really cure, and with little or no intervention. Thanks to the creation of modern apparatuses, even rectal massage (which is rightly considered the main help for a similar disease) is actually carried out at home and without outside help. And the result will not keep you waiting, at least so say those who used the device "Ereton". Reviews are negative and positive today you can find about it, but where is the truth hidden, we will try to find out now.

A small "acquaintance" with the device

The device "Ereton" is a special device,which is manufactured in Russia, and whose work is based on the impact of electric current (pulses), vibrations of low frequencies and magnetic field on the prostate of a man who is afflicted with the disease. This small device is able to affect the functionality of the prostate gland, if violations of its functioning were diagnosed. The impact will be physiotherapeutic. The combination of three actions (electrical impulse, vibration and magnetic field) allows you to work with different degrees of disease, because these three effects can be used both together and separately.

ereton reviews are negative

I am glad that all the necessary elements thatneed to be treated with the help of the device, they go immediately in the kit, and you do not have to make additional purchases or look for accessories at various points of sale. Positive feedback says that if it is used correctly and regularly, then the effectiveness is very high, both in combination with drug treatment (if we are talking about "neglected" forms of diseases), and independently. Even the batteries from which it works, the manufacturer provides, so it remains only to get acquainted with the rules of use and its technical features.

Let us pass to the principle of work

The device "Ereton" by the principle of work is sufficientsimple - the impact that it is able to produce, are curative for problems with the prostate. All effects stimulate the gland, which means that we get full activation of its work. If considered in detail, each of the types of impulses will bring the following result:

- Stimulation by current leads to an increaseblood circulation, both in veins and arteries, and in capillaries. It turns out, the effect leads to the fact that the prostate gland almost independently gets rid of edema, which leads to a normalization of the level of expansion and proliferation of connective tissues. As a result, all the organs of the small pelvis can take their normal form, and the patient will cease to feel discomfort, because spasms will disappear, and afterwards chronically disturbing pains in this area.

ereton reviews of urologists

- When exposed to low-frequency vibrations"Ereton" (reviews of doctors who recommend it, often mention this) can stimulate lymphatic drainage, as well as outflow of blood. Under this influence, the vesicles begin to expand independently, and all organs of the small pelvis receive blood supply in the normal amount for them.

- The influence of a magnetic field is no less important thanthe above. "Ereton" for men (reviews confirm this), which have already reached a significant age, is important in that it can significantly accelerate, and after and establish a cellular metabolism that allows tissues and muscles to be renewed, that is, the prostate gland is actually younger. Renewal of tissues leads to the restoration of the organ, which leads to a decrease in inflammation, a decrease in edema, and in the future - their complete or partial disappearance (depending on the severity of the disease).

When are combinations of the effects of the apparatus used?

The instruction accompanying the "Ereton" deviceclearly indicates that the use of three types of influences on tissues and the organ as a whole is recommended only in difficult cases, when recovery with the help of easier influences is impossible. If the disease has just started to affect the gland, then the effect alternately in each regimen should bring visible results, whose durability will pleasantly amaze. Often there is a complete recovery after using the device "Ereton", doctors' reviews of such cases can often be found.

Next to the advantages there are always shortcomings

Urological apparatus "Ereton" reviewsthe user side and the practitioners receive regularly, on the basis of individual subjective opinions, realistically assess the actual use of the device for those who suffer from problems with the prostate. After analyzing the set of responses, a group of advantages of the apparatus were singled out, as well as a group of obvious, often mentioned shortcomings.

"Pros", which are often spoken by users and doctors

Apparatus "Ereton" doctors' reviews filled withpositive, causes, first of all, due to the simplicity of its application. That is, even a person who has not previously received a quality medical consultation about the intricacies of using the device, after reading the instructions, will understand the principle of his work without problems and will be able to start treatment with his help at home.

ereton doctor's reviews

The small size of the device is that advantage,which is also often said, because it is so miniature that anyone can take it with him on a trip or business trip, that is, the process of treatment will not be interrupted.

"Ereton" reviews of urologists, as well ashe also receives recommendations for use due to the fact that he is really able to fight also with problems with erectile dysfunction, as a result, not only prostatitis is treated, but also become a common memory of the problem that were associated with premature ejaculation.

The long-term outcome is those patients,whose treatment with the help of "Eretona" was beneficial, note the duration of the result. That is, the inflammation of the prostate gland is not only removed, but the result is fixed, which allows a man to live a full life in all its manifestations.

By right the most pleasant "plus" from treatment patients distinguish the following fact - an orgasm in a person who used the urological apparatus "Ereton" for treatment becomes much stronger and brighter at times.

"Cons", which you need to know before you buy for yourself "Ereton"

The negative reviews, both on the part of doctors and patients, are based on the following factors:

How to use the device.The device needs to be inserted into the anus, and this is not the most pleasant and iridescent sensation. Many patients, in addition to discomfort, also feel uncomfortable, sometimes even try to abandon such treatment. But experts explain that without such a procedure, the results simply can not be. In addition, you can perform procedures at home, in a relaxed atmosphere and ask for help from your beloved woman, and not a nurse who is still a stranger.

Many negative reviews are based on the fact thatthe average buyer considers the price (from 8,000 r to 9,000 r) for this unit too high, that is, to afford to buy it from some simply does not have the possibility.

"Ereton" reviews are negative from patients,who previously did not consult with doctors, receives most often. The whole point is that you should start such treatment only after a thorough examination and only on the basis of the recommendations of a practicing specialist who will explain the scale of your problems and choose the ideal course of treatment. If you initially choose the wrong method of using "Eretona" yourself, you can not only not achieve the result, but also harm your health.

ereton instructions

As can be seen from the above, "Ereton"(urological apparatus), the reviews are negative and positive is receiving quite often, and it is these reviews that show that it is impossible to find a "panacea" in the treatment of any disease, especially if you have not previously consulted a specialist.

Let's get acquainted with the list of testimonies

So, it was found that "Ereton" reviewsthe negative is most often received, because the treatment with it started without prior consultation with the doctor. For those who hesitate to seek help, we provide a list of diseases in which, according to the instructions, the device should help:

- Erectile dysfunction - both functional and psychogenic.

- Andexitis, salpingo-ophritis and similar diseases. The manufacturer promises that the device will be able to help, even if the disease has already passed into a chronic form.

- Chronic pelvic pain, as well as prostatodynia.

- Partial loss of sexual attraction, as well as its complete absence.

- Prostatocystitis (only to diagnose a disease like this can only a doctor, do not put yourself such a diagnosis yourself and do not start using "Ereton" yourself.

- The instruction also says that the device will save those who have prostatic hyperplasia problems.

- Most often this device is used by men who suffer from chronic prostatitis. It is equally effective if the prostatitis has passed into an infectious form.

ereton apparatus urological reviews of doctors

There are a number of contraindications

Both doctors and the instruction to use the device warn that there are a number of diseases and disorders in which it is contraindicated to use "Ereton":

- If there is an oncological disease in any of its forms - in this case it is necessary to refuse treatment with the help of such a device as the device "Ereton";

- reviews of urologists are often filled with information that it is contraindicated to start treatment with it if the patient has previously been diagnosed with any systemic blood diseases;

- if a man has had a heart attack before, he should also refuse to use the device;

- also a contraindication will be the presence of a pacemaker, previously implanted;

- infectious diseases are incompatible with the treatment of prostatitis with the help of "Ereton";

- if you suffer from individual intolerance or poor blood coagulability, you will have to look for another effective method of treatment, the device is contraindicated to you;

- if a recent operation has been performedprostate gland, at least three months will not be able to use "Ereton", but it is better to begin its application only after the permission of a practicing physician.

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An interesting fact: to the problems with the prostate is not only the age or infection leads!

To the note many young men whobelieve that prostate adenoma or prostatitis are diseases that you can not think about for about sixty years. Urologists present a small list of the most pernicious factors affecting men's health and sexual abilities:

- Nicotine and alcohol dependence - you needto understand that both alcohol and nicotine act on the body as a poison, which means that the prostate glands suffer. So if you have such bad habits - to think about buying such a device as "Ereton" will have much earlier.

- Microtrauma - minor trauma in the inguinalthe region practically does not bring discomfort or problems to the man, but they can cause the development of diseases in which "Ereton" helps (the urological apparatus). The doctors' testimonies confirm that it is possible to get such a microtrauma even while riding a bicycle, which is accompanied by a shake-up and vibration.

- Inactive way of life - office staff,who practically 90% of their working hours are sitting on the ground, also put their bodies in danger, because this position of the body provokes stagnation of blood in the vessels, including in the prostate. So even men who have only reached the age of twenty can notice signs of problems with the prostate gland.

Alternative to "Ereton"

Medicine today is very well developed, soalmost any method of treatment has its analogues and alternatives. "Ereton" is also not the only salvage from prostate diseases, if you do not want to use it, the doctor is obliged to offer you one of the following treatment options:

- Finger massage of the prostate - today inmedical institutions, both public and private, there are many professionals, virtuosos of their business, who have a complex technique of finger massage of the prostate through the rectum. The effect of such a massage is really very palpable, because there is a stagnation of blood in the vessels, which means that the functions performed by the gland are restored, and an erect function is also established a little later. Only need to be prepared for the fact that this work is performed by an outsider, and not "Ereton" (a urological apparatus).

apparatus ereton reviews of doctors

- Comments of doctors about another alternative alreadymore restrained, because this is a surgical intervention - an operation that is the introduction of a special device into the urethra, which must destroy the tissues of the prostate gland. This method of treatment does not completely eliminate "masculine problems", as unshakable statistic is confirmed, a large number of patients were diagnosed with relapse after surgery.

It is also worth noting that such alternatives will devastate the patient's wallet much more than buying the device described by us.

It is worthwhile to understand that today does not existthe only treatment that helps in 100% of cases, but this does not mean that the disease is not worth fighting for. To date, the device "Ereton" has collected a huge number of reviews, many of which are not too positive. But as practice shows, those patients who have neglected preliminary consultation with a doctor and his help in the course of treatment speak ill of him.