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Collar zone - massage

Cervical collar, or collar, zoneis one of those parts of the human body that is most susceptible to the effects of adverse factors. Incorrect posture, work at the computer, a long time spent in a sitting position, monotonous movements of the hands, heavy weights - all this and much more leads to constant tension and stiffness of the muscles, which leads to deformation of the spine and muscle spasms.

The collar zone, whose massage allows you to eliminate stagnant phenomena, get rid of puffiness and deposition of salts, is in the neck of the human body.

This type of massage will allow to carry out prophylaxis or will bring relief with the following ailments:

cervical osteochondrosis;

- scoliosis;

- formation of scapular adhesions;

- torticollis.

Massage is especially effective at the first pain, the first symptoms of these diseases.

The collar zone, whose massage will make your state of health better and allow you to get rid of the pain in the shoulder region, is easily accessible for performing massage manipulations.

The massage of this part of the body will helpget rid of fast fatigue and associated headaches, normalize blood pressure, relieve drowsiness and nervousness. In addition, the treatment, in which the technique of massage of the collar zone is carried out in accordance with the prescription of the doctor, will help quickly get rid of adhesions in the area of ​​the shoulder girdle and the deposition of salts.

This type of massage manipulation, provided it is performed by a qualified specialist, rehabilitates the natural flexibility of the joints of the hands, back and neck.

The collar zone, the massage of which will be heldin the course of two or three courses, will forever be freed from the negative effects of cervical radiculitis. At the same time you will become a happy owner of a light walk and regal bearing.

In the case of a pronounced disease, for example, breast osteochondrosis, a specialist can recommend a slightly larger number of sessions or, at his discretion, an increased intensity of procedures.

With the purpose of carrying out preventive measures with neuralgia of the occipital nerve, as a rule, the masseur will prescribe one or two courses of therapeutic massage.

The collar zone, whose massage will be performedspecialized method in the neck, will be heated so that her muscles and skin will get increased blood circulation, relieving symptoms of the occipital headache.

Patients should remember that a neglected disease is usually much harder to treat.

When performing a therapeutic massage of the patient's neck,The masseur always acts on certain biologically active points of a person, thereby determining the presence or absence of a migraine. Painful sensations, which the patient experiences at the same time, allow the specialist to make conclusions about the stage of the disease.

Do not pay attention to the pain that can occur when neck massage, because even after several sessions the patient can forget about the symptoms of hypertension.

Such a procedure as massage of the collar zone,contraindications are practically absent. However, it should be remembered that this kind of massage manipulation should be performed only by a specialist - a true professional in his field. The frequency of courses, the number of sessions of massage and its intensity are determined by the doctor and directly depend on the disease and the condition of the patient.

The most important purpose of massage in the area of ​​the collar zone is to relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow to the brain area and reduce the manifestations of osteochondrosis.