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Pain between the shoulder blades: the reasons for what to do?

Every person sooner or later facespain in the back. Problems with the spine can arise because of a sedentary lifestyle, excessive physical exertion, an incorrect balance of working and rest. Pain between the shoulder blades is a common symptom. However, not all of them treat this type of discomfort seriously enough and do not rush to visit the doctor. This is a big mistake, because the reasons for the appearance of pain are a huge number: from the most banal to life-threatening. In any case, problems with the spine interfere with normal pastime. A person feels uncomfortable walking, can not sit for a long time, it is difficult for him to sleep, etc. We will analyze in this article the causes of pain between the shoulder blades, as well as methods of treatment and prevention measures.


discomfort on the right side of the back

Unpleasant sensations between the shoulder bladesman in all matters. The pain increases with lifting hands, inhaling, after sleep. These and other symptoms, including burning in the chest, should not be ignored. These signs serve as a warning about a very serious illness, so it is better not to joke with this matter and make an appointment with a doctor.

Pain in the upper region of the spine is often felt in the following cases:

  • at the end of the gestation period;
  • After sleep;
  • with inhalation and exhalation;
  • After a long stay in an uncomfortable position;
  • with excessive physical exertion.

The nature of discomfort is very different,it all depends on the causes of back pain between the shoulder blades. It is divided into several types: noisy, sharp, searing, etc. Each type has its own characteristics, which we will highlight in our material.

Why does it hurt between the shoulder blades

It should be noted that discomfort inThis area is not a separate disease - it's just a symptom. Therefore it is very stupid to try to drown out the pain, not knowing the reasons for its appearance. After all, you can completely get rid of torment, only by eliminating them.

So, the most common causes of pain between the shoulder blades are:

  1. Diseases associated with the spine. Most of the patients have scoliosis, kyphosis and osteochondrosis. Identify this can only be an expert, so do not delay with the recording at the reception.
  2. The ailments of the cardiovascular system.Pain in the back between the shoulder blades does not always arise due to problems with the spine, often internal organs become its culprits. If discomfort occurs due to irregularities in the heart, then back treatment does not help. Such pain usually appears suddenly after high physical activity, and then falls off sharply.
  3. Problems with the lungs. Here, along with painful feelings, there are other symptoms, such as coughing, weakness of the body, fever.
  4. Gastrointestinal tract.Violations in this system can lead not only to discomfort in the upper part of the spine, but also to nausea, vomiting and heartburn. Such signs are clearly hinting at gastrointestinal diseases. Symptoms are difficult not to notice, because they arise constantly and do not give a person peace of mind.
  5. Muscle contraction.The pain between the scapula and in the chest does not always indicate a deformation of the spine. Quite often, unpleasant sensations appear as a result of muscle spasm. Aching pain is almost always chronic. This affects the muscles, close to the spine.
  6. Professional ailments.This category of diseases is more common in people who have pain due to the specifics of the work. In the risk zone are all those who work in a sitting position for a long time. You can select drivers, seamstresses, office workers, etc.


pain in the neck

Speaking about the specific causes of pain between the shoulder blades, it is worth noting the fact that, depending on the disease, it has additional symptoms. They help to identify the disease more accurately.

Auxiliary signs can serve as:a crunch in the vertebrae of the thoracic region, numbness of the limbs, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, convulsions, etc. In fact, there are a lot of symptoms. Often, patients experience pain between the scapula and give them to the sternum. This indicates problems with the cardiovascular system. And the person feels a dull pain, which passes only after the elimination of the cause. Sometimes, along with unpleasant sensations between the shoulder blades, the patient is found to have difficulty urinating, raising body temperature. These signs, as a rule, indicate problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Pain during pregnancy

Quite often, girls in the state complain aboutpain between the shoulder blades. What to do in this situation? First, you need to identify the cause. In most cases, this is a temporary phenomenon, and it is associated with several factors. Here are the main ones:

  • During the entire pregnancy weight increases, and with it pressure on the spine;
  • the uterus, as is known, increases very rapidly, which leads to a shift in the center of gravity;
  • the load increases all the time, including the spinal muscles.

Qualified specialists are slow to appointtreatment for future mothers. This is due to the temporary nature of unpleasant sensations. That is, after the expiration of the pregnancy and the birth of the baby all the painful symptoms must pass by themselves. If after that the pain does not recede, then effective therapy is needed.

pain between the shoulder blades

Pregnant women can be advised to wearcomfortable clothes and shoes, a lot of rest, sleep, daily to do simple physical exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back, eat right, more time to be in the fresh air. Simple actions will make life easier for future mothers, and pregnancy will proceed well.

Types of pain

As already noted, the pain in the back betweenspatula can be of different nature. Since each person has a threshold of sensitivity, it is difficult to systematize all types of unpleasant sensations. But still, highly qualified specialists in this business succeeded and were able to expand everything on the shelves.

So, the types of pain between the shoulder blades:

  • Sharp.There is such unpleasant sensation as a result of jamming of nerve endings, with a strong inflammation. Earlier such a symptom was called radiculitis, but this word is no longer used in modern medicine. Severe pain occurs during biliary colic.
  • Burning.This kind of painful sensations is observed in two situations: when it is suffering from osteochondrosis or ischemic heart disease. Burning sensation attacks suddenly, and passes as quickly after taking pain medications.
  • Naked. If the patient feels such pain, then almost with absolute certainty it can be asserted that these are problems with the spine. In this way, does not allow itself to forget about scoliosis, kyphosis and hernia.
  • Strong.Pain between the shoulder blades of this kind occurs with pancreatitis, intercostal neuralgia, etc. Similar sensations are observed in patients during an infarction. In addition to painful feelings, there are elevated blood pressure and tachycardia.
  • Sharp.This kind of unpleasant sensation arises against the background of inflammation of the gallbladder. The patient feels discomfort after taking fatty foods. In addition, if there is a sharp pain between the shoulder blades in the spine and gives it to the chest, you can talk about chest osteochondrosis.
  • Stupid.Often the most harmless type of pain, appears as a result of excessive physical exertion, problems with muscles and ligaments. In rare cases, when an unpleasant feeling lasts a long time, it indicates a disease of the gastrointestinal tract or osteochondrosis.

Diagnosis of Diseases

When back pain occurs in the middle betweenwith spatula, immediately contact a doctor. With the help of modern technologies it will be possible to quickly determine the diagnosis. Usually, doctors use MRI (magnetic resonance tomography), CT (computed tomography) and X-ray for this.

pain in the spine

However, the correct diagnosis can behelp identify additional symptoms. Scoliosis, for example, is distinguished by the fact that the patient feels constant pain between the scapulas. She gives to the chest. Appears as a result of a long stay in one position. Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine, so an unpleasant sensation is localized in one place.

Osteochondrosis is characterized by aching pain.In addition, there is a difficulty in breathing and a strong cough. If you sharply straighten the spine, you can hear a crunch. Angina pectoris is characterized by pain attacks, each of them lasts no more than 5 minutes. The nature of the painful sensation is burning, giving into the arm and the left scapula.

Infarction can be determined by the pain inthe area of ​​the lower jaw, and the appearance of dyspnoea. The ulcer of the stomach is characterized by such concomitant symptoms as nausea, vomiting and heartburn. The patient is relieved only after a fit of vomiting.

With pancreatitis there is an acute unbearablepain. About pneumonia says high body temperature, cough and shortness of breath. Inflammation of the gallbladder is characterized by sharp stitching unpleasant sensations. Plus, all people suffer from nausea and vomiting.

These conclusions the experienced doctor will make after visualexamination and questioning of the patient. Then you need to resort to treatment to confirm the diagnosis. After this, the doctor prescribes therapy, which the patient must adhere to.

Treatment with medicines

It should be noted that taking medication shouldunder the strict supervision of the attending physician. As for the choice of medicines, it is not recommended to implement it independently. In each specific situation, different drugs will be effective, we will consider the most common cases.

To eliminate the pain, doctors appointnonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Particularly effective are "Diclofenac", "Movalis", "Nimesulide." Medications are aimed at relieving inflammation and muscle tone, as well as improving blood circulation.

If the pain syndrome is pronounced, it is necessaryto remove it by radical methods. This refers to an injection containing lidocaine (novocaine) in combination with prednisolone. Injections can not be performed frequently, about once every three days, and the total number of injections should not exceed four. Otherwise, drugs will only harm the body, increasing the likelihood of complications.

Sometimes a doctor prescribes diuretics.This is done to remove the swelling at the site of inflammation. However, before taking them, you need to make sure that there is enough potassium in the body. In addition, the attending physician has the right to prescribe additional medications. It depends on the specific disease, type and nature of the pain. In any case, do not neglect the advice of qualified professionals in order to avoid negative consequences.

Ways of self-relieving pain

It must be said that self-medication is notcosts, here refers to non-drug therapy, which the doctor advised to use. After all, taking medications does not cover all problems at once, the intervention of alternative medicine in this case is necessary.

massage procedure

The methods of therapy directly depend on the causes,causing pain in the middle between the scapulae. If the basis of unpleasant sensations is muscle spasm, then you can contact a massage therapist or manual therapist. Thanks to the services of these specialists, the patient will improve blood circulation and correct the position of the muscles.

If the focus of the problem is diseaseof the gastrointestinal tract, then of all the independent ways of eliminating the trouble is the observance of the diet. In this case, you can not eat fried, salty, fatty and spicy food.

Sometimes the doctor offers the patient acupuncture.This method has recently become very popular, but not all recognize its effectiveness. Acupuncture will help the body to relax, as a result of which overall well-being will improve.


Where without exercise?Pain between the shoulder blades quite often bothers people. In addition to medical treatment, physiotherapy and massage, regular gymnastics should be done regularly. Physical exercises help to prepare muscles for exercise, so lactic acid is released and the body slowly returns to normal. It is worth noting that gymnastics is done only during the relaxation of discomfort. In this case, you can not do anything through pain.

All exercises should be done slowly andsmoothly. The main rule of such gymnastics is - listen to your body. If you feel a tingling or pain, it is worth stopping the exercise and postponing its performance indefinitely. It is these tasks that enable you to understand how the process of recovery is going. It is worth about once a week to try some difficult exercises. Once the number of such tasks is reduced to zero, the restoration can be considered perfect.

treatment of back pain

There are three main stages of training:warm-up, gymnastics and stretching. Do not underestimate the importance of warming up. If you do not warm up your muscles, the likelihood of injury is markedly increased. Warm up is with squats, circular movements of shoulders, head turns.

Then you can start the main exercises.Here, doctors recommend doing inclines, circular rotation of the body. The following exercise is considered quite effective: first you need to lie on your stomach, stretching your arms along the body. The first stage will be the lifting of the chin and the retention of this position for about thirty seconds. Then you need to simultaneously lift the trunk and legs. Do everything smoothly, without sudden movements.

The final part is stretching. The muscles during this slowly exit from the active work and return to the normal state.

Prevention of pain between the shoulder blades

In order to protect yourself from this symptom as much as possible, you must adhere to certain recommendations:

  • active and healthy lifestyle;
  • getting rid of bad habits, in particular smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • performing physical exercises;
  • do not overload the spine;
  • control over the posture, we must try to walk and sit with an even back;
  • sleep in comfortable conditions.
manual therapy

However, not always a person can warnunpleasant sensations in the field of scapula. If the pain has arisen, then try to unload the spine and rest more time. With constant incessant pain, it is necessary to appear to a specialist. According to the rules of medicine, it is quite simple to eliminate an unpleasant feeling, you just have to find the reason and undergo a full-scale complex treatment prescribed by a doctor.