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Corn between toes: treatment with folk remedies. Dry calluses between toes: treatment

Some people at some point in their lives find that they have to deal with such an unpleasant problem as calluses between toes. Treatment this ailment is possible, and with a positive result. But in order for everything to end well, and the disease is forever behind, it will be necessary to approach the question thoroughly.

The essence of the problem

With such a nuisance as the callus between the fingerslegs, the treatment of which is available, but it takes time, absolutely different people come across. And as a reason for this phenomenon, you can determine the reaction of the skin to traumatic effects. As a result, the stratum corneum is hypertrophied, that is thickened. In other words, in places of large and stable load, a coarse layer of skin grows.

corn between toes treatment

If to speak more specifically about the factors leading to such a reaction, then it is worth highlighting the following types of effects on the skin between the toes:

- Bony projections;

- high heels;

- excess weight;

- crooked fingers;

- shoes that strongly presses on the foot or has a narrowed sock;

- flat feet;

- a negative influence also has too loose or simply uncomfortable shoes;

- wrong cut of the nail, which rubs against the adjacent finger, forming outgrowths and cracks.

It is worth noting that their negative role can beplay also cardiovascular diseases and swelling. In general, in some situations it is because of insufficient care (elementary rules of hygiene) that there is such a problem as corn between the toes. Treatment is a process that can be avoided initially if you constantly monitor yourself.

How to prevent thickening of the stratum corneum

Here is one of the first rules you needremember: it is important to always choose comfortable and quality shoes for permanent use. It should "breathe", otherwise it may be excessive sweating of the toes, which in time can lead to calluses.

If the shoes are new and presses on the foot, then it is worth using special stretch liquids, which allow to correct this problem.

After a hard day's work, especially ifYou had to walk a lot, you need to use soothing skin baths, for example, with decoction of chamomile. Thanks to its useful properties of attention deserves also ichthyol ointment.

dry calluses between toes treatment

So that the corn between the toes does not appear,the treatment of which will still take time, it is better to initially allocate several minutes during the loads for a short, but qualitative rest. Such preventive maintenance will allow to work actively and thus not to be afraid of occurrence of stratifications of a skin.

Vitamin prophylaxis

In addition to the above measures, there is another wayprevention of such problems as corns between toes. Treatment, medicine and doctor's services are those stages that can be avoided if you consume vitamin A. It is he who has the most direct influence on the formation of the stratum corneum, so the deficiency of this element can lead to the appearance of corns.

calluses between toes treatment

In order to fill the daily rate of suchvitamin, it is enough to go to any pharmacy where it can be easily found. But if there is a desire to nourish the body with only natural products, then it makes sense to eat 300 grams of carrots daily. This will be enough to ensure the constant presence of vitamin A in the right amount.

Corn between the toes - treatment

This form should be given attention for the reason that it can not be called simple and easily removable.

In fact, we are talking about the standard skin tightening with the exception that under the stratified corneum there is a single rod or several thick white threads. They also complicate the situation.

Immediately it is worth noting the fact that with such athe problem is not to try to cope on your own. This recommendation is explained by the following circumstance: the roots of such a corn penetrate deep inside the skin. This means that it will be very difficult to remove it.

Assistance specialist in this situation is inevitable.In this case, the removal itself will occur in several stages, which once again emphasizes the complexity of the process. First, removal is carried out with the help of special tools, then the problem area is frozen with liquid nitrogen or the laser is cauterized.

If an ingrown corn was found between the toes and the stem, the treatment should be performed only by the doctor, especially if the build-up is localized under the thumb.

Dry form

This type of corn can be called standard. That is, in the area of ​​permanent exposure to the skin a build-up appears, but it does not have a bubble with a liquid, which is why it is called dry.

In order to thoroughly understand thisthe problem, you need to soften the hardened skin before the removal with the help of a bath. This task can be performed using ammonia. When the corn softens, pumice will help to remove it. This process should be neat without strong, excessive pressure.

Corn between toes treatment with photo

After this, you need to thoroughly approach the issue of prevention and personal hygiene. This will avoid the re-education of this problem.

When corn is old

In this case, before undertakingany action, you need to visit a doctor and get his advice. This is important, because sometimes it is the fungus that acts as the cause of the problem, such as dry calluses between toes. Treatment should take place taking into account this fact.

If you neglect the participation of a doctor, you can find that such a thickening of the stratum corneum will grow into a plantar wart, which you can not remove by yourself.

Therefore, if there were dry calluses betweenwith your toes, the treatment is better to be performed initially in a cosmetology clinic. There they can be cut off carefully and safely, and then treated with liquid nitrogen.

cornea between toes treatment

For rapid and thorough neutralization of this type of calluses, the drill method can still be used. Such a method is good because a new one will never appear on the site of a distant built-up edge.

How to deal with the "wet" corn

If you know about such a problem, the first thing you can do is buy and apply a special band-aid. It can be easily found in the pharmacy.

There is also an alternative way - to use a solution of furacilin or hydrogen peroxide, treating them to form a bubble with liquid every 2-3 hours.

Another effective recipe is as follows: you need to break the egg and remove the white film from the inner surface of the shell, then apply it on the seal with a damp side.

It is worth remembering that when there is a wet callus between the toes, treatment will give results much faster if the bubble does not open. So try not to pierce it.

Oils and Creams

When it comes to dealing with compacted hornylayer between the fingers, it's time to remember the cream. It is important that its main component is salicylic acid, otherwise the effect will be minimal. The same applies to ointments.

In principle, with the help of a 10%salicylic ointment can be effective enough to affect the corn between the toes. Treatment with the use of creams and ointments should be carried out in such a way that these funds affect the healthy skin as little as possible.

To obtain the maximum result beforethe procedure itself, the skin between the fingers should be steamed and put a patch on the problem area, in the center of which there will be an opening. The size of such a hole should be such that the opening opens only corn. Healthy skin, respectively, will be closed. The next thing to do is apply the ointment / cream on the compacted area of ​​the skin and close it with the second patch on top.

What the folk methods can offer

In fact, ways to effectively impacta thickening of the stratum corneum is abundant. And if there is a callus between the toes, treatment with folk remedies will be one of the worthy alternatives, especially when qualified medical care is not available.

You can start with a potato mask.To prepare it you will need pre-boiled potatoes in a uniform, from which you need to peel and thoroughly mash. After that, a teaspoon of sunflower oil is added, after which all components are mixed. The resulting mixture is superimposed on the problem areas between the fingers and fixed for 15 minutes.

With such a problem as dry calluses, it is worthremember the prunes. The procedure itself begins with the stripping of the compaction of the stratum corneum. Then, the prunes cooked in milk are applied to the diseased area until completely cooled down. This process can be repeated several times in a row.

callus between the toes

Honey and coffee are also good.The idea is to make a medical compress. To do this, you need a teaspoon of honey and half a grated raw potato. Such a compress should be applied to the formed callus once a day.

Those who are set for an extremely simple process of treatment, aloe is suitable, which is applied to the problem place between the fingers and securely fixed with a band-aid, or, better, a bandage.

Use of trays

The application of this technique gives good results.Results with a problem such as calluses between toes. Treatment with the photo of the process itself will allow you to better understand the essence of the procedure. But even without visualizing the actions to understand the intricacies of preparing the trays is not so difficult.

The most popular are the following recipes:

- Manganese bath. It is necessary to make a light pink solution of potassium permanganate and add a little salt there, then lower the legs into it for 15-20 minutes.

- Soap and soda.In 2 liters of hot water you need to dissolve 2 tbsp. l grated or liquid soap and 5 tsp. baking soda. In the resulting solution it is necessary to keep the feet for 30-40 minutes. It is then recommended to treat the compaction points with a pumice stone. As an end of the procedure, an emollient or nourishing cream is applied.

- Adding chamomile.The recipe described above can be slightly changed: in 1 liter of heated water, in addition to soda and soap, 1 liter of chamomile infusion is added. The result is a 2-liter therapeutic bath. But before you drop your legs into it, you need to pound the problem spots with pumice stones. Such an effect on callus should be provided at least once a week. When the layering becomes white, it can be removed gently.

- Salt bath.To make it, you will need to dissolve ordinary salt (2 tbsp) in 2 l of water. In this room temperature solution, you need to keep your feet for half an hour, after which they should be rinsed with warm water.


It is obvious that the formation of calluses between the fingersis a problem that can hardly be ignored. Therefore, it is important to study not only possible methods of influencing the thickening of the stratum corneum, but also pay attention to methods of prevention. This means that you have to do your shoes and choose only comfortable models, constantly take care of the skin of your legs, periodically give stops in the active days and saturate the body with the necessary vitamins.

corns between toes treatment medications

It is this approach that will make it possible to forget about this problem once and for all.