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"IRS-19": reviews (for children). How effective is the IRS-19 spray?

Children often get sick. And this is a fact.Especially when a child goes to a kindergarten, he even more often brings snot home, which parents have to treat. And since not always the mother has the opportunity to sit for two weeks at home on sick leave to treat a runny nose and sore throat, many doctors prescribe "IRS-19" to children.

IRS 19 reviews (for children)

Structure of the preparation

Unlike other drugs,"IRS-19" consists of lysates of bacteria that do not kill them, but directly affect the production of immunity. That is why it refers to immunomodulating medications, which are allowed to be applied even to young children.

The composition contains lysates of those bacteria thatmainly are pathogens. It is noteworthy that in it there are lysates of several types of streptococcus, which can cause sore throat, pneumonia, etc.

irs 19 children

Properties of the medicine

"IRS-19" for children has a mass of positiveproperties. And the main principle of its action is slightly different from other drugs. For example, at the time of spraying, the aerosol evenly covers the mucous membrane, thereby better protecting this vulnerable area.

This action leads to a very rapid developmentlocal immunity, which is very important in young children. Microbes and bacteria every day attack the child, and therefore it is very important that there are no weaknesses.

That protection, which is formed by the action of aerosol, very well prevents the reproduction of bacteria and microbes. In addition, "IRS-19" for children increases the phagocytic activity of macrophages.

irs 19 for children

Purpose of the medicine

Basically, nasal spray "IRS-19" is prescribedchildren in the period of illness. It is noteworthy that the spectrum of action of the drug is very wide, so it can be used for both common colds and viral and bacterial diseases.

Assign a drug if:

- The child rhinitis, and sometimes it happenscomplicated. That is, the mucus immediately thick, not liquid, this is very dangerous, since it is difficult to remove. Often such a common cold is of bacterial origin.

- The child has sinusitis, during which there is stagnation of mucus in the aisles, which is very dangerous. The child starts to hurt his head, there is a constant stuffiness and nasal voice.

- The child has laryngitis, during which the mucussettles on the vocal cords, because of what gradually the voice becomes hoarse. Laryngitis is very dangerous, as in advanced cases the probability of developing a chronic stage of the disease increases.

- The child has tonsillitis, during which it is very important to start treatment on time, so that the infection does not go down.

- Bronchitis.Sometimes the focus of infection is located in the upper respiratory tract. And to help the body cope with bronchitis, you need to treat it not only with mucolytic drugs, but also others that will promote the development of immunity and the destruction of bacteria.

Also, IRS-19 is assigned to children if it is necessary to carry out disease prevention.

Irs 19 with adenoids


It is often easier to carry out preventivemeasures, than then to treat a strong rhinitis or a sick throat. That is why "IRS-19" is an excellent preparation for carrying out preventive measures. Due to the fact that it contains only bacterial lysates, which, in fact, are residues of bacteria, the drug is approved for use even by young children. Particularly acute issue of prevention rises, when the child went to the kindergarten and parents do not have the opportunity to constantly go to the hospital. And frequent colds have a negative effect on the body.

The best means for prevention is considered"IRS-19". Comments (for children) regarding preventive measures are exceptionally positive. Parents note that if they complete a full course, which is about two weeks, the incidence rate decreases. Of course, the child does not stop to get sick at all, but it happens much less often.

It is believed that if you apply the medicine in the verypeak incidence, it is easy to avoid the disease, as the immunity to pathogens is developed. True, bacteria and viruses with each new season of morbidity are becoming more and more adapted.

nasal spray irs 19


Quite often, small suffer from adenoids.And the condition sharply worsens, the temperature rises, the throat turns red and it's hard to swallow the baby. To all else may be intoxication of the body.

Many doctors prescribe "IRS-19" for adenoidsbecause it contains bacterial lysates, which can protect against further development of the disease. Moms almost always notice the degree of illness in their children and easily distinguish a common cold (that is, cold) from adenoids.

If the very first signs begin treatment with this medicine, you can avoid taking antibiotics.

Reviews about the drug for use inthe treatment time is different. Some argue that thanks to him they went on the amendment much faster and the recovery period was short. Others say that it did not help, and besides, there were side effects.


Despite the fact that one of the best drugs fortreatment of the common cold and prevention is "IRS-19", reviews (for children) are slightly different, as there are a number of contraindications when it is strictly prohibited. So, some children have an individual intolerance to certain components of the drug. This is mainly referred to as auxiliary substances.

Also, the IRS-19 treatment of children suffering from autoimmune diseases is prohibited, because the body struggles with itself, and then there is an additional stimulant.

Irs for children. Price

How to apply

The scheme of taking the drug is quite simple."IRS-19" children are appointed to inject only after a preliminary washing of the nasal cavity. This should be done in order that the mucosa was cleaned and the lysates acted on it, and not removed from the nose along with the mucus.

For children under the age of three,it is allowed to apply the medicine 2 times a day. And doctors recommend to use it before going to sleep, so that the active substance remains in the nose as long as possible.

As for children whose age is older than threeyears, the scheme of admission is the same as in adults. It is necessary to do from 3 to 5 injections per day into each nostril. Also before use, clean the nose of mucus.

Separately, it should be said about the restoration of immunity. Experts recommend injecting "IRS-19" to children for prevention twice a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening for two weeks.

ers 19 in the throat

Application of the drug in complex therapy

In most cases, "IRS-19" is not prescribed as an independent medicine, basically it is prescribed as another immunomodulating drug during a severe cold or flu.

In the complex therapy "IRS-19":

- Helps to stop the infection process at the very beginning of the disease, when the symptoms did not yet become acute.

- Helps reduce the number of days of taking antibiotics, as well as other anti-inflammatory drugs.

- Helps to accelerate the recovery period.

- Significantly reduces the risk of complications.

"IRS-19" for children. Price

Treating today is not very cheap, especially ifthis applies to children. And although doctors are trying to prescribe more or less affordable drugs, still among them is one or two expensive. In terms of wages, "IRS-19" is an expensive medicine.

Its price varies from 400 to 480 rubles, depending on which city is talking about, as well as what kind of pharmacy (whether municipal or commercial).

Rules for using the drug

As such, recommendations regardingthere is no use of the drug. The only thing that is worth remembering is that in no case can you turn over, drop it, as the bottle itself may be damaged.

Keep the head at the time of injection should be exactly, can not be thrown back, since the nozzle is made so that the drug falls into the nose.

"IRS-19". Reviews (for children)

Reviews about the drug vary. Some people think that the drug copes with the tasks perfectly, and some do not see any positive effect. It all depends on the causative agent of the common cold.

There is an opinion that it is not necessary to treat immunostimulants with a cold, because the body must overcome it by itself.

Some try to splash "IRS-19" in the throat,thinking that from this effect will get better. But in fact, it is designed specifically for the nasal mucosa, and the throat has an indirect effect by increasing immunity.

At the very beginning of the disease, it is best to resort to the help of IRS-19. Reviews (for children) about him are mostly positive.

"IRS-19" is an excellent preparation for children, with the help of which it is possible to cure a cold for two or three days. The main thing - before use consult with a doctor.