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Hib vaccine: effect and side effects

The correct decision about any vaccination is possible.To accept only in the event that in more details to understand, for what it is necessary. Many parents are afraid to bring their child to the clinic, believing that the HIB vaccine or any other vaccine can harm their children.

For what is done?

Young children who have not yet turned fiveyears, can be infected with a hemophilic rod, therefore vaccination is used to prevent serious diseases at an early age. Hemophilus rod is dangerous for the child's body, as it is covered with a shell, and it is not able to cope with it with its own body.

inoculation of the hib

Infection can be freely transmittedairborne droplets, while many adults are its carriers. The bacterium can stay in the body for a long time and does not manifest itself in any way, but as soon as the person's immunity weakens, various diseases immediately begin to appear. That this does not happen, and it is recommended to do the vaccination at an early age.

What happens if you do not vaccinate your child?

The consequences of exposure to the hemophilic rod can be seen in the form of diseases such as:

  • Meningitis with brain damage, in which a fatal outcome can occur.
  • Epiglottitis, in which the child may suffocate.
  • Severe pneumonia.
  • Sepsis.
  • Chronical bronchitis.

inoculation act hib

Often, all these diseases are secretive, andwhen they manifest themselves in full, the child is already in serious condition. Treatment for such an infection is complex and requires a lot of effort, since the rod is resistant to antibiotics. With the help of vaccination there is a unique opportunity not to treat illnesses, but to warn.

What is included in the vaccine?

Vaccination ACT HIB is produced by a pharmacological company in France, but in Russia it has been patented since 1997. The vaccine includes such substances:

  • Polysaccharide, taken from the surface of the bacterium and mixed with an anatoxin from tetanus.
  • Sucrose and tromethanol (acted as an ionic regulator).

hepatitis vaccination

It should be noted that the HIB vaccine does not containthemselves bacteria, so you can not get sick after it. Of course, the vaccine will not protect the child from such diseases as meningitis or pneumonia, because there are many other bacteria that can cause these serious illnesses, but they can be weaker than the hemophilic rod.

Effectiveness of vaccination

Vaccination for a long time was studied clinically.The results that were obtained are favorable. Children who were examined and vaccinated, formed a strong immunity, which lasted four years. After this, the child begins to develop his own protection. The earlier the HIB vaccine is made, the faster the immunity will start to form in the baby.

Some parents decide to do the vaccine after the child goes to the kindergarten and gets sick. If he is not yet five, vaccination will help to develop immunity against the wand.

When and how should I get vaccinated?

If the child does not have any indication thathe is present Hib infection, vaccination is still required, because the kid visits kindergartens, which means that he communicates with the team, and someone can be the bearer of a malicious wand that is transmitted not only by airborne droplets, but also through toys , dishes, a towel. It is advisable to do the vaccination during the first months of the baby's life.

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If the vaccine is given from 2 to 6 months, it is necessary to remember several stages:

  • A day is appointed when the injection is made.
  • Vaccination is repeated in a month.
  • The third injection is given after a year.

If the vaccine is given at a later age,for example, from six months to a year, then one stage in the scheme is not taken into account. In five years it is enough to do the injection only once. Everyone who has been vaccinated with HIB, the reviews leave exceptionally positive. But it is very important before you do the vaccination, carefully read the instructions and consult a doctor.

Contraindications and side effects

Like many vaccines, this vaccine also hasadverse effects. Of course, such cases are very rare, but still have a place to be. Studies have shown that most often a local reaction to injection begins to occur. There is pain and redness of the soft tissues at the site of the injection. Such reactions are observed only in 10% of cases. The temperature rises very rarely in a child - there can be 1 case per 100 people, which is a low figure if one compares other vaccinations with each other. When the vaccination of ACT HIB was done, the parents' feedback indicated that this vaccination does not cause any serious consequences. In medicine, there were also no serious complications after the administration of the drug.

vaccination act hib reviews

The consequences of diseases that can arise from exposure to a hemophilic bacterium are much more difficult than the usual local reaction to the baby's skin.

Instructions for use

Before the vaccine ACT HIB will be made to the child, the instruction advises you to read about some contraindications that parents should pay their attention to:

  • Do not inject to persons who can not tolerate at least one of the components of the drug. It is advisable for the child to conduct approbation.
  • It is forbidden to vaccinate if the baby has an allergic reaction to other vaccinations.
  • You can not vaccinate children who have an allergic reaction to tetanus toxoid, because it is contained in the vaccine, albeit in a small dose.
  • Do not get vaccinated if the child currently has health problems, for example, the baby is sick with ARD. Vaccination is made for children who are completely healthy.

vaccination act hib instruction

When the vaccine is carried out, it is necessarya few days carefully monitor the health of the child: do not overcool it, try to be less in places of large concentrations of people, do not attend children's groups. On the day of the procedure, it is not recommended to swim or stay outdoors for a long time.

The Hib vaccine has a huge amountadvantages. A child who is often among other children is automatically put at risk, and with vaccination he has every chance to increase his immunity several times. In this case, the baby will no longer carry the hemophilic rod, which means that he will not infect other children. Drug tolerance is high, so parents have no reason to worry about the health of their baby. If they vaccinate him, there will be more chances that the baby will not get sick or it will become easier to bear various ailments. Each parent must make the right choice and decide what exactly he wants for his child. Think about whether to give up vaccination.